Through the Eyes of Dundy

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I watched "Pan's Labyrinth"....and this happened. Apologies for any forced rhyming.

Submitted: July 03, 2013

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Submitted: July 03, 2013



Through the Eyes of Dundy

Come along little children.

Gather round and see.

You don’t want to miss it children.

It’s your old friend.


You remember him, yes?

That old fable tale.

This is no lie, no jest!

Listen firm, and listen well.

Deep in the woods

Faraway from your eyes.

Where the shadows claim the land.

Hear the moans and the cries.

There dwells a beast.

One too ugly to portray.

Hear the screams of his feast.

At the dawn of the day.

No one knows what he looks like.

No one’s come back alive.

They say he’s a thin man, with crooked teeth.

No hair.

No eyes.

His fingers hook your throat

And he guts you right there.

Then he crunches your bones.

A living nightmare.

Then he gobbles you up!

No screams, only dread.

Do not call for help.

You are already dead.

Now listen closely now.

Or you’ll miss the best part!

Hear the woeful tale

Of poor Kelly Hart.

Naughty, naughty Kelly.

She didn’t listen, didn’t know.

And she ran to the woods.

 Dundy watched her so.

She saw there, some flowers.

Red, ripe, and prim.

She gasped at their beauty.

And then she saw him.

She wanted to run.

Trust me, she did!

But the flowers…so pretty….

Then the vines slid.

They coiled around her.

Bound her up nice and tight.

Kelly stood there, mesmerized.

All the way till night.

At once, Kelly shook.

She struggled and squirmed.

Dundy came closer.

His tongue made of worms.

And poor Kelly Hart

She gave one last shriek.

Then Dundy bit her.

And she became his treat.

So now you know, children.

The story that I tell.

The story of Dundy

And his poisonous spell.

Naughty children get sent

To that forest under the sun.

When they try to repent

Dundy will come.

They will see the red flowers.

They will feel no pain.

And then they will scream.

As Dundy slurps up their brains.

So behave now, children.

He will watch. He will see.

Have you been good?

Or will you meet Dundy?

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