Jeff and Cindy

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A true story of what a REAL friend can mean

Submitted: April 10, 2014

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Submitted: April 10, 2014



I hope that you've had real friends or at least one. Everyone has had a friends but are you close to all of them as you once were? It's often not possible. I've been blessed to have had REAL friends. This story involves 2 special people and a camper! Intreauged yet?

my goal is to be as positive as possible in my writings but in this case the negative back story is nesecery for the whole picture to emerge.

I once had a friend, we'd shared many an adventure the kind that bond people for life (snort) or so I thought. I pose you a question: if you weren't happy with your life in your currant situation, and your best friend calls you up and offers you a new start 1000 miles from where you are currently not happy, what would you do? I suppose you can guess what I did. I left behind my friends my family and 2 jobs and what I THOUGHT were all my problems behind and moved from the Deep South to northern Wisconsin where my life was gonna be perfect!.... I'm sure your familiar with the phrase " if it sounds to good to be true" now you have probably discerned that I was ignoring this time tested peace of wisdom. ( I would LIKE to be able to say I'd never heard it before so I don't seem quite so dumb but...) 

Everything my "friend" told me was a lie, the job didn't exist. My own place was on the living room floor of a 1 bedroom apt shared by my "friend" and his new bride, and sharing a apartment with newlyweds....anyway oh and did I mention I helped pay the bills and by help I mean 90% of them.

but I roughed it out I found a job saved a little money...and totaled my car. Remember earlier when I didn't wanna seem dumb wellll.. If you haven't decided on my intelligence yet..yep I get dumber, my mother DROVE 1000 miles to bring me home, yep you read that right that's how awesome my mom is.. AND I STAYED!!! "We the jury find that the narrator is not mentally competent to make any of his own decisions"

Let's sum up shall we? No car. No job. No money. But my best friend would have my back right? Right? Within one hour of realizing I was out of money I was homeless. No where to go but the shattered remains my car.

Now back to happy and inspirational. Before I hit rock bottom there was a man who tried to befriend me, but my "friends" warned me not to trust him. His name is Jeff and no matter how hard he tried to be nice to me I always blew him off, he even offered me a job early In this adventure. Sounds like a real shady character right?

when you've hit rock bottom, when you've been hurt and betrayed, distrust becomes your binky. You embrace and rely on it as your only friend, so when Jeff offered me a job a second time I took the offer..BUT I was watching him like a hawk. He didn't know I was homeless but he did know I was carless so he offered to pick me up for work. (Something fishy about this guy right?!) I would wait outside my ex-best friends apartment so he didn't know how bad off I was. Hey I may have been homeless and paranoid but I had my pride! ( yes I'm aware of how pathetic my sence of pride was) every morning he was there STILL BEING NICE! This guy can't be for real! But he never changed! I found myself talking nonstop and no matter how dumb or rambling I was (I can and did quote entire Bill Cosby albums) he always listened and was kept being nice to me!

I was sleeping in a wrecked honda civic which let me tell you is not conducive to a good nights rest, and physically taking its tole, Jeff noticed. One day after work he was dropping me off at my phony address he said he had something to ask me. ( AHA!! HERE IT COMES! I KNEW THE NICE ACT WAS PHONY!!  Screamed the dumb part of my brain) Jeff had a camper behind his house did want to start sleeping there? Oh and he would run cable to it.........and there was no catch I had a TRUE friend this whole time but had let my past blind me.

my whole life changed because of a REAL friend. Jeff and his wife Cindy basicly adopted me got me back on my feet and didn't expect one thing in return.

its been almost 8 since they came Into my life but what Jeff and Cindy did for me shaped my outlook and attitudes to this day.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would've become without they're friendship... But I'm glad I don't have to find out!


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