Internet Fatal Attraction

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Two people meet on an internet dating site and their relatioinship turns into a sexual orgy until one decides to leave the other. Then, the trouble starts.

Submitted: October 30, 2008

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Submitted: October 30, 2008



I was cruising my favorite internet dating sight a while ago and the ultimate sexual fantasy happened. I looked at the picture and profile of a gorgeous, seductive looking, tall red head with big tits, long legs, and undeniable animal magnetism.

She was jumping thru the screen beseeching me to go after her. She described herself as being all about fun and gratification and wanting a magical man who could enjoy blissful pleasure with her.

Well, I am a 45 year old inveterate addict attracted to any kind of action be it women, food alcohol, drugs, and especially sex. The rush is what I live for. So, I immediately contacted her via email and we exchanged phone numbers and the craziness began. One thing you don’t do on an internet dating site is get into any intimate conversations let alone hot sexual phone talk when the person on the other end might be a beast that you will want to run from when you meet. You go slowly on online dating. Very slowly, no matter what you think.

A person can learn to dress up their picture and profile but an undesirable person is still going to be undesirable when the face to face meeting happens. Discretion is always the better part of valor You do not get personal until you meet. That’s the rule.

Well, when I got on the phone with Ellie I quickly threw away the rule book. We spoke briefly like two old internet dating pros. We quickly covered normal niceties such as our histories, food preferences, travel experiences, other relationships and a few other things.

Then, we did the no no. We got intimate. Our first conversation was amazingly free flowing and we were cerebrally magnetized. Sweet, supercharged, sexual prose flowed easily between us like two verbal dancers who had practiced forever. We were both aware that we had violated the primary rule of internet dating but neither of us cared. We were betting we would be great in person and the phone sex was so much fun and fed right into our mutual hungers for sexual action. We could not stop.

However, just in case things didn’t work out we did make an agreement that when I got to the stairwell below her apartment and we were in full view of each other then all bets were off if there was not mutual attraction. She or I could call it all off with no explanation and just say no. A perfect deal. Well, the big night came and there I stood on the stairs below her walk up apartment.

I walked up to the floor below hers and feasted my eyes upon a tall, sexy beauty with giant tits, a tight ass, and long, lean legs standing at her door.. Everything was just as advertised. Wowie!!! Suddenly, I only cared about what she thought of me. Please, I thought. Please. Like me. I knew I was golden when she smiled at me as I walked thru her door, laughingly modeled for her and she gasped “Yes” as she fixed her shameless eyes right on my crotch.

It only got better. We were dying to get into each others mouths and bodies but we had held back and not even touched until after an erotic dinner in a quiet little restaurant.. We were savoring every second to keep turning up the heat for what was surely coming.

As the car door closed we unschackled our restraints. We grabbed and jumped all over each other like hungry animals. It was a steaming sexual frenzy. She started to lick my ear and play with my hard cock and I grabbed her wet panties and stuck my hands all over her wet pussy as we made a beeline back to her apartment.

We were quickly rolling around her big bed after getting high on reefer and steam was pouring out of our sexual organs. It was fantastic. We made love for hours and hours, went to sleep about 6 am, woke up a few hours later and kept going all day till we couldn’t go anymore. We went out for dinner and both ate like a lions that hadn’t been fed in a week.

She wanted me to immediately move in with her which seemed like a good idea. She had a nice big apartment, no kids and I was as free as a bird having been broken up with my last girlfriend for about 6 months. I had been divorced for 15 years for obvious reasons. So, I was good to go. . So was she after a long list of failed relationships and sordid affairs with many men all over the country.

We began a routine of seeing each other every day although we worked different hours. We found plenty of time. Our lovemaking stayed frantically hot even after a month passed. It seemed the fire would never go out. I kept bringing clothes over to her place. She cooked candlelight dinners and we had a good time doing things like going to movies, eating dinner out, going to book stores, and going dancing. After about 2 months I decided to introduce Ellie to my 2 kids then 12 and 15 years old. They liked her. That was good.

There was a big problem.Ellie drank like a fish starting late in the day, everyday. I tried to ignore it but it was a big problem which I feared would get bigger. She had to have lots of booze all the time.

There was a fateful night whenI went out to dinner with my brother and his wife. I had confided some personal information to Ellie about family matters that I told her not to repeat just as a test becauseI wanted to see how much she would dribble out. Too much talking under any circumstances would be a deal breaker.

It had always troubled me to hear her reveal very sensitive, personal information about her own family and past relationships. I did not like that. It would be an unacceptable flaw if we were going to have a future. Ellie started drinking and the next thing I knew she was spilling her guts to them about how I had told her I had been mistreated as a child, financial information I told her about, and other information I trusted her not to repeat.

There was no interest or pause on her part to even think before she blurted out more and more thingsI had told her in confidence. . She had failed the trust test miserably and all my belief in her vanished that night. She was a bad drunk, worse then I ever thought. How bad I would find out later. I was glad but sad that our time together was ending. I was really pissed but held it in until we got back to her apartment. Then I started yelling at her and demeaning her for being ignorant and having a big mouth. "We are done I screamed".I hated that this great party was going to end. I could never trust her. She was now useless to me.

I told her I never wanted too see her again and I meant it. I went back to my own apartment and had no contact with her until she soon started calling and harassing me like a lunatic. She would scream profanities and insults in an uncontrolled way in crazed phone calls that reached twenty or thirty in one hour. Each time she started calling she would be drunk. That happened continually over several weeks.

I realized that to stop her from tormenting me I had to take decisive action. So I did. I called her supervisor at work as I had threatened to do. The supervisor listened to me tell her the tale of Ellie harassing me relentlessly and insanely on the phone for several weeks. .

Considering Ellie was a therapist in a psycho ward and I was talking to the head nurse she worked underI never would have imagined things could get worse after my call. Wrong. To my amazement her supervisor tore into me and blamed me and all men for Ellies troubles and also for her own troubles. She said “You are just another misogynist pig. Ellie was fine until she met you a few months ago. Now, she is a basket case. What did you do to her you asshole?” Then she hung up.

I was shaking like a leaf. I had to get this nut away from me but she continued to call and rant and rave several times a week, day and night for another week or so, So, I decided fear would be the only weapon I had to battle Ellie with. I told her that I had recorded all of her crazy calls, which I still have, and that I had kept notes and remembered all her drunken ramblings when she had bragged about her sexual exploits with celebrities, high ranking politicians, and some well known government officials. Very embarrassing stuff and harm could have come to her if I talked. I told her I knew that I would need that information someday because she was a drunk so she had better stop.hasselling me forever..

She had been involved with some important people in her 43 years and had had minor criminal problems. I told her that one more call to me ever and those people would be given recordings of her drunken phone calls to me the and explicit details of what she had told me she had done with them.. Suddenly, her voice grew soft. “Please don’t” she begged. She was scared and had good reason to be if some o fwhat she had told me was true..“I will never call or bother you again” she promised. She hasn’t.

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