Just an Angel.

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Don't read if you don't care to know my personal experiences. And if you don't like death a bit of gore I suppose. A memoir of my mother, and how she died.

Submitted: December 24, 2008

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Submitted: December 24, 2008



Her fingers run over the black and white keys like water does over rocks of a river, the music so filling and soothing. Something to send you daydreaming, as if you were floating on puffs of clouds holding hands with an angel. Maybe she was an angel, come down to teach me something, to make me something special. I like to believe so... She always had a candle burning on the piano, it was like an obession of hers. The house always smelled like Pine or cookies. Sometimes maybe both, depends on how she felt. I remember how she so often tucked me to bed and sat at the side of the bed smiling at my closed eyes. Stroking my hair and telling me how special I am. I remember her kiss on my cheek, and how we would cuddle in my bed, how her hand was so much bigger than mine, and how her feet always stuck out of my blanket.

My mother and I often went to church together and prayed for the best, to thank the good lord and to let him know we love him, as he loves us. Sometimes in my life I felt that he let me down, but i've always kept my spirits high, I always believed it was just him doing the best for me, he knows that I can live through it, and I have. It has made me one of the best people in world, atleast I believe. Even though we all have problems, I did too. It was horrible, but I know. Shes stil here, and still tucking me to bed and playing for me at night. Still singing to me when I sleep, still cooking cookies with me on Christmas Eve. I know she dreams just like I do, of holding me close and kissing me.

One thing always haunts me though, I dream of it so often like Satan is trying to get to me. But im in god's hands, he won't take me.


"Annie, deary, Grab your jacket lets go" Mum said, grasping her purse and keys. Leading me out the door, and to the car. Starting it "Where are we going?"

"To go visit your father" She smiled making sure I buckle my seat belt. She started the car and headed off. Just like an average ride.

We arrived to a cross roads, we had the green. But it wasn't until after we realized some one had hit us. The car was tumbling over, my head cramped in the pressured metal, and glass slicing my arms, I cried. I could see out of the side of my eye blood, covering the window. I shut my eyes and breathed hard, as pain covered my body. The car came to a stop and an ambulance already was on its way. I could hear them. I unbucked my seat belt and fell onto the door, the car was on its side, I didn't dare open my eyes, the blood scared me, I didn't want to see what happened. "Mommy..."

There was no voice back, not even a shuffle. Tears formed in my eye and there was a voice on the outside "Hey Kid! you okay?!?!" A man reached through the broken sun roof and touched me, I jumped and banged my head on the roof. "Come on kid, through here" He grasped my arm and pulled me up through it. The Ambulance parked and grabbed me as I finally opened my eyes. My handswere covered in blood and my arms had bits of glass shoved in them. They pulled out the remains of my mother, I turned, not to look. As some men where discussing "The air bag didn't dispurse.."

The next moment I remembered was I was in the hospital, I was all bandaged up, and thats when they let me walk around. I was to go home soon, for my injurys were minor, A casual broken arm and some damage to my body. But I had an Airbag, it saved me a lot of pain. They told me what happened to my mother, her neck broke and part of the car that was hit peirced her thigh and she bled, as well as other parts of her body.

I was blessed she died quickly instead of slow and painfully. I actually thanked god, I would rather it be quick than slow and painful. Even though the thought of her dead made me cry so heavly.


That is what happened, that is what I remember. That is what I see when I sleep. What is it your trying to do to me good lord?

Go out and make others happy, tell them how good their life is. And make sure that Im there for others as others weren't here for me. To tell people how possible it is to continue to live, to tell people how much I love them. Just like my mother did me, to hold people and kiss them. To let them know how special they are. To tell them how they can become what they want, how no one is stopping you. How you can do anything you want, this sort of thing. Opens people's mind to the possible. Lets the people roam free, until then they are embraced in this little chain that makes them believe their life is horrible and they cannot do anything. It takes pain and experience to be wise. It takes devotion and a want to be what you want. It takes a little more than just a person to help. It takes a friend.

My mother was my friend, my love, my heart, my soul. My savior. It was like she gave herself up for me. Now that I think of it..I was barely harmed yet she died. It could of been me, maybe she was An angel. Here to protect me, to teach me what life really is.

I thank her for it.

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