The Burning by Luke L

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A short story about racism.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Me and my friends
Carrying heavy canisters
Joking and shoving as children do
Coming to get those flag burners

I uncorked the lighter fluid
And drenched it all over
Marking the house like a male cat in heat paints a neighbourhood
Giggling at the fools inside
"Those towel-heads won't know what the fuck is coming, Josh"

I lit that match
The flame like that which appears on a candle tip
Lit up my impish smile
I threw the match and we all ran to the bushes
"Shut the fuck up we don't want to get caught!"

It was incredible how quickly that flame travelled
Like a crotchrocket burning rubber on an empty highway at night
And the house was engulfed
The roof, the walls, the lawn
Even that queer red flag with the crescent moon and the star

The building cracking and slowly breaking
I could hear the screams of terror
From an old woman and a little girl
Then I saw the little girl burning in the window
That image will be tattooed in my mind forever

I heard her crying for a moment
I was frozen as if locked in the Medusa's gaze
The she was silent as a ghost
Disappeared after if she never was here

My friends ran terrified
Not for those inside, but for their own hides I'm sure
It was at that moment I grew up
I aged fifteen years on that spot
I became a man

I was no longer the child who could cruely burn ants in the sun
I was no longer the child who would kill cats just to open them up and see what was inside

I broke out into tears and started bawling like a baby
I heard a man inside and his wife yelling out for help
And then something inside me snapped

In a rush of unadulterated adrenaline I ran through their broken door
I felt no heat though I had entered hell when I thought back on it
I snarled psyching myself into it fighting off a moment of weakness
And pummeled my way through that door set afire
Where the cries for help were coming from

I broke the door and splintered my arms and my chest
The husband and wife in each other arms in terror looked at me in disbelief and

"Lets go NOW!"
Without words they followed the path I lead them on
Coughing and gagging on the thick dark gray clouds charcoaling their lungs

The firetruck sirens blared in the distance
And a crowd had gathered with looks of fear and a little curiousity at the burning house

My emotion and physical pain caught up with me then
Like a thousand whips lashing into my flesh
I bawled like a baby that had just been born
And through the sobs I mustered
"I burned your house down"
To the husband and wife

"You murdered my child!
You killed my baby!
My baby is dead because of you
I will never forgive you, you murderer!"
The wife yelled at me with a demonic vengeance and pure anger that I had never seen before

Her husband tried to hold her back
But she overpowered him
And started hitting me
I did not defend myself and the next thing I know I woke up
In a hospital bed

© Copyright 2018 Luke L. All rights reserved.

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