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This was actually one of the very first horror stories I ever wrote. Feel free to criticize for I want to improve. The original can be found here:http://superjail216.deviantart.com/#/d4k2nik
What the story is about is a girl who receives a hacked Pokemon game from her only to obtain a disturbing surprise.

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



Thereare two things that I love the most. Pokemon and creepypastas.I actually had a friend who would hack Pokemon games and give them to me as experiments, kind of like lab rat. But, there was this one hacked Pokemon game that I'll never forget.

It was a normal Friday afternoon, the bell rang and everybody was leaving school to go home for the weekend. When everybody was gone, I was waiting patiently for my hacker friend to bring me a hacked Pokemon game as usual. Once as soon as I saw him, he was running towards me, but there was something about his eyes. It almost looked like there was pure fear in them. He quickly handed me the game and left without saying a word. There was something very wrong, normally he would say "If you finish the game, please tell me what you like about this hack."but I just shrugged it off and walked towards home.

As I camehome, there was a note on the counter next to a bowl of grapes. I placed the hacked Pokemon game next to the bowl and began to eat them while reading the note:

My dear Joan,
I'm going to be home late so I want you to remember not to answer the phone unless if it's me and don't open the door to anybody, even if it's the police.

I placed the note back, grabbed the game, and went straight towards my room. I picked up my white DSi with the Nerf cover on it, but before I placed the game in my DSi, I took a look at the game. It was was clear as day that it was Pokemon Diamond but the word HACK in red was on it. I placed the game in my DSi, turned it on, and I kept pressing the A button in hope to skip the opening. The silhouette of Dialga appeared in front of my face and I pressed the start button. The save data read Lucas, Pokedex: 493, Badges: 8, Time: 00:01. I clicked on the save data and it showed Lucas at Solaceon Town with a shiny Lopunny behind me, like in Heartgold and Soulsilver. I checked the Pokemon and it showed the shiny female Lopunny, her name is Sadism. There was another Pokemon but it was a male Machoke, his name is Masochist. Once as soon as I pressed the B button to check on Sadism, there was a heart over her head and it said:

"Sadism wants to beaten because of how much of a bad girl she's been!"

I was a bit shocked that there was a sexual innuendo in the game, but I realized that it was a hacked game, so anything could happen.Sadism was jumping happily and walking towards the Day Care, with Lucas following her. Lucas and Sadism were in the Day Care and there was the Old Lady, she had an exclamation point above her head and walked towards them. She said to Lucas, "Here take this."

The item was a whip.At this point, I just wanted to turn off the DSi in pure disgust, but I had to finish the game. Lucas took the whip and began to whip her. I felt a sharp pain on my body and I forced myself back on my bed. Clutching the DSi tightly, I glanced at the screen and a textbox said:

"Sadism loves the pain you bring to her!"

As the pain grew, I heard the noises of a whip and Sadism's pain filled cry. The pain was going on and on until I felt like I was urinating all over the bed.

I was heavily numb from the pain so I placed the DSi close to my face. Sadism was on the ground, a white substance coming out of her genitalia. Lucas backed up as Sadism slowly got up, took the whip from Lucas, and began to beat Masochist. Another process of pain came forward and I threw my DSi, nearly hitting the ground. I crawled towards the bathroom and began to puke my stomach out. The pain stopped and I flushed the toilet, crawling back to my room. Glaring at the DSi, Masochist was a bloody mess. His body was split in half, his guts were dangling off the bottom of his chest. The lower portion of his body was missing and the blood was mixing with the white substance, creating a pink liquid.

Lucas was standing there in a motionless and emotionless state, like as though he was hypnotized. He was in this position until something inside him snapped. Lucas grabbed a knife out of his pocket and the screen faded to black. It portrayed a grotesque picture of Sadism crying in pure ecstasy, her guts squishing out of her stomach. Lucas had a sinister smile on his face, like as though he was enjoying this sick fetish.

Since that day, I never heard from my friend ever again. Some whisper that he committed suicide, while others say that he is locked up in a mental institution. I don't know what happened to him but sometimes at night, when the night is young, I see scars on my back.

A perfect reminder of Sadism and Masochist's demise.

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