Crime & Punishment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man, an agenda, a bar and a gun.

Submitted: April 10, 2011

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



The bar stool I sit in is uneven and wobbles. It never fails, I always pick the one that wobbles. Sitting in this dive bar reminds me of home. A shitty little town with a shitty big town attitude. I hate the feeling. Its dark and dingy, Perfect for getting plastered and picking up sad housewife's... if there where any here. Just a handful of lonely middle aged men drowning away there sorrows. Theres dollars with peoples names that decorate the mirror behind the shelfs of liquor, Small T.V.'s are placed clumisly throughout the bar. Peeling away the bartender from the tube for a drink is hard enough, asking for a mixed drink is like asking for sodomy. You usually get an angry snarl followed by being called some obscene name.“Pussy” being the favorite phrase amongst the tenders.

Self: “yo, hey. Barman.”

Bartender: ”....”

Self: “Hey! Bartender!”

Bartender: “..Yeh...”

He says while never taking his eyes of that damn brainwash box.

Self: “I need a shot of jack and a bud.”

With no reply he walks away slowly and returns with the order.

Bartender: “That'll be Siks-fiddy.”

I hand him Seven and tell em'.

Self: “Keep the change.”

Bartender: “gee, Tanks.”

I've been sitting in this hole in the wall for close to two hours now. I take my shot and wonder if the information I was given was wrong. Maybe i've just wasted another night with lowlifes and junkies. Then, as I finish my now warm beer the front door opens. In comes three loud mouths, clearly they had all been busy partying. They take a seat at a table in the back corner of the bar. One of their crew comes to the bar and orders the drinks. He sits back down and I watch the table. They all laugh and curse freely. As I spy on them I make sure that this is the man I seek. There is nothing more important than that. I cannot afford to make mistakes. I reach into my coat pocket and feel the warm grip of my baby. I am now almost too certain that it is him. A rush of excitement washes over me as I now get up from my stool. Calmly I walk over to the table. The group notices me and their banter calms into silence. As it does I examine the man more closely. He's the first to break the silence.

Stranger: “What in the FUCK are you lookin' at boy! I ain't no fagot, so you had better fuck off outta' here while I'm in sucha' good mood!”

Self: “Are you the one they call Big Tony? Tony Gladwell?”

Tony:“Yeah So what if I am?”

Self: “I've got a message from your dead wife and unborn daughter...”

I reach into my coat and quickly produce my lovely lady. A 9mm glock pistol. He stands and I aim low and shoot. *Bang* Blood bursts from his abdomen he stumbles back into his chair falling over it. The others stand and look terrified *Bang!* I shoot another round into the wall just to get everyones attention. (As if I didn't have it already.)

Self: “Everybody get down! Eat the ground! Now! You two stay where you are or I will shoot!

Tony: “*moan*...”

Everyone gets low. I walk up to the table they where sitting and throw it to the side. The sound of bottles breaking fill the room. I see now that he is trying to crawl away. A stream of blood marks his progress, I walk over to him. I wind back my foot and boot him in the chest.

Tony: ”*oof!*”

He flips over onto his back and gasps for air. I then take the toe of my shoe and drive it into the hole in his belly. He squeals and this, THIS puts a smile on my face.

Tony: “*yargh!*”

Self: ”Tony! I have something very important that you should hear. The night you killed your wife Samantha she said she was cheating on you. She told you that the baby inside of her was that of another man. She lied to you tony. The baby you killed that night inside your wife was yours! You sick fuck!”

I let off his stomach and watch his face for any sign of remorse. He starts to cry, and I have seen enough. *Bang!* headshot. He goes lifeless. I sweep the room again and everyone still cowering, I back my way out through the front door. Putting the lady back in her place. I walk briskly to the getaway car.

© Copyright 2020 LuciferMorningstar. All rights reserved.

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