Wolf's Barn

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A short story I've been writing while taking a brake from my novel. I don't know if I should finish it or not? Can you give me some feedback please people. ;)

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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Submitted: April 29, 2012



It was the middle of spring and I, Gavin, Harry, Mark and Malcome were hanging out in Gavin's farm. Beside his chicken farm was a long bumpy and allways damp trail leading off into the horizon. To us kids it was like a road to adventure! This day when we sat on our bikes riding over jumps and skidding along the concrete we kept looking over at the road and off into the distance at where it might lead. Occasionally we'd stop for a moment and look at eachother, hoping to see a glint of an Idea about the road spring up in their eyes. It never did.

Gavin and I sat down together by a rancid dead rodent of some kind, un-recegnisable now. Gavin poked it with a stick and pushed it down into the dyke in front of us. It slid without stopping and plopped into the stagnant water. A few bubbles rised up and then it was gone. He threw the stick in too. Then layed back with his elbows on the grass. He gazed mindlessly out at the horizion. His eyes furiously darting along it, hoping maybe to see a tiny dot that could mean something is out there.

"Luke?" Gavin said "where do you rekon it leads?". A question I had asked myself over and over yet came to no conclusion in my mind, this time his question seemed different to the one I had been asking myself and I was able to reason a probable conclusion. "Maybe it's another way onto the bypass?" I shrugged once the words left my mouth. "hmm" He replied. Thinking about the possability.

We all wanted to go and have a look. Gavin's dad was out for the day which left us alone. There would be no one to tell us we couldn't. Dispite the reasons though, none of us ever brought up the Idea. It was strage really. Something about the road sparked our curiosity yet something stopped us from voicing our oppinions. Like there was some kind of fear about talking about it. As if just mentioning it in a light conversation would kill us.

The day grew old fast and the light dimmed quickly. All of us were tiard and wanted to go home. So we sat down in Gavin's Living room and had some food. His french doors look out at the garden and through the gap in the hedge we could see the road. They were all looking up now ang again, as was I. It seemed safer inside with it out there. Course for us as children it was still scary to think about. Being safer inside gave me courage though and I opened my mouth to speak.

"We've all been wondering whats down there, why don't we just go?" The words seemed vacant, as if someone else had said them. Gaving looked on edge, he looked arround at the other hoping for some reasurance about his dicision. Mark and Malcome looked at eachother, talking through their eyes they came to their decision. "we will, but I'm not going on my own." Mark said. "yeah, what about you lot?" Malcome added. "I'll go with you if gavin and Harry will" I nuged Harry's arm. Pushing his decision. "fine" He said in a cooled manor as if he didn't care or wasnt scared. "just... fine?" Gavin said. He looked at harry puzzled. "yeah" He replied, keeping that sence of cool about him. I looked at gavin, just as confused as I was. "well" I said jesturing my hand. "well... okay" He said shrugging.

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