Hearts on Fire character list and description.

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Sapphire Smith:worlds only female werewolf, part angel or witch. black blue hair, black eyes with purple flecks fair skin.

Aria Angelus:Angel of darkness, most powerful angel ever. Blonde hair brown eyes.

James Turner: Brown hair and i4get wut eye colour. he is a werewolf and wants sapphire to like him again which so far, aint happening

Lucifer: Blonde hair green eyes. Angel of light and his ancestor was the devi lif that makes sense.he is also sapphire's soulmate and knows next to nothing about creatures (mythical creatures)

Dantanian (Taylor, tay, dan) Angelus: Blonde hair, brown eyes, tall, mysterious, polite, likes to smile.Is aria's cousin, angel of darkness. (thank-you to my friend mitchell for helping me choose the name)

Blaise: Curly red hair with soft yellow and orange highlights, black eyes that seem to glow, lightly tanned skin, strongest fire elemental to ever walk any planet known to man.

Jade Rose: Long Brown hair, Dark almost black eyes, big/strongest ever earth elemental, sapphire's roomate in the school in italy.

Molly:Blonde hair with blue streak, ocean blue eyes, pale skin, big/strongest water elemental ever, Blaise's roomate in italy school.

Aura: Silver blonde hair, silver eyes, pale skin, big/storngest air elemental, Aria's roomate in italy school.

Seth Smith: Short blue-black hair, Blue eyes, pale skin, sapphire's cousin. is a were

Gavin: Tall black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, is a vampire

Jasmine: Brown hair, Hazel eyes, is a witch,

John: Brown hair, green eyes, is an empath and can levitate things.



Alana:Blue-black hair, black eyes, pale skin, Sapphire's mother.

Jhonathan:Sapphires angel with gold eyes tan skin and dark blonde hair


more for p1= paul=black hair hazel eyes light skin.

p2= brendan=tall blondehair browneyes

Mr Mason= 6:00am werewolf history teacher

Mr John Davis=7:00am werewolf magic teacher

Mr Johnson=8:00am all creature world laguages teacher

John Davis=9:00am all creature magic teacher

Ms. Arrowsmith=10:00am math teacher

Mr.Parker=11:00am gym teacher

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