The Wolf

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The Wolf

-Please note that this was my report for a class -

This is the narrative story of a man who meets a mass serial killer known as ' The Wolf ' who he supsects had abducted his daughter . But not all is right for there is much more to this than just man and a killer .

Submitted: November 09, 2013

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Submitted: November 09, 2013



The Wolf

This is my story , My story that I share and bring to thought as we sit here to chat of the old days before fate decided upon us , This is the story of my meeting with The Wolf . A very vague and mysterious killer who has been rampant across the country , A killer who has earned the name through blood and leaving little behind with many missing , A killer who was imperceptible to any authority . This is my story of The Wolf .


It all began after 2 weeks my daughter Sydnie had been missing & lost for so long of a dredded time that as if time was some sort of a cruel tortuerer who feeds off the growing desire for ones self acknowledgement to relieve their selves of the misery . But I still dredd and I still am torment by the loss of her as if time let go it's claws and latched the sharp claws into my throat with the inetnion of never letting go of that thought that bears down my chances of being normal again . With these feelings of loss , It was a ton of weight for my normal life as in work I worry too much with visualizations of what has become of her causing me to passout with a sudden return back with me in the hospital bed . With a serious ache in my head and the renewed belief of me being dead that brought hope to reveal my daughter's fate as if I was in the afterlife , Instead here I am in a sedolate plain of concrete and lights to home of many faceless people that gets trapped inside the confines of this misery . Still I eager on through pain and misery from the dosappearance of my daughter for she was my cardiac barrier of my heart for she hold my life together after her mother's death as she was far much stronger than I was and had a bigger heard for she always loved everything . She was very inovulntary of help for she had a automatic of a personality in doing things with hard work and always with a smile , Her positive attitude is like a fit blood circulation that was always filled with a stamina of energy and always contracted back so the cycle can begin again . But thinking about this always had me think of her last days before she went missing . Oh I remeber of how she always started the mornings with speed and accuracy of provisions , The sweet goodbyes before she catched the bus with a kiss and a hug , The warm welcome when I come home from work with a usual check up on how was my day , Getting chores done with her was a breeze and cooking dinner was a new for she always came up with new ideas , She was very normal and nothing didn't seem to bother her after these days , The only thing that was a little strange was that she kept going to the store on a daily basis for meat and convinced me that I should rest . Now that I think about it , I do remeber the day she disappeared , How everything was normal and all was fine , How she went off to the store and I tried to tell her not to since I thought of how tired she must have been , How I waited for hours with no signs of her returning , The feel and urge to call her to make sure she was alright , No answer and 9-1-1 with a community alert , Searched for hours and no sight , Little witnesses and a lack of traceable footprints , Had trouble resting with a fear for her safety and a hopeful visage for her return . That day scarred my life as I came to a belief that I am a terrible man for letting his daughter go alone and the lost chances of forgivness . It was these moments that I will forever have nightmares that are chainded into my head , But the only relief to my suffering was a visualization for her in the future and hope that she will be returned back safely ! But such a thought can bring ones visage of their feeling on this situation for mine is still suffering . This was all the experience I had for the last two weeks , Until one day ..................


A day , A day like no other with the usual consent to work and the privation of my hopes to the end of work to home , It was thatt I climbed up the Apt stairs of old bicker creeping wood to the third floor and upon the 22nd door of unique color of purple given by my daughter , It began when I enter the lonely solace to talk to my best friend ' The Interenet ' . To reveal the inbox of concealed messages waiting desperatley to free their selves from the prison of being unread , It was a message that first hit the top from a most influental one . It was a message from The Wolf ! The Wolf , The animalistic beast of such savagery with it's terrifying shrieks of it's vistims for all who is attack always die with their limbs torn apart and pieces everywher even with a lot missing , The Wolf a beast of a unforivalbe torture to menatlity as it stalks any and who are related to it's victims , It never stops as it peers through windows , Through closet doors , From a roof a top , Behind you in the alleyway  , Under the bathroom stalls , Across the street and everywhere with little escape for who knows when it will strike ! Thus it kills of little disturbance by any authority for no one knows what The Wolf really is . But without doubt , The Wolf is a monster ! The utmost message revealed istelf in this " From behind I hide , Foward I hunt , You I hunger and let the hunt begin ! For I have something of your possession brought upon to you when the the night dies , Tomorrows light hides and my darkness to shroud you for the next night can't hide you as your desperation for self pity may kill your chance to reclaim what you love most , Et ultra off ad tenebras , Name famen ero tecum procelia et ungues meum intra animum si placet tremunt ! "


I am The Wolf's next victim , I am to be part of it's blood vessels , I am trapped inside it's smooth cage of a hunting ground for there is little escape and the process of the hunt contracts back until one kills the other ! But does this mean a chance to gain back my daughter ? Yes , For my chance to be sane again it now a reality ! But for me to face The Wolf will a ceartain death sentence for those who did always die from a shot for The Wolf honors it's attackers and lets them die slowly all alone with their last thoughts as they bleed to death . This si a serious challenge , But to risk my daughter's safety is a dire consequence of impentinent act for my own . I must do this , For I shall not tolerate the terror from The Wolf any longer to succumb and scken my muscles to such fear is cowardic ! I will hunt The Wolf and lure it to my recluse to flay it's muslces with the brass shred of bullets to my own design ! I will kill the wolf !


It was that that for the rest of the night I was planning my assault with my heat beating and contracting very fast in fear , My hand cover in sweat drained from the pores as stress is trying to better me , My bio systems were getting very excited but also very fear that brought about a sleepless night .

For the next day , I was very still energetic and very filled with impartial work I forced onto my body to fasten the day so it can be done . For this when work was done with such brute force and such a great strain of pain on me , But with remaining energy I gathered my provisions for the hunt : A .32 revolver with 10 bullets , Bait of packed meat that Sydnie last bought for The Wolf from rumors always eat it as if it is drugs and finally a mirror to confuse it as I trap it in darkness then finally alight the room to reveal it . Let the hunt begin !

For hours I waited outside the complex for a stranger to walk in and to enter my room for I had a automatic trap that reacts when the door is open that later turns the switch to shut off to kill the lights and signal my arrival, But with waiting only three peopel passed by with no unusual appearance . But it was getting very late and I started to see a visage of darkness as my lack of slumber with such inpatience decieve me into short blackouts . NO , I must resist this , For The Wolf can strike anywhere at this time of such privatation of rest and I must not . Still I was decieve to closing my eyes for a few seconds of rest , Then I quickly opened my eyes to look upon the enviroment , My lights were off . Time to strike .

I left the car , Opened the apartment entrance door , Climb up the steps as if I was some 13 year old boy who was going to get laid , I hurried to the door as if I hit homebase , I grab the doorknob with the .32 in my other hand with a new stance of being perturbable to my sense in this waking moment , Thus I enter the room of shroudness I slowly step inside with each step of my foot on it's side with a slow enclosing of the door behind and released my hand from the door to the lightswitch in the blanket of darkness hoping not to grab anything fatal . My hand made several attempts to find itself but at last the lightswitch in it's grip , With a flick a suddent brightness encircle the room with the middle part my quarry . A man , A man with the same hoodie I was wearing was tearing and shredding at the meat I left with a pool of blood draining down him , The blood was from the meat but unusual for it was store bought but enough of mystery as the light illuminated the thick blood on the floor bringing in a tone of red that brought a sense as if I was in hell . I cocked the .32 and took my aim at the man point blank to the head , But I notice he too carried a gun of the same type and was raising from his knees to look at the mirror to take his aim with his eyes pointed directly into mine from the reflection as it was this I discovered he was no man . He noticed my surprise and took his hood off revealing who he or it really is , It was a Wolf Man , A creature with sharp jagged teeth and thick coats of blood stained fur that gives off a terrifying presence , He snarled out his teeth and growled at me as if he was indimated by the fact that he lost , I decided as a mercy killing to reveal his killer with the removal of my hood revealing my jagged experession of pleasure and my sweat stained hair from the sense of excitment , He growled and snarled at me with such experession with still fresh meat and pieces in his mouth, But I didn't hesitated by his acts of animalistic indimadation , I took the shot and hopring it will tear through his filthy muscle with a great deal of pain , Instead he shattered into a thousand piece of glass and so on that 's when I realized . All those pieces had imagfes of me with the gun pointed towards it , Me standing in the middle of were my suppoed quarry was at , Me who had pieces of meat still in my mouth and who was covered in blood from the now mysterious meat , It was me who was The Wolf and not alone . That's when I realized I didn't set the meat there , It was in my bedroom for the mirror was in there too , The mirror I shot was one I never had for someone else placed it here , It was that that the meat I had in my mouth didn't tasted like beef at all , But my computer was on and someone emailed me , It was from Sophie and it was already opened as it read " Gotcha ! " . That's when I realized it was I who was shot when I felt a tremendous pain in my throat , I had no perceptible view of the stranger who shot me and my only chance was destroyed by myself , But still to a sense of astonishment I still manage to turn at least a bit to reveal a figure but death was in a lap race for my sould and quickly I fell down onto the stained floor of my blood to only see what appears to be a that the figure had a smirk and started to speak with something I recognize ' Sweetness ' for it spoke to me in a maze of riddles that were " You reclamation of your woriness is at a end and I have to offer is to end your insanity . You suffered too and worried too long it was that I felt the threat of you exposing me , So now I am to leave you to your own demise of losing all of your humanity but with the satisfaction of you doing the right thing, To take the blame and to become The Wolf for I had killed you and made you feasted upon my victims for their flesh now resides in you stomach but with a massive amount of psyychedelics  for you worry too much but needed motivation , Goodbye and thank you Father , I love you . "

So now I blinked to death as I slowly began my trip from reality to death , I traveled along my dreams as my brain cells were still alive and for hours on end it seem to go on until I finally reached the gates . I died taking the identity of The Wolf and now I must accept my punishment , To forever live as The Wolf . I have no knowledge for where I am for it is too cold to be hell and it is too dark to be heaven , There is only plains of dust and great canyons with darkness , The only people I could find here are wanerders and that is when I met you . But don't worry my friend for one day we will return to bring reckoning on earth once more and we will feast again , We will be cleansed of The Wolf and give to another who needs it most .





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