A Heart Marred Black

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There is a new nightmare... darker than any other..

Submitted: April 23, 2010

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Submitted: April 23, 2010



Once upon a time, there was a boy. This boy was a righteous young man. He believed strongly in the power of love, and based much of his life on it. He also believed strongly in the code of life known as chivalry.
Chivalry, a code of honor once used by knights in their everyday lives, both personal and public.... Such a code of honor calls for kindness and respect toward others, especially women. Yes, this boy believed that if he followed this code of honor, his life would eventually turn out quite well.
The same boy had found himself a lover. A maiden of incredible beauty, she was perfect, unsurpassed by any. But she had a problem. At the cause of her painful life, she put up barriers around her heart, shielding herself from any and all intruders. This boy broke down those barriers. She allowed him closer than any other. She loved him, and would tell him anything. They had been through many hardships, and had always fought through. He brought her out of her depressions and fears and made everything all right because he fought so hard.
......Or so he thought.
As it turned out, she had not allowed him so close. She had been playing with his heart. She put on and took off faces to make the boy believe he was amazing. But when she did not want him to be so amazing, she unloaded those secrets upon him, shattering his heart. But this time, his heart was shattered in a far different way.
He questioned everything. Himself, his own feelings, HER honesty... Whether or not everything thus far has been a game... He was falling, his determination was breaking down. Everything he believed in was being pulled from underneath his feet.
There could be no recovery.
He had nowhere to turn.
Until he remembered.. This boy had had many dreams.
The rise and fall of a God. His God.

A creature wrought from Nothing, from unexistence. A creature in the form of a man, with power yet so much greater...

A monster, of human skin. Of black hair and blacker eyes. Something so cold and vile, it drew from the pain and bloody cries of others...

A fleshless demon, whose infinite red eyes were the pinnacles of fear itself. Its sharp words were an unknown league of wisdom...

He remembered, and turned toward those three shadows, away from his cold, broken world of glass. The demon's bony lips curved in a smile. "Welcome, shhhadow.."
The monster's eyes looked on toward the boy in hunger. "Finally..."
The creature of Nothing, his hard features softened in acceptance. Acceptance, of one of it's own. "We have awaited you."
"I see now.... you were right.. you were telling me of what could not be seen.. I should have come so long ago.." The boy looked upon the three, and walked into their midst. He left behind all the pain and falsehoods of his old life, and traversed to darkness. As he walked alongside his fellow shadows, this boy transformed into a black, broken angel.
The three welcomed and respected him. They walked in step with their new facet of darkness.
His power was a thing of awe. It equaled, rivaled that of the other three, and he became their master.
And the number of those nightmares... grew to four.

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