three feet away,yet miles apart.

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the battle between father and son.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



we are three feet away,

but miles apart,

you are my son and still hold my heart,

we live like strangers,

not wanting to talk,

theres so many things i want to say,

when i bring them up, you hurry away,

my love is strong its bold and its true,

i wish you could see how i look at you,

you argue and fight ,defiant to the end

this battle between us has to end,

some of your word's strike right to the core,

i know you dont mean them ,

but they still leave a sore,

you are my son,the holder of my heart,

im so sick of living miles apart.

ive written this poem ,for you to look over,

when you are done,i am just one room over,

knock on my door,if you would like to talk,

i will always be here for you,all you need to do is knock.

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