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A boy gets kidnapped by a man and the aftermath of this devastating incident.

The little boy walks out of his room in the middle of the night because he hears some squeaking sound. He takes his favorite blankie-it was a small blanket, decorated with small blue teddy bears with a white background. There were also snowflakes between each teddy bear. It was never washed – for fear of losing its softness. Its soft material makes it a favorite blanket, nice to cuddle with and great to play with. He walks down the stairs and sees a tall figure in a dark corner. The little boy doesn’t notice anything wrong with this scenario, so he decides to turn on the lights to grab some water. He looks back at the stranger. The boy in shock drops the blanket. It drifts delicately downwards, as if a beautiful leaf floating in the forest wind. The stranger’s features are terrifying. His face is almost “stitched” on with sealed shut eyes with stitches that are still bleeding, a nose completely cut off, and a mouth stitched on like a sinister smile. With no eyebrows and hair, his skin is almost like the color of a potato skin, with small square patches stitched on his head. The boy screams, and his parents are startled in their bedroom. They realize their child is usually not up at this time of the night, so they immediately jump out of bed and storm down the stairs. His dad yells out the boy’s name, but no reply. As they reach downstairs, the front door is open, with the dark chilling night flowing into the room. The mom quickly looks out the door, puts on random shoes, and runs outside to the sidewalk to see if her son is still visible in the night. However, nothing is seen, except the wind blowing softly with leaves gently flowing on the ground. She screams out in despair, and runs back inside the house. The father is kneeling down. The mother walks slowly over to her husband’s side. The perfect blanket was now ruined. The stranger had stitched on these bloody stained words – I will be back. They call the cops, and they arrive minutes later. The police confiscate the blanket as evidence, and test it for any DNA. However, as the results come back, the blood was matched to a person that lived in the 1900’s, one hundred years ago. The fingerprints did not match anyone in the police’s database.  Five nights later, there was no sign of the little boy. The search for the boy has started to die down, and the police are at dead ends with their suggestions. The parents can’t sleep at night, worrying about what happened to their lovely child. They look through their son’s old pictures, trying to feel some sort of presence in the pictures or any possible hints. On the sixth night, the parents decide to sleep due to exhaustion. That night, the door squeaked open slowly. A small figure slips through the door and closes the door behind him. The mom wakes up because of the slight disturbance and decides to check it out, in hope of seeing her son.  She turns on the light, in hope of illuminating the small figure’s face. She screams out in joy, as it is her lost son! The father run downstairs, sees his little boy, and cries out in tears. They all hug as a group for this miracle and the parents give their son a big kiss on both cheeks at the same time. The mom holds her child’s head and gives him one last big hearty kiss. However, she feels something on the back of her little boy’s head. She gently turns him around to see what the long bump is. She brushes away his hair to have a better view, and sees dried bloody stitches all over his head.

Submitted: April 16, 2014

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The end could be much better.... though its a good story

Wed, April 16th, 2014 1:25pm

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