The House that filth built

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The House of filth follows a young boy moving in to a strange house where strange things begin to occur to him and his family. He realizes that his family are changing the more they spend time in the house.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



It had been one of those old houses that must have been built in the late ninety-forties. It had to been because this house was rather old, and out of place in this neighborhood that had modern homes, except for this old house that appeared to be a castle, but wasn’t. It had been built by a Jewish family who had escaped Nazi Germany and had come to America to start anew. No one had lived in the house over forty years, until the Dunguard family decided to buy it.

The Dunguard family was a hardworking family who had strived to make the so-called American dream a reality for them, but it had gone as they would’ve hoped and they were bankrupt and couldn’t afford the house that they were living and had to leave and find a more economical and suitable home for the time being- that is where this old-home comes. Miss Dunguard was house hunting where she had gotten lost in downtown of the city and as she was trying to find where she was, she caught the glimpse of the house. She was immediately drawn to the house by its odd place in the middle of a small neighborhood that is in the city, something was off with this housw, but Miss Dunguard didn’t mind at all, in fact, she loved the oddness to the house and best of all there was a miraculous tree that was bigger than the house right in front of it.

“Sure the house may be in a bad neighborhood, but listen to reason Robbie this house is cheap and we can afford cheap” Miss Dunguard said to her husband Mister Dunguard while they were lying in bed. “Alright, Marianne, alright, but what are we going to do about the children? They have to go to new schools and your great-grandmother has to move in with us too, god knows you don’t like leaving her to live with that bitch that is my mother-in-law” Mister Dunguard had said in his sleeping voice. “It may be small, but it would do and as for the schools there is an elementary, a middle-school and high-school not too far from the house. Robbie its perfect”. “Fine” said Mister Dunguard at last “We’ll look at it with the kids tomorrow. Now get some sleep”

The day had finally arrived. The Dunguard family had arrived to the old house just near the city. “ But, mom why do we have to move?” said Nathan the youngest one of three children. “Because we’re broke idiot” snapped Adam. “Yeah, Nate we’re broke and now we have to fucking move to an old fucked up house” added Jessica the oldest of them all. “Enough!” Miss Dunguard turned around and glared at all three children “It may not be perfect but it will do for the time being and plus it’s a huge house” they small mini-van had stopped to its destination. “Look a neighbor” Miss Dunguard waved at an old fragile man who had piercing white eyes. He seemed unconscious of what he was doing which was watering some dead roses because he was fixed on his new neighbors. “What a creep” “Jessica!” said Miss Dunguard trying to shush her daughter. “Hello, we’re the new neighbors the Dunguards” The old man stopped watering his dead flowers and went inside to his two-story house. “Don’t worry that’s Mister Reynolds ignore him. He’s senile and probably has Alzheimer’s” came a voice from the old house “Hi, I’m Norah the daughter of the woman whom built this house “. “Hello Norah. I’m Marianne, this is my husband Robbie and our children, Jessica, Adam and Nathan our youngest child”. “Pleasure to meet you all and well let’s get started by telling you a bit of history about the house; my mother was Jewish and she had to flee from Germany when the Nazis had come to power. So, she came to America where she stumbled on this place and the oddly thing of this place was that a house had been built and this was time where people had said houses couldn’t be built here-““Why?” Miss Dunguard interrupting.” Well” Said Norah “This was not an ideal place to build homes because at the time it was a wilderness, but as I said a home was built, but strangely left abandoned. So, my mother tore down the house and built this one and in time people built other houses and a small Catholic church just behind your house. They ring the bell every Saturday at midnight, heavens I don’t know why” as she finished explaining how the house came to be they were already inside.

The inside of the house was full of cobwebs left untouched by time due to presences had lingered here in decades. Strangely, there were columns, like roman columns inside of the house supporting the roof of the home. The floor was of marvel design and a strange figure was perched up near one of the columns. The strange figure was rather fat, and hideous looking. It was gnawing at something, but Nathan who was curious and a tad frighten by the figure couldn’t make out what it was devouring. “Gluttony” said Norah. “What?” said Nathan with a puzzled façade. “The statue represents Gluttony. It must have been forgotten by the previous owners or something. Come along now your parents are waiting in the backyard” Nathan hadn’t realized that he was gazing at the statue for that long that his parents and brother and sister were already in the backyard. Something, at the pit of Nathans stomach told him that this house ‘shouldn’t be’ the two words came to his mind, but he couldn’t make any sense of it ‘shouldn’t be’ what did it mean?

The following months were hectic as the moving had commenced. They traveled to and from the houses; Moving objects, beds and the plasma-screen television that Miss Dunguard had managed to salvage from being sold by Mister Dunguard.

It was the first night sleeping at their new house and Nathan was fast asleep when he started to hear scratches on the walls of his bedroom shared by his brother Adam. “Adam, Adam” whispered “What do you want shithead?” “I hear scratches in the walls” “Nate, you can be a pussy at times. It’s an old house and probably infested with rats. Go back to sleep” Adam said in a irritated voice letting Nathan know that he doesn’t like being awakened from his slumber unless it be necessary. Nathan said to himself that his brother is right and that it was that, just that. Rats crawling in the spaces of the walls. With this in mind he fell back to sleep and dreamt off to a good place. “Squirt, don’t move” Nathan was awakened by the sound of his brother voice and he questionably said “why?” “Just don’t move” demanded his brother. Nathan was more confused, he had still not opened his eyes and decidedly went and did and then he had wished he didn’t because in his comfortable bed there must have been millions of cockroaches and eggs of roaches in his bed. They were hissing like a kettle letting the person know their tea was ready; the hissing is what really startled Nathan, but then something was in his mouth, something moving and alive. He spitted it out and it was a coackroach trying to lay eggs in his mouth. He was petrified and disgusted and ran out of the bed and went to the bathroom and vomited out his utterly disgusting mouth out.

Months again had went by and Nathan was too scared to go back to his room so he decided to sleep with his Great-Grandmother because he had always felt a divine protection whenever she was around. They would walk to dollar stores, grocery stores and Walgreens to pick up her medication, anything, to be far away from that house. His mother had insisted that they were no more, that the exterminator had exterminated them all. He felt assured that the pests were gone, but what frighten him was the absent of one pest a rodent. The exterminator told his parents that there were no rats inside the house. “Then what made those scratches” said a pale Nathan to himself. His Great-grandmother always had an answered “Pray my child” and he always did and he always felt safe with his great-grandmother. They both decided to visit the church behind the house. It wasn’t a long walk, just make a turn of the right pass the subway and another turn to the left and behold the church. It was Sunday morning and to their amazement the church was closed. “What church closes on a Sunday? It’s almost a sin-“ “a church that hasn’t been opened since the incident” spoke a solemn voice from behind them. It was the Father of the church, it had to be him because he was wearing the uniform of a church official he continued to speak “See this church was, well, how do I put this it was a church of hearsay, of heretics, sinners whom each time it was time for church they would commit adultery and all kinds of disturbing acts, incest, pedophilia, and necrophilia. They would dig up corpses and proceed to have intercourse with them. This land, this damn land was built on filth and things that I wish to speak no further. You live in that house don’t you! Behind the church, get out! Leave that place I beseeched you, because God won’t help you when ‘they’ come” the man was pale as a sheet. The great-grandmother afraid to ask mustered a few words “Dear heavens what do you mean?” The father appeared paralyzed and was gazing at the small window of the church. Nathan saw a figure, this figure he made out to be that of woman. The Father was sweating feverishly; it appeared as if an illness had taking over his body. “Father” as she uttered his titular name he snapped of the trance-like state and screamed “They’ve come! God nor anything can save us from them. They’re not demons nor the devil, but worse, much worse. FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!”. The man was speaking nonsense, he has gone mad. He quickly ran into the streets and was run-over by a van. Nathan and his great-grandmother (making the cross sign) watched as people gathered beside the delirium Father still screaming “FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!”

Something oddly peculiar had been happening to the family members of the Dunguard household and the only one who has been noticing was Nathan. His mother had been eating a lot and gaining a lot of weight and took no interest in washing the house; his father seemed rather quiet and he strangely showed a lot of sexual affection towards his wife. This was unusual because he had never done this before, at night you can pleasurable moans of his mother in their master-bedroom. Did they care if their family could hear them scream out profane sexually intended words at the hours of the night? No, they did not. Jessica and Adam seemed rather too friendly with one and another, a rather too friendly for how brothers and sisters should act with one and another. Nathan caught them once behind the washing machine kissing each other, but not a family-like kiss, no, this was passionate lovers kiss and it made Nathan sick to his stomach. His great-grandmother hardly stepped out of her room, she kept to herself and distant she from the rest of the family, even, Nathan. A smell, a foul odor the permutated throughout the house, it was an odor that made the family very nocuous. The source of the foul stench was coming from the great-grandmothers room, it appeared there was an underground tunnel, or something that appeared to be a hidden passage way was found in her closet. Mister Dunguard went and investigated and sees what the source of that foul odor that almost resembled the smell of rotting flesh was coming from and as he stepped into the ground with a small light, he was startled and turned to a pale colour. It was the Dunguards neighbor from next door, he, he was dead. His flesh was inhabited by maggots and worms. His flesh was a blueish colour, but his eyes still had the piercing look in them and Mister Dunguard was vomiting in disgust and in horror. What finally made Dunguard scream was when the flesh of his deceased neighbor finally came off and revealed more maggots and other insects gnawing at his flesh, and even his piercing eyes fell off as of one of the insects pushed through its eyes-socket. He gave a terrible scream that disturbed everyone. “Robbie! Whats the matter” “Dad, are you okay? Dad!” his family was scared that something had happened to him.

Finally, the police and ambulance had arrived and took the cadaver of one Mister. Churchill away, apparently as the police told Nathans parents, that Churchill was a drunkard and somehow managed to find a opening from the side of their house and slept there. When awoken from his drunken slumber he quickly rose up and hit his head on something sharp that pierced his scalped and went through his brain. Nathan didn’t believe this; it was all too odd, even odd for the house that had been already infested with some kind of horror and oddness. He was still sleeping in his great-grandmother’s bedroom when he had a terrible nightmare that felt all too real.

It happened like this, Nathan was sleeping with Great-grandmother when he heard whispers coming from the passage of the closet. He was afraid to stand up and see what was inside. The door was being opening and he could hear whatever it was coming, it was still whispering, no, he distinctively remembered it was hissing like the unmistakable hissing of the cockroaches he had awaken lying in his bed. He hid under the covers and was holding his great-grandmother tightly and praying to be a dream, he decided to take courage and peer out the covers and he was starring at a tall white figure that almost hit the roof of the bedroom. The moon was glistening the silk like surface of this thing, its arms were bended in a odd way and spikes on both arms, it had no face, it was faceless being and yet how could it make the hissing sound? Nathan was petrified and he was closing his eyes and then he heard his great-grandmother calling him “Nate, Nate its okay, it knows your awake.” He jumped of his bed and saw diabolical version of his great grandmother which she had looked with sharp teeth and her eyes were white like a specter. The thing grabbed her and pulled away from the bed and tore hear apart. He awakened from his horrid slumber.

It was a nightmare, but Nathan had it with the house and the bizarre incidents in the house. He didn’t bother waking his great-grandmother, he wanted to tell his parents he wanted to leave the house and the place all at once. He was startled that the lights were on and a smell of feces was in the hallways, he went to turn on the lights and the words inscribed in feces read out “Give yourself to the filth” and another “Flesh, say farewell to the flesh” He screamed in sheer terror and went into the living room and saw his brother and sister having sexual intercourse in feces, and his Mother has gotten a lot fatter, that she barely could walk and was at the dinner table devouring what it appeared to be chicken, fries, and other greasy substances mashed together. She hasn’t moved for what it seemed in days and she looked at him and shouted at the top of her voice “My food! My food! My food!” he went to his parents bedroom in hopes of finding his father and he found him tied to the bed, being sodomized by a chair leg by a woman in latex. “Son, the filth isn’t so bad, it’s just” he went to the only room that had still sanity to it, the only person who can face this unpredictable evil his great-grandmother. “Grandmama, where are you! There are weird things happeing! What, what are you doing?” he stared at his great-grandmother to find her in the nude and holding a match and giving a small prayer that couldn’t exactly be heard, but the last couple of words could and it said “DELIEVER US FROM EVIL” she took the match lit it and set herself on fire. Nathan was shrieking and at the process damaged his vocal cords.

Nathan tried finding a way out, the front door was locked and the horrid statue he had found in the beginning was gone and he saw a strange , elusive, things moving through the walls of the house as if the walls were made of water. A faced pushed out of the walls, almost wanting to burst out and it uttered “Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathaniel” he run towards the backyard past his piggish mother devouring food as feces was falling from her chair.

He saw that there was light and a small passage way between the two houses of Mister. Churchill and the Dunguards and it lead straight to the church; he went as fast as he can to the church and opened the door.

“I’m safe, I’m safe from whatever is after me” he heard a voice coming from where the preacher would recite the good word “FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!” he knew the voice it was that of the father and he kept repeating “FILTH! FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!” as he approached he distinguished two figures, that of the father on the wheel chair and, and a figure that appeared to be a woman. “could it be the same woman?” Nathan had thought. He approached near them and saw that the woman was giving him oral sex and the father was still screaming “FILTH! FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!” the woman immediately stopped and looked at Nathan and said “Nathaniel, we’ve been expecting you. Don’t be scared its only ‘us’” he repeated ‘us?” “yes Nathaniel, ‘us’ that which lurks in the floorboards of your house. That which is filth, we have many names, many, throughout eons they have given us names. Succubus, incubus, demons, vampires, witches even, but we’re filth and Nathaniel my precious boy” as she stood up she was taller than anything he as seen. She must have been seven feet in height and she continued “Nathaniel, its alright to be scared because it a moment something horrid is going to happen to you and glorious at the same time. You are going to be one of us! You won’t survive this night. Nathaniel” She ripped her skin and what he saw was too disturbing to give in details. A shriek, a final scream was heard that night.

“And here is the backyard” A girl by the name of Lucy was drawn by the house that was across her backyard and which had a rusted fence. Her parents were busy with the realtor so she had decided to investigate the house that seemed so oddly old, but yet so attractive. To her amazement she found out that the door leading to the house was still opened. A television set, a plasma, it was. Was on and somebody was setting on a chair watching static. The girl Lucy spoke first “hello, I’m Lucy. What your name?” The person in the chair said nothing. She approached the being on the chair cautiously and said now behind the being “Hello! Who are you” a mumble was heard, almost making out a name “Na-Na-Natha-Nathaniel” “Nathaniel” she said. The chair turned around and revealed an old horrifying looking man, with crooked yellowish teeth and he pale, he was almost chalk-white and had bloodshot eyes and a roach was hanging out of his mouth. As the girl was screaming in terror he started to scream “FILTH! FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!” and seemingly as he said this, he fell to the floor.

The girl was taking to the ambulance because she was in shock and the cadaver of one Nathaniel Dunguard was taking to the corners office for an autopsy. The parents of Lucy told the realtor that they were not buying the house. The realtor said “you sure? It has a good price and don’t mind Nathaniel he has been here a long time, actually his parents bought the house and when they passed away he decided to keep the house for himself. He is what we like to say a filthy, reclusive old man. At least he wont be a bother” said the realtor in a dark humors’ way. “Well, we’re not interested anymore and besides we have to check on our daughter miss? What your name?” the realtor smiled and said “Norah”

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