Astronauts in the sky.

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Lyrics to a song about feeling lost.

And as the sky falls down on our heads
Below a sun that crosses our horizons
As it dims down its light, as the spin of earth moves around
As the hours fly away from the face of the hemispheres
And we closer to the atmosphere, as we got closer to the clouds
And with gravity as our witness, we feel like astronauts in the sky

Defying gravity as we’re insolent to the night air
Floating in space, inside our own imaginations
Crossing nights, whose lights provide signals
In an endless sea of stars; as we fall down from space
And crash back down like meteors onto the earth.

A stars align in the twilights, between the horizons of this stars
So far away from the earth that they can’t see the pain, around this scars
That don’t bleed at the reaction of the nights, as our simple minds collide
And crash again like meteors that fall down onto the earth
Lost, and with no direction; we try to find our oxygen again.

Submitted: August 09, 2015

© Copyright 2022 luisfont45. All rights reserved.

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