The Gaze of the Angels

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This is a tribute to one of the most horrifying creatures in all of fiction: the Weeping Angels. Hopefully, that picture won't kill anyone reading, because any picture of an angel....

Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Submitted: July 09, 2013



The Gaze of the Angels

How lonely you all are.

Feigning sadness, and remorse.

 How you all love that trick.

Letting time run its course.

You are not what you appear.

You are not what they say.

You are monsters, demons.

Creatures of the day.

You hide your sorrow.

You fake sadness, fake grief.

Until it is time to strike.

You are life’s greatest thief.

All beings fear you.

And why not? They have that right.

You are ancient, old.

Torturing the universe with cold might.

Yes, that’s what you are.

Cold. Heartless. Stone.

Because when you finally bare your fangs,

You strip flesh, blood, and bone.

No one knows much about you.

You all take humor in that truth.

You need no logic, no reasoning.

No explanation. No proof.

You simply exist to feed.

Your presence, ever seeping.

Lonely predators of the cosmos.

 Is that why you are weeping?

But that is the game, no?

This act you all follow.

You have no emotions, no feeling.

Even your smile is hollow.

Such deadly beings.

 As if, from a fable.

But your horror is all too real.

You wait for the time of the angels.

Creatures of beauty and brutality.

You are the missing link.

But we’ll never know, now will we?

Because all it takes is one blink.





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