the great wave

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the great wave is a historic moment told from a different set of eyes

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011




The Great Wave



 A desolate, deserted world around me. After weeks and weeks of hiding I come out only to find nothing, no laughter, no music, no people, no animals, just ruins. Suddenly I raced down to the beach as fast as my four paws could take me and I saw our spot empty. I raced where her house had been but everything was gone. I then began to think back, back to the day of the great wave.

It was a Saturday, I was ecstatic because Saturdays were mine and Linny's day we would run to the beach together and find our special spot, not too near to the busy, loud sound of traffic but not too close to the water for Linny knew I was afraid of water. Linny's mother would usually sit near us and watch tentatively checking Linny wouldn’t burn on hot days and calling her over if it was getting cold. She would shout “Mao Lin you absurd child it is too cold to be outside, if you aren’t going to come with me inside then at least wear a jumper”

But Linny would never do what she was told. Instead she would run around the beach playing games with me or whisper in my ear secrets because she knew I wouldn’t tell anyone. We were best friends she was my girl and I was her kitten.

But today felt different, I could feel that something was about to happen but what, Linny was exactly the same 7yr old girl I loved and we were doing exactly the same stuff but something was wrong, something around me, it was telling me to run.  Linny then sat down on the fresh sand and smiled at me I always made her smile. She then began to make a sandcastle but not a normal sandcastle a sand palace for me and her to live in she said “that there would be a unlimited amount of toys for her to play with and a unlimited amount of mice for me to play with and a big bed where we could snuggle up together each night. I knew that this was only one of her imaginary games but the way she described it was so real that it felt as if it was true. She danced around on the sand pretending that she was Princess Peach and she was dancing in a beautiful dress at a ball and I sat there and purred. It was perfect a perfect day and a perfect life and I felt like I was the luckiest cat in the world.

Suddenly the ground began to shake and people started to scream I knew what it was it was - an earthquake. We had, had loads. In a earthquake you were meant to get under a

table and stay there but Linny’s mother instead came rushing over to us held us in her arms and sat down. Linny and me were safe in her arms. The earthquake was pretty huge and people were screaming and running around but we just sat there. After it was over Linny's mother kissed her on the head and ran round checking everyone was all right. Linny held me tight and after 15 minutes her mother came back and said it was time to go home and by that time we were both ready. Linny got up brushed the sand of her dress and held her mother’s hand tight I could see the fear in her eyes. But then I looked at her and she smiled her sweet smile.

When all of a sudden birds began to flock, millions and millions of them as if they were running away from something but what? And then I saw it. It was greater then anything else I had ever seen it was racing towards me as if it wanted to swallow me whole. It had a menacing look about it and it was something that is unbelievably unreal.



I then ran. Linny began to run after me but she wasn’t very fast and soon enough I was out of sight up a firm tree clinging on for dear life. Breathless she caught up to me and as I was slipping she pushed me to safety. The next few moments began to pass ever so slowly. The screams, the peoples desperate attempts to run away, prayers being said to God to stop their cruel fate but through all the chaos all I saw was Linny, Her face was more scared and more frightened then I had ever seen it. All I wanted to do was run into her arms and make her smile like I always did but I couldn’t. I was too much of a coward so there I watched Linny, along with hundreds of others, be swept up by the great wave. The faces of mothers as they held their children in their arms knowing that they wouldn’t be able to save them, that they wouldn’t be able to comfort them was haunting but what could I of done. This was something that killed thousands, that swept away my whole world and I was just a little kitten whose one job, one achievement in life was to make a little girl smile and I was too scared to give up one of my nine lives and be with her at the end.

The next few days passed slowly. I would sit in the tree as the travesty carried on the tsunami had stopped an hour after it began but there were still desperate people looking for their loved ones and tears and trauma. Soldiers would drop down from flying machines and they would make it so windy that my ears and my whiskers would twitch.

The soldiers would get the sad people away from all the drama and go searching themselves and sometimes they had dogs that would growl at my tree and then go sniffing for something.

I wished I could go down and search for Linny but I was too shaken to jump down and I knew that my search would not be rewarded. Linny was swallowed up with her mother into the belly of the beast. I sometimes saw people come more then once but they always left with the same sad expression so I stayed there but gradually I began to get sick from lack of food or water and warmth. Until one day I saw an open door so I gathered all my strength and ran to it. I ate all the food I could find, drank from puddles in the garden and slowly began to regain my health. So one day, a few weeks later I walked out of that house to find all the people gone, all the soldiers gone, everything gone and that’s all I remembered of the great wave. I suddenly felt lonely I had spent the last few hours telling myself the story and before that I was gaining strength or watching peoples searches but now for the first time I felt completely alone. So I sat there on our spot and watched the ocean. I must have looked so small, me, a tiny kitten all alone on that big empty beach. I then realized how that even though I had let Linny down, I had always made her happy and me being there wouldn’t of changed anything. Linny saved me and now she will always live on in my memories as my hero. So I lay in our spot and remembered the good times we shared - the first time she ever got me, our fun Saturdays, the summers were she would go swimming and I would watch her lovingly. The winters where we would snuggle up together as she drank her hot chocolate and I lay on her head almost like a scarf. I was always there for her and she was always there for me. We were best friends so there I lay on the beach forever but I was happy for I died thinking about how she was my girl and I was her kitten.





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