Significant Moments

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For me often time stand still, significant moments are what make time pass. Emotions and the escape from life boring routine are what make time pass.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012





I stated with my funny high-pitch voice:

“Do you wanna sleep with me tonight?” I asked, while staring into her eyes.

“Stop it! Don’t say it in that way!” she said laughing, and pushing me around on my chair.

I don’t know why I said it in that way. Might have been the alcohol we drank during the night out, or the house party we were currently in. Or maybe the weed I smoke few hours before. I don’t know what it was, but I just said it staring into her eyes. Me and her have been good friend for 2 years, and I felt comfortable talking about everything with her, I also already asked her if she wanted to have sex as friends. Needless to state it, she said no. That’s why I wasn’t expecting to get anything from my question. Then she continued and said:

“Don’t say it like that! It’s like you are joking and not really want to sleep with me!”

I reacted cool, almost like if she just didn’t said nothing, but I was really interested in seeing how that conversation was going to end.

We spoke for a little while longer, drink some straight JD that a random dude offered us. Drunk people in after-party, I always loved them, they became so much more interesting because of their alcoholic intoxication, it amused me. It was my house, my living room, my couches and I did not know half of the people in there. Maybe more. Suddenly she stood said goodbye to everyone and left the living room. I looked at her, searching, dying for a sign, something that would have meant she wanted me to follow her. Nothing.

I tried to enjoy the party afterwards. I had all the reason to enjoy it, I taught. Just finished Uni, came back in from a night out, a good amount of vodka- red bull in my body, a little bit of weed to relax and still…I was distant, lost in my own boredom.

I stood up and proclaimed to the rest of my house-mate and everyone in the room:

“Good night guys, I am off to bed, I’m destroyed.”

It wasn’t true, I was in a good shape, not too drunk, relaxed and full of energy. I was just bored. I left the crowded, lighted living room, going in the main corridor of the house. My room was at the 3rd floor, a long walk, after a night out. I stepped in a dark desert hallway.

There it was her room, the first door on the right.


I walked in front of the door, wondered if I should have walked in. I decided that there was nothing for me, at that moment, behind that door. A mirage maybe, something I thought I have seen, but that really wasn’t there. I started to climb the first flight of stairs, wondering why there was nothing behind that door that was waiting for me. I wasn’t sad or disappointed, I just felt alone. Nothing is worst than feeling alone in a house full of people, but I didn’t give it too much attention, knowing that alcohol, or the weed, was making me too sentimental.

Her door opened. I kept walking.

“Did you knock on my door?” She asked me holding the door wide open.

“No!” I rushed up to say.

“You did knock on my door! Didn’t you?”

She was lying. I could see it in her face. Everybody could have seen it. She was lying to my face, it was patent. Surprisingly enough, I immediately understood that she wanted an excuse to stop me. I started going down the stairs, feeling less lonely and a lot less bored. I stared into her eyes all the way down. Not watching my clumsy foot, while being quite drunk and going downstairs at the same time required me some skills. As soon as I came closer to my goal, she steps inside, inviting me to into her room. The way she was acting confused me. She wanted me in her room, but it was like she couldn’t face the fact that she called me in there, lying about me knocking. Very confusing indeed.



“You know better than me I haven’t knocked.” I said with a big smile on my face. Then I decided to cut to the chase.

“Can I sleep here?” I asked starting to take out the shirt I was wearing.

“Yea, sleep here, keep me company.” She said making a rapid movement into the bed and under the quilt. She was without shoes or socks. She was wearing a white dress with small purple flower. I have been trying to get a glance under it for the whole night, successfully. What can I say, I am a leg man. I took out my shoes, my socks, not the pants. I wasn’t thinking straight. I was still surprised by the invite in. Maybe a little bit scared of the whole situation. But with a sensation of confidence that everything would have be fine. I was sure that nothing bad, embarrassing could happen to me. And if it did, I would have not given a fuck. Someone knocked on the door. “Fuck”, I told to myself. I didn’t want anyone to know that I was there. I never like people to know too much about my feeling or what was happening in my sentimental\\sexual life. People talk too much I always thought.

“Fuck. I’m not here!” I told her while trying to hide under the quilt. It was a ridiculous hideout.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Katie”

“Come in.”

Here we go, my sex night just went to fuck itself. Thanks a lot Katie. She was another one of the girls that lived with me and she has always been cool. I liked her as a friend, I never tried to push things further, she is beautiful but I wasn’t interested.

“God they are doing such a mess with that music in that living room! It is fucking 3 in the morning.” Said Katie. The vast majority of the people in that house party were her friends, but she was annoyed and just wanted to go to bed.

“Yea it is quite late. I’m knackered.” Replied the owner of the bed in which I was hiding.

“Who is there? In bed with you.”


I slowly rise from the deepness of the quilt.

“What’s up Katie?” I whispered. Katie laughed. At this point I lost interest in the conversation and let the 2 girls talk it out. Katie was pissed because of the loud music. The only thing I was paying attention was the ass sitting next to me. Every time that she tried to answer to Katie, I stuck one of my finger in-betweens her butt-cheeks making her squeak her replies to Katie.


Then, that unwieldy presence left us alone.


This part starts to be blurry in my head, things slightly change in my memories. I don’t remember how or who started it, but we were spooning. The quilt was on us, and after a while my hands start to wonder around, I started to touch her left thigh. I am still surprised now that her leg was so cold.

“Your legs are freezing! How’s that possible?”

 I wasn’t waiting for no answer, was just an excuse to touch her. I started to warm her up. My left hand kept moving in a clockwise motion on her left butt cheek. What’s the next step, I kept thinking. What am I supposed to do? I have never been a real Casanova, I had very little sex experience. All these doubts, all these question to myself, and still I was confident that nothing could go wrong. It definitely meant more to me than to her. It felt quite great.

I kept touching her leg, her ass, she had quite good leg, not the best I have ever seen, but good. She started moving, like if she didn’t want me to touch her. Playing hard to get, I thought. I was sure about it. I got my answer few seconds after.

“No…stop Ed, you are making me horny.” That was definitely my green light. Nobody that wanted me to stop touching her would say something like that. Like saying to a sex addicted to not go to a brothel because he might get laid there. It was just and invite to keep doing what I was doing.

At that point I got more overbearing with my hand. I knew she wanted me to continue, and sure as hell I wanted it too. She rolled fast on the bed, and suddenly we were face to face. It looked like if she wanted a kiss, but I didn’t. Kissing wasn’t in my plans. I liked her, I had feelings for her, but I wasn’t in love or nothing. Kissing was far more personal than what we have been doing until that moment. At least, it was for me.

 “No Ed we cant. We are good friends I don’t wanna ruin the friendship.”  We already had that conversation. I answered at the time, that it would not change anything, that I would have been a good friend as always.

“Come on!! You know I’m cool, and you are one of my best friends here. It will be everything like always. Nothing will change. We already started to play around before and it didn’t change my way of acting with you!” Now, I was the one lying. I didn’t know if something would have changed. It was more than probable. I already change a little my behaviour when she said no to my original idea of being “friends with benefits”. And sure as hell sex would have not make the situation easier. I didn’t care at that point. I was about to go back to Italy, to my small town, I would have not seen her anymore. More important, at that point, I really wanted to have sex with her.

“What about Thee? I don’t wanna cheat on him.” Thee was her boyfriend. I hated that guy. Come on, what kinda name was Thee? What a tool. At that point I did not wanted to spend any amount of time talking about him.

“Fuck Thee! Who gives a shit!” It sounded rude, but it worked and we never named him again in the whole night.

“Is it your first time?” she whispered, like if that was a prohibited question.

“No. I had sex once before. It sucked…”

She looked at me, like waiting for an explanation. So I decided to give it to her.

“I was really drunk. I didn’t know her. We had sex. I never came. I think that the thing, which put me down the most, was the fact that I didn’t know her. I had no feelings for her in the slightest.”

I had a strange way to get interested in girls. As I always said, in order to get attracted to a girl, I need to talk to her. Talking and fucking goes together for me. That’s a reason why I didn’t get too much action. When we went out, all the girls were drunk, unable to have a conversation. They were physically attractive, and I would have had sex with them, but I just didn’t want to make the effort. Approaching them, start a pointless conversation, most likely a boring conversation. I found really hard to get interested by most of the conversation I had with girls. I always found them a little bit too fake and not funny.

“I had sex with 12 person. 10 bloke and 2 girls.”

Now that is what I call a conversation that sparks my interest, I immediately thought.

“Is it too many? Do you think it is too many?”

“SLAAAGGG!!” I screamed laughing.

“No really, do you think it is way too many?”

“No, I think you just like having fun. There is no shame in it.”

Another speedy movement from her, and she was on top of me. I was definitely having a boner at that point.

She was sitting on my crotch, the quilt moved around, and the light hit her face in a perfect way. She posed her hand on her leg around my waist. I started to caress her inner tight. Wondering more into her panties.

“Whooo” She said while moving on top of me, like if we were having sex. Finally I’m going to bang her I thought.


“Take out your dress.”

“No…I don’t want to.” Said with her provocative smile.

I started lifting her skirt. She had really small panties, black with a little pink ribbon in the front. I got butterfly in my stomach from how hot she was at that particular moment. I decided to ease up then, take it slower and get rid of the bra first.

“Lets take out the bra then!” I raise my back from the bed, sitting, with her on top of me. I start to reach for the bra, passing from the bottom of the skirt, just to touch a little bit more around. Last bra I opened had two hooks, I opened with my left hand in less than a second. This was a tough one! I got problem to open it, I surely looked retarded.

“This is a tough motherfucker!” I started use both my hands.

“Come on!” she said laughing.

I opened it. Threw that diabolic thing on the floor of the room. I let my hands slide around her curves, from the knees, right to her amazing bottom. Wondered into her panties, grabbing that ass like there was no tomorrow. I got an adrenaline rush, and I turned her around, getting her lying in the bed again.

“I definitely wanna have sex now!”

“I don’t know Ed, what about our friendship?”

My mind is telling me no…BUT MY BODY!!! MY BODY IS TELLING ME YES!!!” We both laugh at my imitation of that song. We got more relaxed. I always have been able to make her laugh quite easily. It didn’t take that much in total honesty. It wasn’t time to laugh I tough. It was time to fuck.

I lifted her skirt, start to spoon. Right arm under her neck, left hand into her panties, touching her ass. I start to move it to her pussy, making slide my hand on her tight. I kept going. I start fingering her. Although she was being so reluctant, she was wet. My 2 fingers started to go in, she started to breath heavily and to moan. It was quite awesome. It was a significant moment for me. I always thought that life wasn’t marked by the passage of time, but by particular moments in your life that make you feel something. Something different from usual. Fucking hell I thought, if fingering her meant so much to me, I can’t imagine how sex is going to make me feel.

She moaned more, and she turned flat on her back, to give me a better access. She started to moan more. She was beautiful in that moment. Gorgeous. As far as regarded me, it was just the 2 of us in the whole house. I think I was in love with her that night. I knew that in the morning I would have not felt nothing but friendship for her. That night, at least, I wasn’t so alone. It was good enough for me.

I could feel her hands next to me. I took one of them and putted next to my crotch, making her touch the first button of my jeans. She started to wonder with her hand into my underwear too. Damn jeans! She could not move around freely in that tight space. The result was the most awkward wanking manoeuvre ever seen in the history of human kind. Thinking back in time now, it would have been so easy just to take my jeans out. What a tool I am.

We kept going on like that for 5-10 minutes. I didn’t come. I was hard, but it was time to bring the whole thing to the next level. I looked into her eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed to be a long time, at least in my head. I had to kiss her at that point. I didn’t really wanted to, but I decided that I owed her. I kissed her. Slowly. I was right, I shouldn’t have kissed her. No sparkle, no emotions, no passion. To me, was easy to stick my finger inside her, not a hard task, but kiss her was more emotional. Or at least should have been. I didn’t feel anything. I kissed her again. Nothing. I could see she didn’t felt nothing either, she was hesitating, going back on her steps, changing her mind about the whole night. I had to do something fast. I took out my jeans.

This time I did the nimble movement, and I got on top of her.

“I want to have sex with you. Now.” I was on top of her, staring into her eyes, lifting her dress a little bit over her waist. Touching her hips. Freeing her, and especially me, from the presence of her oppressive knickers. They were almost out of the game, she was butt naked, and her vagina was the only thing that was covered by those stupid, yet fascinating, panties.

They were my longed sake, and I was about to walk right in.

“No. Stop Ed.” This time her voice was different. It wasn’t an invite to continue, neither was playing hard to get. This time was painfully serious.

I knew at that moment I was not going to get some. What a sad revelation, I thought while I was still holding up on her panties, hanging a little bit lower than her hips.

“I’m not gonna rape nobody. If you don’t want to, nothing is gonna happen…But YOU called me into your room. You wanted me to sleep here. And it was always you that was touching me 5 seconds ago.” I was not comfortable using the word “rape” in that particular situation, but sometime strong words have to be used.

I look into her eyes. Staring at her, searching, looking, praying for a sign. Nothing.


“Ok, it is fine. If you don’t want to it is ok for me.” I said with a massive erection that was about to kill me. We were friends, that came first. So close, yet never this far.

I lied down next to her. Quite close. Talked a little, I wanted to check if she was fine, and why she changed her mind so drastically. I will probably never know. I made her laugh with some stupid joke.

“We are not gonna have sex, but at least show me those little titties of your!!!”

She laughs. “No! Ha ha ha.” With one finger I pulled her dress and seen her small boobs. Pale skin and surprisingly pink nipples. Gorgeous.

We fell asleep after a small talk. I woke up in the morning around 7. Happy about that night and what it meant to me. A morning of awkwardness really is better than a night of loneliness, I thought. The realisation that we would have never have sex was devastating, but I was happy. I felt comfortable. I had no regret. Not a bad feeling. Lying there, next to her while she was sleeping. It felt great. I was in peace.

Sex noise came from the room above us.

“Come on!! You got to be fucking kidding me!!” I screamed in my mind.


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