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This is a review about a book called candyfloss by jaqueline wilson.

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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Submitted: February 24, 2011



My Review on“Candyfloss” By Jacqueline Wilson


“Candyfloss” is one of Jacqueline Wilsons biggest, and best books. Floss loves her mum and dad equally. She especially loves spending time with her dad in his greasy spoon café. When mum and dad divorce and her mum re-marries with a man called Steve she doesn't know what to expect? Soon enough mum and Steve decided it would be best for them all to move to Australia! Even though her dad was poor and had a crummy house above the café, she loved him too much to leave him, so she decided to stay with her dad instead.

Things were good at the start, she sent weekly letters to her mum and dad and her were getting on better that ever! Her best friend wanted to get her expensive birthday presents, and take her on shopping sprees as well! But things change. Her best friend goes off with someone else when Floss refuses for her to get her something for her birthday, and do her and her dad end up homeless?


After I had read the first chapter I knew this was going to be a good read. Floss is a very interesting character and I had no idea at the beginning how brave and powerful she actually was. She definitely sticks up for what she believes and doesn’t let the fact that she’s poor let her down, and upset her. You are always worried that she and her dad are going to end up homeless and it actually seems impossible they are not going to be! It may seem like a children’s book, but it is more complex than it sounds. I don’t think many people realize, how different floss was from other girls. She didn’t care about clothes or money; she just wanted happiness and love. It completely links together as you read on. It is written in the first person, so you always know how Floss is feeling and everything she does. You know how upset she is inside, but how she doesn’t always show it. She is a very powerful character and Wilson has obviously thought a lot about what she needs to say and think. I think that she must of got influence of someone else because she has made it feel so real and life like. It’s actually strange to think someone’s life could actually be like this. There are lots of rhetorical questions in this, and a lot of the things said, you can actually answer for yourself. Floss and her dad are very similar characters and share an interest for the same type of things. I think she takes after her dad.


I think this book shares things a film wouldn’t. In a film I don’t think you could have a dad and girl with the same passion these do. You can imagine what everything looks like because it is so well described by Wilson. This is a book that I think girls of age’s 9-13 would enjoy and maybe even some younger boys.


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