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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic


FILOSOPHIZING{ filos (greek) = friend}

It’s interesting when someone is opening his/her heart even thru the digital world.
But, sometimes there are many examples of the misuse of that thing.
I like the way that some people are using their philosophies and ideas for a purpose. A purpose?... Hmmm… Allow me to correct myself… A certain procedure or number of procedures leading to a particular purpose. A goal or a task to be carried out.
I’m using my philosophies and ideas, in order to be accepted by the majority of the people, whom I choose to interact with. That’s fine.
I’m using other people’s philosophies for a goal, that might be like, for acceptance, cool-iness, or a quick fuck. That’s not fine…
It’s easy with the means that are being offered, to find equal partners, for spending some good time with them.
It’s easy.
There are many ways to accomplish that thing. By posting to their profile, for example, a song that you think is similar to their taste. Oh, that was really sweet… Yes, you’ve found a great Peter Murphy song or any other famous artist or band, and you’re posting it, to show that you’re a REAL poor fellow soul.
How sweet it is! Really!
Oh, you’ve found a quote of Yung, Socrates, Nietzsche, or Malatesta and Bakounin. Wow! That’s awesome!!! Now I’m really groovy. Now the next step is to ask for his/her phone number!
How sweet, and impressive, it really is!!!
In the other hand some may say, that it was your choice for communicating that way, and the other one has to get to know you better. Ok, with that… But its convenient to use other people’s quote, for that purpose…
Again, really?
Using other persons’ wise words just to be accepted and loved???
Using the words of others for the cheapest reason???
How about your ideas???
Are there any???
Its ok, to use quotes and words of others for reminding to the new members that this guy had said that… Its ok to transfer knowledge to those who were unaware of it, up until now.
Its not ok, to pretend that you’re cool, by putting make-up, black trousers, and t-shirt, goth(ing) around, in error, and pretending that you’re someone, depending on other’s quotes.
It’s bad for yourself, because sooner or later, that make-up goes off among “your” ideas.
At the end, if you ask me.
I’m nobody, towards the great men who have lived in the past, and some of them are still living, even underground; literally and metaphoricaly.
I’m an unknown somebody, by the time, I take their ideas and I apply them to my life, in my own way.
One other thing…
I prefer paying, rather than, reducing the values of some ideas, just for a quick fuck…

Submitted: October 05, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Lumina Sector. All rights reserved.

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