is she really there for me!!

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sometimes one's love is greater than entire world's love!!

Submitted: August 14, 2011

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Submitted: August 14, 2011




''Seeing you is a treat itself, said Jared,’, ‘promise that u won't leave me like others did.’ holding the hand of a beautiful lady.
''I m always here with you'', she whispered, delightfully­­­­­ looking in his deep brown eyes. That suddenly sparkled with happiness. She was very special for him. a priced possession which he can't share. They were so close to each other’s heart. Jared would only talk and listen to her; devout his time to her.He had painted her beautiful face on the walls of his room.He didn't care what people think of him and complain about his strange behavior;as he had left socializing with any one else.he only wants to be near her.he enjoyed every single moment with that beautiful creature.She was lovely,angelic glowing face,softhands and soul soothing voice.Jared didn't has the energy to let her go anywhere,as he had already lost someone important too.He knew that because of her  his life was colourful.But he feares that she would also leave him one day;as others did.He has  phobia.
He really wanted to forget the past.but the memories were so stubborn and sticky that  it was not leaving him alone.
A sudden flash took jared back the clock,a time which twisted his life.He could clearly remmember the time,when he received the worst news from a gynacologist.
'im so sorry, mr jared its too late,your baby is dead.''
as doctor's words synapes his ear,he could felt numbness hijacking his body.he couldn't say a single word.he was shocked that his child died without even showing a glimpse of himself.its was the third time that his wife,anna, had miscarriage.
How could anna be able to handle this terrible reality; which had once again snatched her was traumatizing.He knew that a male with strong heart could lose himself in any troublesome situation,and she was a girl;anxiously desires to give him the pleasure of children.
He took a deep breath,holding himself;he went to his wife.She was sitting on the bed,hellscared she looked.But she hoped for a goodnews.her eyes were desperate.'
'What happened!!honey!!please tell,im ........''she looked straight in his eyes.avoiding eye contact with her he sat infront of her,trying to force a smile.
''you are prefectly fine..nothing happened to you.''he said.
''seriously!!!ohh...i was damn terrified.''she answered,suspiciously looking at her husband,'jared!!why are you not looking excited.''
he abruptly  answered'oh!!i wasconcerned for you,Thanks God you are alright.''
he atlast satisfied her.'ilove you.''she tighly hugged him and closed her eyes with hope.
Night fell,and they took their places on bed and dozed off.jared turned probably towards his wife but she wasn't on bed.He quickly switched on his bedlamp and discovered bedspread with no one over it.he jumped to his feet;as his instincts had gave him red signal.alert!!he rashed out of his room,loudly calling her name'anna!!"he madly looked for her but she wasn't there. 'roof top!!'''
he pranced the stairs and spotted his wife standing on the edge of wall.he didn't want to startle her ,because she could fall.he slowly went towards her;her pink night gown was blowing,her hair were not tied seems that she has reached the moon.she was looking down very keenly.she suddenly saw jared from the corner of her eye.
and shouted''You lied to me!!what you thought,i could never knew!!"
''my dear! these reports are not your's,you v’ll give birth to our baby!!"jared replied trying to reach to her.
''No!!i could never!!im the mother i couldn't feel anything!!i know how much u desire  for a kid,but i can't fulfil your desire.''
'ana!!nothing is finish!!im still here with you,always,''jared hissed.
''No!!i don't want pity,you don't love me anymore!!""she raised her  arm and abruptly cut her wraist with happened with a blink of eye.he dashed towards her but it was too late.she fell from the house's roof.and he could only left with her ring from her finger.
he couldn't believe anything.he was as still as statque and mute as a fish. His eye balls seemed as they gonna come out.a drop of tear fell from his eyes.
And that day took everything from him.he was empty handed and sabotaged; and when this beautiful lady came in his life. She gave him a lap to cry over. She made him struggle to forget the past. She helped him when he needed help and condolences.
He was afraid that she would not leave him as anna did.he loved her  alot and yet she left because she didn't love him;so he wanted to make this pretty lady love him so much that she won't even think of leaving would give her pain,the suffering he felt over the loss of his wife.
jared don't want to marry this pretty lady,don't desire to have family.
his attention was distracted,he stood up frustrating and went to open the door.
'hey!!'it was ryan,jared's best friend.he invited to come in.
'did i distrub you??ryan asked
'ohh!!no!come let you meet my girlfriend.
''rose!!is here??''ryan asked
''yeah!!come in!''
jared excitedly took his friend's arm and rashed to the drawing room where jared left rose.
'''rose!!see whose here!i told you about my best friend,ryan.'jared smiled at rose who at once stood up to welcome jared's friend.
''she is rose??''ryan whispered,confusion was written on his face.he stared at jared;who stood proudly.but got littel suspicous at his friend's way of looking at his love.
''you know her??''
''jared!!there is no one in this room except you and me'','ryan answered.
''what the hell!!you don't see rose standing infront of you!!!nice joke!!,''jared laughed.
''im not joking!!there is no rose'',ryan informed him.
ryan's answer exploded his anger.he angryily snatched his shirt's collar and punched him twice.ryan smashed flower vase on jared head and in other minute he fell down.
when jared opened his eyes he found himself on the bed,with his hands tied up.he shouted for help but there came no answer or help.he looked around and found rose standing near him.he looked at her for help. 
''i can't help you and so i don't have any reason to live.'',she whispered.
''no no!!rose please don't leave me!! her..rose gonna kill herself.,rose please don't do anything.''jared yelled for help but this time help came.
doctor and his crew broke into the room.carrying number of instruments.  
''doctor!! please stop rose,she is gonna kill herself.stop her..for godsakes!!''jared kept screaming but doctors insted of helping rose gave him his eyes were closing he could see rose die infront of his  eyes as anna died.He couldn't save both.he closed his eyes.and tears escaped from his closed eyes.
to be continued....

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