Spinning without a compass

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Feeling a little alone and forgotten

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



I don't know where to go anymore Tugged left then right A tug of war I never wanted this I didn't have a choice But now everyone looks at me hungry eyed They all want more Disagree and I'm shown the door I'm afraid to breathe anymore

A ticking time bomb in my hand Don't know which wire to cut I'm so confused, so lost and scared Don't know which way is out

Bottle my feelings and reign back my tears cause it's no good to cry when nobody hears. The box gets tighter and tighter I don't know where the light went. All I see are blinding neon signs pointing at every street.

The world has lost its map. A senseless sphere spining without a compass. Dizzy, busy, trying to get out but every exit is a shadow, a meaningless illusion. My life is just an intrusion until need starts beating at the door.

Then I'm a pawn in a selfish war. Move only to wound the other, forgetting every move is another blow to an already breoken me. What do you do, when the world forgets you're human too?

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