Sari and the Moon

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It’s the tale of a extremely mystical world that’s full of bizarre things. The world of love and passion, enriched with sentiments and emotions. Who would be able to solve the dilemma of life when life is itself becoming a major cause of pain? Let’s watch the pinnacle of agony and torture where beauty is going to destroy and collapse the entire humanity and there is all blurred nobody can distinguish between reality and delusion. Where rainy season is is no romantic. Ghostly things are as usual as the sun and the relevant things. Want to dive into the most cryptic world of universe. Watch out

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



The Sari and the Goat

It was the time of summer, Sari’s father Julian gave her a fantastic gift “A cute lamb” sari became so happy by finding that type of heart touching thing. She loved animals and birds so much that she forgets all her problems and fears. She was an adopted child. Her mother STEPNEY used to tease her due to the fact that she was more beautiful than her own daughter Mina. But her father loved her so much and in real she was a soothing thing for her father’s eyes he would sit in the lawn and watch the different types of loving and captivating acts of her daughter.Now she had got the lamb it was the pinnacle of happiness for her. She used to play with her from morning till night. Her mother was very jealous with her but she was afraid of her father cause he was so strict husband and don’t want anyone to hurt sari by any kind. But one day she trapped a plan of by confronting in her jealousy. She was watering in the garden when a plan struck her mind. When sari returned to her home with her cute lamb and by tying the lamb’s with a long pole. She whispered in goat’s ear “ Hey limbo, God save me today I am too late well I am starving so as you are so I am going to take you the delicious husk and fresh leaves wait and watch. I love you are such a priceless thing in my life” and then she kissed her lamb on her belly. And by trembling in elegant way she directly moved towards her room which was on first floor. She pressed the button of the fan because it was too hot and a sultry day of summer. Sweat was taking place on her forehead and her dress was stick to her entire body. As she reached to the bed the fan fell directly towards her and the lamb cried “MAAAAAAAAAAAAA” what happened to sari her father and mother ran amok to see her daughter what they found sari was on the bed and the blood was flowing from her forehead she was feeling very heavy and dizzy and writhing in pain she merely said “father father and father” her mother acted “What happened my cutest daughter of this world” Her father baffled and called to the ambulance at once. When she was going limbo was seeing her and tiring his hard to break his chain and there were mysterious tears in its eyes. She was reacting as a fish that is trapped in a net and taken out from the water of course water is her love. Sari’s father was flashing back and several types of sweet memories were making him feel like lying over the thorns and the memory of her adoption.

He and his wife were on holidays in Switzerland. One day he was peeping out his window snow was falling softly making him feel ethereal. The pleasure was awesome. He said to his wife Stepney “Watch the amazing and breathtaking sights of nature Stepney what are doing over there?

Stepney-Is the nature is more beautiful than your sensual wife.

Julian-Oh Yes it is. Actually nature is not gonna get old like you It will beautiful forever and I want to tell you one thing true beauty lies in character not in outer show-off.Hey stepney let’s have fun in the snow.

Stepney-OK I don’t like that kind of childish attitude of yours MR. Julian old

Julian-I would thought I am younger enough

Well what’s going on there” Julian peeped out of the window

It looks like a man but why he is crying and trembling” said the stepney

Let’s find out and both came out of the night into the shivering cold. It was twilight and still moon slightly shining behind the clouds there was bonfire the man fell beside the bonfire. Julian said-Look he has a baby with him” the strange man was unconscious they took him and her baby to their cottage.

Julian-Oh my god! He is totally cold and shivering fiercely

Stepney-It seems it is going to die!

Julian began to rub his hand and the strange man become conscious and said “Look I don’t think I am going to live more please take care my baby sari she is my life I am Johnson a poor Hunter”

Stepney-Why are you so wounded look there is blood everywhere in you pullover”

Johnson-I am a poor person. My wife has died from yellow fever about a year ago and I was thoroughly in debt so the creditors snatched my house and make me out into this shivering cold.

Since then I was loitering with my daughter sari. Hunger pangs were making me unconscious so as my daughter. Today’s evening I was searching for food in the meanwhile a bear came and moves towards my daughter ferociously I frightened completely and I clasp the back side of  bear he attacked me badly and I was about to die but I manage to be alive till then I searched for a kind hearted person. Take my daughter and bring her like her own please. She is an incredible child. If ever in life she became any kind of sick then please take her to koshu town in Japan her mother lies there.

And then the strange person passed away.

Stepney-What he was murmuring? A STUPID CLUMSY PERSON

We are not going to bring it up.

I think we should leave her into the orphanage.

Julian-STOP IT

How cruel you are? Don’t you see her lovely eyes that are saying us have mercy upon me!

Stepney-You are such a foolish husband. Why did I marry with you?

Julian-GO ON if you want you can leave me.

Stepney frightened because Julian was indeed very rich.

She thought in her heart “I’ll leave you when I make you signed on the property paper

Now doctor said that sari was in critical situation and said he should muster courage to face the worst news of his entire life. He further added the statement that shiver the life of Julian and the heart shattered into pieces he became unconscious and likewise Julian limbo was seeing the sky that is going to fill with dense clouds and the weather was becoming very dark soon they ran fell on the ground. Doctor statement was “

Your daughter mind has critically injured and she has gone in the condition of comma that’s why she can’t do anything physically but I think have faith in god she will be ok maybe one day in life”

Stepney was on cloud nine but her daughter Mina was weeping in heart because she loved her more than her own sister.

And by some miracle limbo reached to the hospital and he was merely saying “Maaaaaaaaaaaa” but security guards tried hard to drag him out of the hospital but eventually Sari father managed to bring limbo into the room of sari beside her bed.

time began to elapse there was no improvement in sari’s health but her father didn’t quail and tried his hard and didn’t leave any doctor of the country. He would jog in the evening and one day a minute thing struck in his mind. He remembered the last saying of Sari’s real father Johnson.

Julian-He said that I must visit koshu town in Japan as her mother lies in the wind of that peculiar town.

He at once the squall flow and he made up his mind to go JAPAN

He said to Stepney -come on pack up we are going Japan I am gonna book the tickets

Stepney-Wow Are you serious?AAA... I mean we are going to Japan for holiday

Julian-Of course not we are not going to make spree there. We are going for Sari. You remember the last words of his real father.

Stepney-Yes he said something stupid about going to Japan and I don’t remember then.

Julian-He said if ever sari got any type of problem in life then we must visit koshu in Japan as her mother lies there.

Stepney-Oh yes that’s exactly I was saying. So when we are going there?

Julian-the day after tomorrow alright

Stepney-So I am going to prepare for that

Soon the day of departure arrived and they left for the Japan

(In the flight)Stepney-Wow that’s what I was dreaming for a long period of time and since the day came I am very excited mina.

They finally arrived Japan

An Nihhon or nippon Japan is full of amazing natural stuff and so many legends and folklore like urashima taro , mount Fuji and a number of spectacular stuff.Sakura flowers makes the spring season similar to paradise and everything and every creature is loving. The robotic Tokyo city makes Japan adorable and of course Buddha lies in the wind of Japan it is so spiritual and soothing

The parkers landed on Tokyo airport with their adorable and loving daughter Sari parker.

“So where are we going Julian” asked Stepney

“We are going to the farm house of my old friend Sakura San” replied Julian

“Wow it will be great fun with Sakura aunt” cried Mina

Sari was on the wheel chair. Her father saw her and keeps his hand on her head and said to her “Sari, My lovely daughter doesn’t be AFRAID you’ll be better very soon.

So they took a cab and reached to sakura’s farm house.

Sakura-Oh Julian, What a pleasant surprise you don’t said that you are coming with your family.

Ok I have to cook more food now

Stepney-What are you cooking sakura?

I’ll tell you but first come in and have some rest you all seem exhausted” said the sakura

Sakura was a freelance fiction writer and a globe trotter he loves to travel to the amazing places of the world but now she was working on her novel the elegant giant.

Sakura’s home was situated in a lovely place you can say that I was in the lap of nature and so many animals were there like cow pigs and ducks in her personal pond and surrounding was leaded with flowers.Sakura was wearing a kimono, the traditional outfit of japan.There was a water fall just a mile away from the house.In a nutshell it was spectacular.

Sakura-What happened to your daughter sari.

Is she sleeping?

Julian-No and by making his heart strong he said she is in the condition of comma.

Sakura-Woh,I am sorry you didn’t tell me about that.

Julian-I didn’t get  the time actually.

stepney-What have you cooked?

sakura-Julian,looks like stepney is starving ok I have cooked rice balls and the fish it’s the traditional meal of Japan.

I am going to bring it come on to the dining table.

so they took the dinner and stepney went to sleep with her dauhgter mina

Julian was awake he was on the terrace thinking about konshu town and watching the twinkling of stars and then he saw a shooting star and prayed oh god please make my way easy as he opened his eyes he feel the touch of hand on his shoulder he turned back and saw sakura.

he asked “Can you tell me where is konshu town”

sakura began to perspire he began to shiver

he said what happened sakura

Sakura “Why are you asking that ill-fated town?

Cause Sari father said that her mother lies there and she will be healthy by going in that town.

“so this is the purpose of your arrival” said sakura

ya exactly” replied Julian

Sakura became very nervous ok we’ll talk in the morning about it

“Hey sakura what happened "said the Julian

“sakura my entire life is merely for the welfare of my daughter sari I will do anything for her life.” Cried Julian

Sakura-Look it’s a town of death itself nobody knows except few about koshu town.People say there is the treasure of Hikari who was the princess of forest.People would say she possess magical powers like making like making every living creature alive her touch was able to cure the deadly disease a person can ever tackle. The secret of her power was a wand with a red gem which she possess by defeating the king of forest.Here is obscurity she killed herself with her own wand.


Sakura-I said it’s a mystery when she died entire koshu town was trapped in the evil black magic and since then it is impossible to return from there actually it is even impossible to put your feet there because you will became a scripture of gold.

Julian-Wow nice story sakura and you know it is twenty first century technology and science is stepping towards the power of god I think you are imprudent. Has anyone become gold yet?

Sakura-You don’t know anything that’s why you want to visit konshu town.first it is not in Japan in real it is just an imaginative world.You can’t find it on the map of Japan.

Julian-what? Then why did the man call that name?

Sakura-Because there is a way of secret way of reaching there.But I don’t know how to reach there but I can tell you the name of a person who can be so helpful. I also want sari to be alive as she used to be

Julian-Are you serious? I mean how can we get that place which is not in real world.It merely happens in the folklores.


There is an answer of every question.I think the wand of the Hikari is still in Konshu town and you have to bring it for your daughter I know the person who can show you the way to konshu town.


Julian was skeptical about her cryptic story but he thought he will do everything to bring out sari from her deadly state.And now doctor has informed him in Japan that sari’s life is becoming shorter day by day so he said to sakura “Tell me sakura what’s the name of that peculiar person and how can I get him? Sakura began to think very deeply and finally said-He lives in cryptic kucchi island of northern Japan.His name is Hazlee he knows the magic to reach there but the jouney will be fatal remember it isn’t a piece of cake you should be ready for deadly and fatal challenges that’s going to confront you afterwards.

She further added ‘I think I should with you and we are leaving tomorrow

That’s was the last statement of sakura of that night.

Next morning it was about 3 a.m sakura knocked Julian’s door and after waking up she said what happened sakura?

Sakura said-come on get ready quickly we are leaving for kucchi island?

Julian was surprised he said “hey why we are going so early I think we should leave in the morning.

Sakura- you still don’t know the condition of your daughter she is dieing slowly and I care of you so as your daughter come on it’s the right time I have already told to stepney that we are going to visit a doctor that’s not a stone throw from here.I think some black magic is constantly trying to confront your daughter but we need do something urgently.

Julian-Are you mad Sakura ? I know your profession is strange one but how can I believe I don’t believe in magic or some kind of thing relevant to it I am a straightforward person I don’t know what did you said last night because I was so tired and emotional but now I am awaken I think there’s specialist in konshu town and he will treat my daughter

Sakura-Disgusting and in the mean while she cast a spell Langri Hasuba and they both disappeared from that chilly dusk when sun was attempting to cast his ethereal shadow in this spectacular world .There was calmness in the wind but something uncertain was lurking to happen

They reached in Kucchi Island and Julian was totally horrified they were on the beach and island was looking stunning

Julian are you ok? Asked sakura

What’s happening to me am I still sleeping and seeing a dream or I am in a science fiction story this island is stunning I don’t know how do we reach here.”said Julian

Julian was rubbing his eyes as if he was not believing what he was seeing in actual.Sakura said that they were there to meet Hazelee a Japanese magician which is supposed to have the power to reach konshu town.Sakura knows the way of hazelee’s home so Julian was merely following sakura Julian was wondering to watch the strange things and animals that he had never seen on earth.Suddenly he saw a beautiful butterfly it was so beautiful and captivating, myriads of colors were making its ornament. He wished to touch the butterfly .No sooner he touched the butterfly with his fearful hands it changed itself into an elegant beautiful girl. She was as beautiful as the snowflakes even the shining of the sun would stop to see her ravishing smile. Her beauty was indeed enthralling. She was wearing a Gorgeous white gown which was shimmering in to the mild light of the sun so as her face. Her fair hands were peeping out through to the elegant white sleeves of hers. Some jewelry were giving her fairy look like,the locket and ear rings of star shape and ear rings.

Julian said to the strange girl “who are you ?

Sakura –Julian, I know her she is Emily, A great wizard

Emily-hey sakura what’s are you doing here? Is there any kind of special work for me? So you are Julian.Well,you seem like an ordinary person like who use tissue papers after using flash

Julian-ya I think I am not like you and others I’ve just come here to save the life of my daughter from immense evil magic.she is in comma or she is confronted by a very powerful evil magic that can only be cancel out with the help of Hakari’s wand.

Emily-Oh my god! What are you saying poor fellow! It’s not as easy as decorating your cake it is matter of life and death you don’t even know that somebody is constantly searching to kill you.You don’t know hikari’s evil magic is so powerful that even the finest wizard could not survive against it.

Julian – I don’t care about my life it will flee away soon now or later in life but I can’t see my daughter writhing with pain due to this evil magic and hence that’s my ultimate goal to save her life.

Sakura-that’s what he said I can’t leave Julian in this collapsing situation and it’s only me who can help her and give him relevant details.Well,I know its her mother stepney she is so cruel that she used Dark spell to kill sari.

Julian-what’s are you saying sakura?

Sakura-I am pretty sure that your wife is a companion of dark master Xecox.

Your daughter sari is destined to kill xecox with the sword of swan. And your wife, stepney is a wolf and has ordered her to kill sari as they have already seen the future of you in the Destiny Crystal .So stepney managed to marry with you. so that she could fulfill the task given by the ultimate master Xecox. It was in the fate that sari will die when she would turn 11 and hence stepney waited till sari get 11 and on her birthday she made a plan. She went to sari’s room and becoming wolf she attacked on her face. When sari was writhing in pain she considered that sari is no more now and in the meanwhile you came there. further you know the story what happened what did the doctor say? Blah blah blah.And Jackson sari father was not attacked by a bear he was attacked by the xecox. But hikari the real mother of sari reached there and killed herself to construt a mighty spell to save the life of sari.

Julian-oh god! How do you know that sakura?

Sakura-When you arrived









































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