silence in the heart of yours

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i was bored ^_^

Submitted: June 08, 2008

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Submitted: June 08, 2008



silence breaks the tension of the two sitting alone in the room

screaming out in pain my insides wait for words that should have been said

stories that should have been told

lies that should unfold

nothing happens as i sitting silence fills the room

my spirt slowly fills with gloom as the frown pushes my emotional expression down

screaming in her heart for me to hold catch her before she falls

i make no action at all

falling in the air she keeps all those tears locked away

saving them for the pain that is soon to come

i am lost in my thoughts as i miss her fall i here the screams from inside

silence from her heart tears us apart nothing can change what will happen next

as the stories will never be told and lies never unfold she falls

slowly away as i turn to see my teeth growing

i catch her in my arms and bite hard as she slowly dies with silence in her heart

we are now one and will never be apart...

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