A Perilous Clanger - Preview

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It’s 1972, and Enswane is experiencing a massive freak storm. First the heavy thrust of winds tearing fences from the gardens and then the downpours of rain, thunder & lightning, hail and shudders. For three entire days it continues and then out from nowhere a mysterious mist approaches, and people start to go missing. Carla Banks; a local, is the only known survivor, although she too is taken by the mists. 35 years later the same freak storm approaches Loxmereshire, and when Lucas is taken along with friend Joshua and his mother Cassandra, they soon find themselves in a carnival where they discover the mists aren’t all that it seems.

Meanwhile; a devious, immoral elderly woman called Valerie Blamett is in search for her revenge and Lucas is told a mysterious woman is in search for him. Can Lucas stop her before she claims her victory? Can he save everyone that remains trapped in a timeless void? Can he successfully reverse time to save humanity? And who is this woman who claims to know him?

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Valerie Blamett stared across the room, her green eyes flickering relentlessly. “You shall be my prisoners for the night, after that you’ll be my servants!’ she said slamming the heavy book she held down onto the table. She turned to face Luke, stood in the small, cold cell. “I will abide your pity no more, if you do not wish to obey, your friend shall perish!”

“You can’t do this!” Luke yelled, fury raged in his eyes. Valerie laughed.

“But I can, because I am influential, I have more power than you! And you will obey”

That was the last thing she said, before twisting back to the door.

“You can’t do this!” Luke yelled once more, before the room was forced into darkness. Max still sat there on the steel bench, just a child, and Luke knew he was going to die if he didn’t free Valerie from her torment, he knew that if he didn’t save Valerie from the burning hell, Max would fell the flames upon his skin and there would be nothing Luke could do to stop her.

“I’ve got to choose to save humanity;’ Luke was distraught, “But you’re just ten-years-old!” Max looked at him sorrowfully. Luke sat down opposite looking at Max. Could he really sacrifice a child to save humanity? Find Out In March... Coming Soon!

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