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This is my first post, it is an idea for a longer story. These are the first few pages. It is my first story where I wanted the readers to dislike the main character. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013




“Vipers, the coolest species out there, that I know of at least.  Super speed and strength, beauty beyond any other, and eyes that could make anyone drop dead in their tracks, what’s not to love?” I told the reporter. “What do you think of the Lehomes?” He asked with a curious look on his face.” Lehomes, don’t even get me started on them. They are poor and weak; they don’t even deserve to live in the same country as us! All they do is work, work, work, no fun at all!” I could hear my voice rising, I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. I quickly gave an apologetic look, or I hope it was apologetic, and told him,” Even though you’re Lehome, you’re cool, and you have connections.” I hope he understood what I meant. God, I look like an idiot.  Someone of my royal stature shouldn’t be acting this way, I know I am dishonoring my family. “Anything else?” “ You can be on your way” I said with a quick wave of the hand. He quickly got up and walked out. I should get changed for Haley’s party. I ran out of the room, navigating the hundreds of hallways, soon I got lost. I had to ask some of the guards to direct me out. “Thank you, sir.” I told him as I headed down the hallway he had shown me. Soon I heard another set of footsteps; I sped up, hoping they wouldn’t find me. I turned the corner and ran into,” Vanier!” “Terra!” He yelled back sarcastically. “Yes I know my own sister’s name. I’m glad you know my name, we’ve known each other for sixteen years!” He gave me his classic smirk.” I just…. What are you doing here?” “I was doing the same thing you were. Grandpa was a smart man for getting the opinion of almost everyone in the country. We can find out what we can fix.” “Let’s go.” I quickly walked out.” I’m going to be late for Haley’s party.”


“ I think Grandpa should give up his position as king and give it to Father. I think Grandpa’s a stupid man for letting Lehomes have so many rights. Vipers should be superior; I mean we are the rarest species.” I told Vanier as I was finding an outfit for the party. Vanier gave me the most evil look I have ever seen. Being a funny guy, I didn’t even think he could muster up a look that cruel. “Don’t even talk about Grandpa that way. He is the smartest man you will ever know. Look at Gle’thd, our beautiful country, it is peaceful.  It is all we need. Do you see war? Do you see poverty? No! I don’t see it! You shouldn’t even talk that way! Things could be so much worse! All you do is complain!” He broke down in tears, right in front of me. My mouth was open in shock; he was always such a happy guy. I never saw him mad, but he always held back his emotions, like a dam cracking under the pressure and all the water pouring out. It was pouring out rage, tears, frustration, and so many other emotions. I went over to pat his back,” You’re going to be late for the party. Get cleaned up.” “All you care about are your stupid parties. There are more things to life than parties. You need to open you your eyes; the Veil of the Viper has covered your eyes, like a blindfold. Get your act together.” He quickly stormed out of my room.


“You have 1 new message.” my phone rang. It’s probably Haley. Now that I think about it, Haley is the only Viper with a normal name. Hmm…. “You have 1 new message.”  I picked up my phone.

Hey you wanna head to the mall?

I had to go to the mall anyway to get my done nails and my outfit, why not?

Sure, I gotta go anyway.

See you there.

The fight still imprinted in my head, I stormed off to find my Dad. He always knew what to do because him and I are so alike, its kind scary. I found him eating, as usual. “Hey Daddy, I wanted to let you know I’m going to the mall with Haley.” It took him several minutes to answer, trying to swallow all the food stuffed in his mouth. ”That’s fine; just don’t talk to any Lehomes while you are there. You can use powers while you are there, mess with their heads. Make me proud.” He had a grin so big; I swear his mouth would stretch off his face. “Love you Daddy.”


Strolling through the mall always made me feel fell so rich. I already was rich, the royal family and all, but I felt overpowered at the mall. Everyone avoiding my gaze, knowing that if we made eye contact they would stop dead in their tracks and fall over and if I wanted, make them see their nightmares. “Why should Vipers take control over us? Lehomes are the backbone of this country! Vipers are just useless sprinkles on top!” A loud cheer of a crowd followed. As soon as I heard that last statement, I bolted to where it was coming from. I found a girl wearing an ugly sweater with short brown hair, unlike the long flowing hairstyle that is fashionable right now. You could tell she was a rebel.

“Vipers killed my family and my dreams! Now I am forced to work just because I was born in a Lehome family! It is unfair to work all day, I feel like a slave!” she yelled. “You aren’t a slave!” I yelled.” But I can make you one if you really want it!” She looked surprised, but I knew she wouldn’t back down that easy.” Hello princess, are you mad because I’m not following the latest trends? Are you mad because I’m a Lehome speaking my mind? Well speak to your Grandfather about that one; he let us speak our mind. We have rights too!” I looked over to Haley, trying to get her to say something.” You’ve been beat; don’t even try to say anything back.” I knew I should’ve gone up and hit her or something but something held me back. I looked at her up and down again and I saw what held me back. Attached to her belt were two kitchen knives. She learned not to trust anyone after the attack of her parents I guess. I was so steamed all I could do was walk away.


I finally found what I came to the mall for, I got the tightest fitting dress possible and my nails painted blue, to match my eyes. “You look great.” Haley said. I knew it was a lie, but I smiled anyway. As soon as we stepped into the party, everyone screamed. “Princess! I love you!” “Chill out guys, I’m a person just like you. Just I’m more awesome.” All the guys started asking for my number, which got me evil stares from the girls who just praised me like I was a goddess. They are so bipolar. I thought, wondering what I did. We danced and partied all night. Everything was perfect. Something was nagging at me. That girl back in the mall was in the back of my mind. She’s one brave chick. I’ll get her back somehow.

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