talk show 1

Script by: lulubell


idk..just some psychos on stage i guess..m y name in this is panda.


Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



panda- helloooooooo people!!!!

audience- *silence* one person of the crowd yawns

panda- *runs up to guy with knife in her hand* what'd you say?!?!?!?

dude- AAAAHHHHH!!! NOTHING!!!!!!

panda- *giggle* yah im kidding. the only person i gave rights to kill is... oyashi-chan!!!!

oyashi- *comes crashing through wall with big car and a big drill on it* HHHHIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess what?!?

panda- what?

oyashi- ..........i dont know....i forget things.......


oyashi- oh yah!! i brought gaara-kun!!!


audience- all start shiver and try to sneak away

*giant metal bars fall over all doors and windows except for one door*

panda- i knew this was gonna happen...thats why i set all this up!!!

oyashi- yay! so how many do you think will die today?

panda- i dunno. it varies.

oyashi- yah well anyways, what about the door?

panda- ah, yes good question *walks over to door and opens it a crack* audience, you have two, you can stay and watch the show or.....

oyashi- WAIT!!! I KNOW!! CAN I SAY IT?!?!?!?

panda- are there more than 100 cameras in sasuke's house?

oyashi- uuuhhhh...

panda- yes

oyashi- yay!

panda- now if you will do the honors!

oyashi- dont mind if i do! *walks in panda's place by door. clears throat.* orrr... *flings open door* you can go into a fire room with no exit and cant come out until the show is over! well.. if you make it that far..

*half the audience goes into room. screams are heard.*

oyashi- *slams metal door on man's face* sooooo let's start!!!

panda- ok todays players are...lee, shikamaru, gaara and sasuke-kun!!!

lee- hdan lotus blooms twice!!

oyashi- i like you and all but...we know! get new lines!

shikamaru- what a drag...

oyashi- say that again and i'll DRAG your head across the floor!

*panda and oyashi high five*

panda- kilt! gaara-kun your next!

gaara- why am i here?

oyashi- so we can spend time together! *hugs*

gaara- *blush*

panda- sasuke-kun! i know you didnt leave, because that would break my heart!

sasuke- *walks out slowly*

panda- *hugs sasuke really hard* ok now for the first question! lee, did your parents give you up because your a failure or..bacause your ugly?

lee- what?! neither! th-

panda- next!!!

*old janitor falls from ceiling*

shikamaru- what the?!?

oyashi- man! i told all of them i was practicing hiding bombs on the third floor!!!

panda- those idiots!!

*man has heart attack*

oyashi- well....there goes another one..

panda- eh, he was gonna die sooner or later.

shikamaru- you mean this always happens?!

panda- well yah dont yoiu read?

shikamaru- i dont have time to read.

WARNING: the following script line is so drastic, the very little group of injured producers had to cut it out.

audience- *gasp*

oyashi- wow......

panda- *hypervenilating* well..... *squeezes sasukes hand* let's continue... gaara, for this little shits sake, i suggest you go next.

oyashi- yay gaara! *looks at arms circled around nothing* *anime vein* where is gaara-kun!!!!!!!!

© Copyright 2017 lulubell. All rights reserved.

talk show 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



idk..just some psychos on stage i guess..m y name in this is panda.
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