My life, my journey

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This is a story about a young girl who is tortured everyday. No life is filled with warmth but coldness flung in the air, in their hearts, in their eyes and their souls.

Submitted: October 05, 2014

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Submitted: October 05, 2014



Have you ever thought of a world filled with cruelty? A life which is tortured every single day? Well, I have heard of and seen it. You could say I have experienced it as well. This is my story about how females are treated in an island you have never heard of. It's the forgotten island where all the escaped prisoners come after they are sentenced to death. 

I'm Sylvia.I never met my parents as they dumped me into the garbage pile because I am a girl. Apparently girls are not allowed to be raised in a family with boys. Either it should be purely girls or only boys. What kind of law is that anyway? I say the Governor is mad to impose such laws. But fortunately I got to know their names from a DNA test.

After the garbage man found me when I was a kid, I was sent to a so called orphanage where we were fed and taught. The orphanage was separated in to two parts.One part was for girls and the other for boys. I always thought that this state is filled with crazy ideas, but I realised that I was wrong. There was a reason behind all the laws and regulations enacted in the state.

As we were little kids with no religion or parent love, we didn't know what is right or wrong. We couldn't even distinguish the difference between them. All we know is what we are meant to do and how to mission accomplish them. Thats of course due to their spoon feeding us about every step and move we have to make.

At the age of ten, they divide into four sections according to our talents. They give us a task to perform in all four divisions without giving prior knowledge about how to use the contrivance. The divisions are cookery, sewing, history and incompetent. They believed that all the adroits are in cookery, sewing and history. They are master classes where they learn basically everything.  I fall for the incompetent department. 

We learnt many things which I thought was useless since I didn't know when we have to use such things. But, I didn't utter a word against it and learnt everything so that I could get out of the orphanage.

After I turned sixteen, all the girls in my age were loaded to a motor boat. This is the first time we are allowed to go out of the state. But we didn't know that it was the last time we are being able to a free bird. I never looked at back as I felt happy for finally leaving the horrible place even though I didn't know how our new home would like to be. But I never anticipated about the future in this island.

It all happened when I got to know the real purpose of incompetent department. I learnt it from first hand experience. I was sent to a "Home Red". I thought they have put colours just for fun, but apparently there is a reason behind that as well. It appears to be the most violent people live in Home Red and they were sentenced to death since they have raped and afterwards murdering the doll they used.

At the beginning their touch and everything was gentle comparing to what I have heard of. All the girls were supposed to give them what they need in the way they wanted. We were their doll fulfilling their unlimited desires and urges that comes every single day. The only good things is that they never tried to tear us into pieces.

There are things which took place in our department. Every month we were taken to a so called health check up. All the girls are supposed to stand in a line near the foot of the so-called hospital bed without even one piece of cloth to cover themselves. Each girl is taken one by one.

First check up is where we are supposed lie down on the bed and they check our heart beat and pulse as usual. Then they vaccinate us with our monthly birth control dose and put a ring like thing for protection. This process happens in front of everyone.

The next checkup is where our hair is shaved so that we look pleasant in front of our house members. This is done by a male nurse and he grosses me out. This nurse touches in a really bad way which I don't know how to explain. I always hated this nurse but at least he is better than the next one.

In the third checkup four males come and stay in bed with a girl doing their dirty deeds. If you cooperate with them only they would let you pass. The worst part is that again everyone is lined up and we are asked to look at how they perform. This happens before and after doing the third check up. If by chance we fail the third check up, we are tied on a table and slahed with a whip by all four men until blood spurts out and until that girl falls into unconscious state. 

There was one thing good about this place. And that was we get privacy when we are showering and that we get good tasty food. The more you do dirt deeds, the more grand the food you receive. I always tried to slip out doing something simple and not that dirty since there is no turning back. 

After a year of service, a new man joined our house. He was very reserved at the beginning. But this man turned my entire world upside down. I wished that I never had ever met him in my life, but that is not an option. I have to face my life the way it is and pay my sins for being born as a girl.

This man is apparently my so called biological father. He has raped my biological mother and his own sons. And now he is trying to do the same thing to me after he found out that I'm his daughter. I didn't mind filling his desires as it's my job, but things were not like that. He was literally eating my brain. He tortured me mentally and not physically. I couln't believe that I was born to father like him. He is a psychopath for sure. He loved to hurt other's feelings, not just mine, but also his inmates and other girls. His words are like daggers sending through the heart and all the inmates started to hate him from the day he opened the mouth. According to the history department people, some of his actions are more like Hitlers. But they say Hitler is far better than him.

As soon as he was rejected by everyone in the island, he started to share the little secret we had in common. My so-called father went around saying that I'm his daughter. It was so embarrassing to me and it hurts me a lot to be rejected socially. Fortunately, people understood the pain I went through.

Then came the day of my terror filled night. It's a nightmare which I don't want to even think of. A man entered the girls dormitory. He started to slash girls filled with anger. It appears to be that he was not satisfied that day. The scream of the girl echoed through the air waking all the people in the house and the rest of the houses. The peace was broken and anger filled in the eyes of the people.

A monster has entered the dormitory. His eyes are filled with cold like his soul and heart. The air around was cold too which made us shiver more. There was no option left but only one choice for the entire islanders. It may be Christmas Eve, but no one can watch do his fiend act. Even through the plight situation all the inmates got together forgetting their past and aimed for one thing. And that was to get rid of the man who has become a monster.

I watched them tie my father up and take him to the torture room. He was tied to a pole and they ripped all the clothes up. They started to slash him with a whip asking whether he feels the pain he gave to the girl in the middle of the night. I couldn't bear up the sight. After all, he is my father! I cuddled in a corner and cried, unable to watch how they torture him to death. But this is his punishment for hurting another soul after he was sentenced to death. But, it was a lesson for other inmates as well. They learnt that they can't get rid of the sins they had done after watching how my father died. Everyone grieved thinking about their actions, but it's not retrievable. The heart of islanders changed from cold to warmth. They started to understand the consequences of their actions and stopped treating us as their puppet dolls. But the loss was too much to bear. I not only lose my father, but also my mother and my brothers because of his actions.

Now I am standing looking at the sea. Tears fall as the memories swim across my head. I find a pebble and throw it into the sea. That's how I want to cast my memories to the end of my head. I want to start a new life and be a good person. I turned around and walk into the house thinking that I'm somehow going to be a person doing all the good deeds.


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