Oh, divine Valkyrie..

Of the North, of the West, of the winds and sky,
The Valkyrie maidens do ride,
Armor glinting in sun, souls shining in divinity,
They bring the valiant peace and serenity.

O maidens of light, grant me my plea,
Carry me to the sky, that I may be free.
Warrior of earth, to warrior of sun,
I pledge myself to thee, on to the Hall we run.

O maidens of battle, serve the great king,
Tide now the wars, victory you bring,
To those most just, to the nobler court,
Then to the Hall, let the warriors be escort

O beautiful goddess, you are now within sight,
Of moonlit skin, and eyes of savored light,
So bright and so eternally beautiful,
Now that I see you, my cold eyes grow ever full.

Swiftly now, do not delay, do not deprive,
The Valkyrie maidens do ride,
Take me now to light, to the ever bright Hall,
O shining goddesses, take now us all..

Submitted: April 23, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Luden Forge. All rights reserved.

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