The Fight Between Good and Evil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Our world has much more than our souls to worry about...

There was a time where good and evil were visible to the naked eye

A time where good overcame evil and evil became a minority

But evil has learned to lurk in light without casting any shadows

To possess our bodies and fill us with constant troubles

Good can no longer overcome evil

Good has become the minority

Good has become the last resort

A world filled with so many souls

Good cannot shine bright enough for all

So some must die in order to live on

Evil has become the king

Evil has become the leader

Evil has washed the world in it's dirty water

Now the world is unclean and we are just pawns

Evil...has become me


Submitted: July 24, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Lukaros. All rights reserved.

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J. Edgar Cooper

A really good poem here my friend. I like the fact that you talk about good vs evil because it’s one of those topics that is always interesting and one I think that has always been at the core of humanity for such a long time. I like how you start this piece of by saying that ‘There was a time where good and evil were visible to the naked eye.’ Maybe it’s the case that it was easier to spot good and evil many years ago, that these traits were once visible to the naked eye and could be distinguished from each other. I think now though, as time has progressed and as the world seems to have gotten a much colder place, it’s even harder to identify what is really good and what is really evil anymore. I don’t mean that we aren’t able to fully identify what is good and what is bad in this world still, for example a serial killer is someone who we can easily define as evil because they kill others and we can define someone as good because they help those in need… But as you say, it does seem to be much harder, particularly when as you mentioned that ‘Evil has learned to lurk in the light without casting any shadows.” It’s quite a scary thought to be honest, the fact that evil has manifested itself in such a way. I wish that it could be true, that goodness could eradicate all the evil in this world and leave only goodness to forever flourish, but as you mentioned earlier in your piece ‘Good can no longer overcome evil.’ It certainly is depressing to read and hear about the evil that exists in the world and how depraved and malicious some people are, it seems that unfortunately evil will always exist so long as there are evil people to create it. I think that everyone has the ability to be good, but a lot of people simply choose to be evil instead, whether it’s because it’s easier for them or whether they just prefer evil over goodness I’ll never fully know. What really caught my eye and what I thought was a great line was ‘Good has become the minority.’ Absolutely my friend! Goodness does seem to have become a minority nowadays. It’s a trait that many people might see as strange or unusual because they’re just so used to hearing evil things that are rife in the world. Goodness does also ‘Seem to have become the last resort.’ Many people now just don’t seem to care for goodness, I guess that evil is far more profitable than goodness. I also like how you personify the concept of evil, the fact that ‘Evil has become king, Evil has become the leader.’ It shows that evil has infected that which was once good and has now sealed its place firmly in society. What I also really liked was when you wrote how ‘Evil has washed the world in its dirty water,’ because you’re absolutely right! Evil certainly has washed the world in its dark and devilish waters. What are we to do to combat this evil? I guess that we just have to try our best to spread goodness the very best that we can. We must never let evil take over our being. Although we see evil around us, we must continue to do good so that at least there is some light in this dark world. Sometimes when you see all the evil in the world and when you try to do good in this world, I think you question whether it’s all really worth it… But to be evil like others in the world simply won’t help matters. You cannot be something that you’re not and if you’re used to being good, it’s hard to have evil in your heart. We must try however hard it may be. A really good piece my friend, such a superb job and a great topic to talk about! Take great care and please keep up the fab work! Have a great day my friend. :)

Fri, July 24th, 2015 7:52pm


I truly want to thank you for the effort you put into reading my work and also give such positive feedback to me, I really appreciate it. I was worried nobody would capture my concept but you instantly understood what I was writing. I'm very grateful my friend and I'll check out your work in return

Fri, July 24th, 2015 2:08pm

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