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A short, humerous poem.

Submitted: January 16, 2014

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Submitted: January 16, 2014



A/N: This is a short humerous romance story disguised as a poem I wrote in my head at like 3 am yesterday, additionally english is not my native language and while I did try to rhyme as much as possible I have a feeling my different pronounciation made me mess up a few times. Thank you to anyone reading/commenting ~


Once upon a time

was a country with no dime

with a princess pure as snow

crying bitter tears of woe


Once upon a midnight dreary,

came three wanderers with visions bleary

clothes dirty and spirits low

they made their way to the castle ever so slow

One of them, a poet great,

had a problem walking straight

the second one sure loved his honey

a girl back home with pockets full of money

the third one was a pretty boy

nothing more than a kid without a toy


Once upon a long night's moon

the princess was asked to marry a goon

from the three wanderers - princes no less -

she shall chose the one who's the less mess


One upon a long day's sun

there was a family with just one son

with curly hair and a smile that made you reel

spent all his days fishing for eel

Now this boy on one day meets

pretty princess doing good deeds

he falls in love with her sadness

and almost descends into madness


Once upon a time

a princess with no dime

was to marry a pretty boy

to become his toy


Once upon a time

lived a couple with no dime

a boy with  curly hair

and a girl, and their heir

A princess no longer

but way stronger

the girl with the crown of snow

smiled with no woe


© Copyright 2019 Lucy Kajiura. All rights reserved.

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