Preview - A Perilous Clanger

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Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




Darkness; that was all he could see, just a pitch of blackness which filled the area he sat. It wasn’t like he knew where he was, but something told him as he tried to move, he was trapped in an underground base, why else would it be so murky and dark? And with a strong smell burning of charcoal?

Lucas could hear a drip of water, a quiet drip pulling his awareness to the right. Yes, he was sure that, that was what it was; making the sounds, positive it was just water dripping slowly onto the footpaths that he laid, but water didn’t just suddenly stop and reoccur closer every time it dripped, did it? It alternated from right, to left, getting louder, nearer; nearer and louder, second by second, breathe by breathe, until...

A loud heavy moan, a creature, a shadow, it followed him through narrow tunnels as Lucas plunged from the grounds, dashing along the footpath. He didn’t turn to see if it was there, he mind was too focused on trying to hide, trying to find somewhere safe, just to escape it.

He gasped for air.

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