Her Turn

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A horror story about the beauty of righteousness.

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



She was to start going at the 5th year of the accident.  That’s how long it took before she could manage to even get up on the anniversary.  Guilt played a big part in her depression, but not enough that she admitted the truth to his Mom or the law of how he really lost control of the wheel.  The news said that it was a “painless, instantaneous” death, but she highly doubted that.  The man she had paid to ruin the brakes on his car was paid ONLY for him to crash and not slam like he did onto that tree, leaving his body shaped liked an H inside the small honda.  He could not have been driving that fast, she figured…

Further, the pictures she was allowed from forensics afterwards painted a whole different gory picture of his death...not to mention her severed foot that ended by his mouth.  ‘Server that cheaten’ ass fucker well since he had a foot fetish with that blondie’ she told herself.  He had left her a month before that sabotage and he had also came clean about the affair when he left her, but there was no fucken way he was going to end up free, no kids, with a girl 18 years younger than her and not pay!

No way...she had made his career in entertainment!  She did not deserve to be just tossed to the side with his child to care for...even if it killed him!

And so her joy that it had gone better than expected died about the 5th day...that’s when Mason asked “when is Daddy coming home?” it came out ‘whe Da comiiiing gome’?

That killed her instantly!  especially because for a second, he looked into her dead husband’s eyes on that child...she could have sworn it was him casting that view back when Mason said it...

She kept lying to their Son and eventually, Mason forgot all about his dead father.  The Bitch didn’t even let him attend the funeral.  Said it was ‘detrimental’ to his health when in reality, her new boyfriend didn’t want the child to attend.  Soon Mason forgot about his true father and started adopting that piece of shit criminal as kin.  Here or there he’d run into a picture of Dad and him...but after a year, he had forgotten his father’s real name, except for the last name which he had to write daily at school.  Soon however, he didn’t even mention him and was more interested in the intricacies of a 5 year old lifes and not the past one from a father that moved to Mexico and never came back (so he was eventually told so he could “shut the fuck up”).

From that moment forward after her child asked for his Dad, she was a never ending river of sorrow...for inside she really wanted to fix their relationship and the sabotage was an impulse and idea she had gotten from her Mother.  It didn’t matter now who’s it was.  She spent the next five years in a xanax comatose state.  Days would blur into nights and those into weeks and so on.  If it wasn’t for the money the insurance paid off, she would have lost her child and custody to her own mother...who was just soo happy to take the check he would come along with.

However, to convince the courts she was a fit mother, she had to start counseling and seeing a shrink…
‘I’m too chicken shit” to take my own life she would think….’so I gotta go see this fucken shrink or I loose my money! And Mama wins! no!’ 

“I’m NOT going to let that happen!” she screamed at the breakfast table once thinking that exact thing...scaring Mason back to his room as she was talking to herself again.
So, this was it….this would be the ultimate test to see if she was not depressed and able to handle her past.  The Shrink said she had to go to the site deal with it and ‘take the bull by the horns’ (pointing at his groin in a joking matter when he said it).  He felt comfortable enough around that type of trash doing that...he had his average at 1 out of 4 and he was already 5 divorced ladies without any ass...he had it coming soon he thought (‘with that kind of slutty past his dick was a slam dunk’ he told his friends). 

The night before the anniversary she did not take her drugs to sleep because those made her groggy the day after and she would be supervised by her Shrink (although not necessary for the 70 year old doctor to be there, he was hoping for a blow job afterwards.  ‘Although her ass was wobbly, she had a sweet mouth’ he thought).

That night before the anniversary however, she had a very vivid dream...as if she had woken up and re-lived the day she murdered her husband…

actually, in her dream, she had woken up that day of the accident and gone thru all the same motions her memory recalled of that day.  She woke up crying, took her pills, talked to mom on the phone, had the conversation about sabotaging the car...everything was the same.  Up to picking up Mase from school and sitting there expecting some sorta news...just watching the phone...even the waiting in the dream felt eternal, like the day it happened. Except….

At the moment she got the phone call from CHP with the then happy news of the disaster, she fainted and woke up behind the wheel of the honda...trapped in her husband’s body as he was going in the straightaway before the accident...and unable to do anything but go along for the ride!

She was confused, surprised and shocked, but absolutely sure she was living it and not dreaming.  Everything was soo real!  She even felt her new dick getting a hard on looking at Mia in the passenger seat...looking so sexy with that tiny black mini-skirt she hated!!  She had no will inside that body and was but a passenger inside a freight train speeding to disaster and then a voice from her left temple….

“You’re living it Bitch!”...heard softly from someone shouting far away….

Then, she saw her reflection in the visor…

it was him! down to the crooked mustache and the scar on the forehead.  He was unknowingly driving the last mile of the corridor before the accident, yet she knew...she knew she was going to feel the whole thing trapped in his body, just like the voice had told her...

The eyes she’s trapped behind keep staring at the road, then Mia’s tits, the road, tits, half mile away from the crash, legs, road, smile, tits, then the visor…..

And suddenly the reflection stops turning and fixes a gaze upon her...she’s looking at her husband staring her down, but she can’t turn...she’s under a spell and unable to will anything!

¼ mile 
Suddenly the reflection starts tearing red from the eyes which quickly fill the face with four rivers of blood, down the cheeks and start to drip off his smile!

100 yards…
The face talks “You know...I have been waiting for this moment five years Bitch!  It’s not enough you’re gonna feel every little bit of pain and misery I felt that night, 

50 yards...
but I’ll make sure you don’t forget it!  Every bone breaking inside you, I’ll make sure you hear it! Every cut, my arm severed…

10 yards...
even your right eye popping out from the pressure in your head....for the full hour I stayed alive after I slammed into that three you motherfucking bitch”....

5 yards…
The face lets out an evil but fulfilling laugh as the car jumps the curve.  Suddenly, she hears Mia screaming as she notices she gains full functionality of the bo

1 yard


To be continued

Part II coming soon.

© Copyright 2020 Luiz Syphre. All rights reserved.

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