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Moses Harris is going to a spongebob's house on land he came with his hammer and knocked down the door fed gary put a camera on him spy on spongebob and give him this note it said i'm watching you till you go to… spongebob fled in terror and then he got his superpowers and said gary the hearts patrick's powers he shot ice cream out his eyes.

What the note really said was i'm watching you till you go to KFC or else that coupon expertise.

Ha right

Back to the story so then Moses Harris gets superpowers to and has speed like the reverse flash and go’s to the krusty krab he took over spongebob's job while he was looking for harris every one liked how spongebob made them and they loved harris’ better.

Three days later in spongebob's mail their was a note that said your fired and never come back to your job here then spongebob turned evil and joined E.V.I.L then they started to fight for year and years and years they fought each other then they were in the battlefield spongebob dies of diabetes the diabetes. SpongeBob did not die yet they were fighting for a long time and started to get annoying to them so the made i trust and never fought again or did they. They did fight again though they moses harris did defeat spongebob thought that was the first time the next will be in other story or this one.


Part 2

Spongebob did keep fighting over and over again then his plan was falling apart he knew what had to destroy him once and for all but harris was not alone he had new friends there his name was squidward he wanted to destroy spongebob once and for all and he lost all of his strength any more then he just grabbed a shotgun and was going guns blazing every where and the started a athor war once again they finally come to an end squidward shot spongebob and the he never got up again. One thing though spongebob did have last word which were “ if squidward killed me i accept to my death… “

Then a few weeks later someone found spongebob dead and said let's revive him and then he became darth vader and then he made the death star and was going to take over the world and he killed all the jedi and became the the ruler of the empire. He took over one solar system not the one with earth in it???? then he when for revenge to kill harris with his saber once and for all that the only thing he wanted to do before he died forever.

He killed many people to gain their power and he did and he killed yoda and then blew up everything till he could die  in peace for once that must be fun to wait that long .


Part 3

Then one day darth vader went to earth to look for Harris! Harris was a rebel and was going to kill the empire once and for all. Darth vader was on earth and blew up bb8 r2d2 and then used the laser on the death star to blow up earth but a ship got in the way and that blew up the death star plans were on it and then they were going to blow it up but they got in the way so they had to bring some ships in to destroy the star before it powers Up again. Then the last jedi came  to blow up the death star and was going to give the plans to get rid of the death star where almost destroyed in exposition and then they had to find the weak spot in the star so then darth vader would be destroyed forever hopefully.

Then when the plans were found the could destroy the star and never have to see it again they blew it up and won the end

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