Westwood Federation Part 2 War with the dwarves!

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A funny tale bout a fight with the nursery kids

Submitted: July 12, 2007

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Submitted: July 12, 2007



It was a chilly morning at Westwood school. No one could understand why, after allthey did live in Botswana. Still all the secondary students and teachers were feeling rather cold. well not all the teachers, unknown to all the students, some of teachers were trained for this kind of conditions. For deep under the school lied an entire base that formed the headquarters for the Westwood federation.

Unlike real soldiers, the Westwood teachers were trained in the art of school warfare one of them being nursery school kids, for today was the day their training would be tested once again. The day the nursery kids get to wear international clothes. The home teachers had all asked for leave on this day purposelyto avoid the war.This to the normal intelligent person would sound really stupid, but not to the federation. This was alife or death situation and they were not prepared to show any mercy.

Well getting suited up, Mr trigonometry man burst into tears while looking at a picture of his wife and kids, this could be the last time he would ever see them. The other teachers reassured him that he was doing the right thing and that a few teachers were ever lost in the war. Mr punctuation manwalkedinto the class and with a loud high pitch voice shouted "HAS EVERY ONE SUITED UP'' They all shouted back ''Yes Sir'' and with this theheroes were teleported to the childrens playground.

The heroes were met by all the primaryStaff who had stationed on the jungle gyms in the shape of a fort. The primarycaptain informed the heroes that they were about to have break in 10 minutes. Mr cool cat started talking to mrPunctuation man and was immediately back handed for talking about web authoring to a higher officer. Mr Trigonometry decided to take one final look at the school that he had learnt to love...he thenlifted his baseball bat up and shouted ''Glory to the federation'' and with this all the teachers repeated what he said and lifted up their baseball bats. With this the bell of judgment rang and an army of merciless beasts burst threw the windows and door straight for the fort.

The first line ofstaff were janitors, thoughstrongthey were outnumbered and quickly dissapeared among the stampede. Once o nthe ramp their numbers minimized down, however this only helped the teachers a tad, for with every two kids they took out, four took their place. Soon the primary teachers were minimized down to half and a even worse problem was present. Beneath the fort were columns thats with a bit of force could destroy the entire foundation there by bringing the entire fort to ruins. Unfortunately by the time the federation had thought of that the kids had just about destroyed it. It was about time Mr Bulk of fury was put to the test. With that he lay on the floor and the entire federation had to kick him until he started rolling. Once he did he didnt stop.

The kids called the retreat but their forces were too unorganized and almost the entire army was destroyed and trampled over. With this the federation ordered their entire army to charge and take down what was left. Kids were flying in the air, Parents watched in horror as Mr Bulk rolled in their direction. No one understands why the parentsdidnt help their kids but that is completely off the topic.The school staff cheered after the entire army was destroyed except one teacher. captain Buff or else know to the federation as captain dick. ''WHAT HAVE YOU IDIOTS DONE'' he shouted with horror in his face. ''We destroyed the army, no thanks are neccesary'' said Mr.Punctuation proudly. As they were busy telaporting away they heard screaming such as ''OH MY GOD'' and''CALL 911!!!''

The teachers returned to their classes but something was wrong, the secondary students hadnt done their homework! War was imminent.

Until next time (keep a look out for the next episode)

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