Second Grade Blues

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this is dedicated to my missing love, Kristina. I love you, Kristina. P.S.- This is a TRUE story!

Submitted: November 12, 2009

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Submitted: November 12, 2009



Second Grade Blues
By Luke Kingsbury

We were best friends in second grade,
The best year of my life.
We planned to be together forever;
Me to be your husband, you to be my wife.

But you kept a very dark secret,
One oh so scary and sad.
Like a Skeleton in your closet,
A secret that made you mad.

Then one day in Art class,
While we colored in our pictures,
You said you were abused as a child,
And about your current fixtures.

But, just like a star, you shined on.
You were a happy little girl.
We were like family, friends together forever.
But Destiny wanted to take us for a twirl.

You were adopted, snatched up like flowers,
And you moved far away from me.
I cried, and cried, and cried ‘till nothing came out.
I wanted you close, but I needed you free.

And after six years of searching,
I found your new last name.
A ray of light had opened in my mind
Like a young child’s in the light of fame.

But they won’t let us talk,
They separate us like the Berlin Wall.
I wanted to see you, hear you, know you were O.K.,
But your new parents made me fall.

You were my second grade love,
My first so pure and true.
But now that we can’t see each other,
I write the Second Grade Blues.

I miss you, Kristina.

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