NEKRO (v.1.0)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Written in 2007, at Chania (Crete)...

Table of Contents

From Darkness to Light

Alone in the heat of womb the baby, feels, tastes, responds, devours, the feelings, the food of the flesh that carrying it. It grows, the... Read Chapter

The children of the Golden Sun

The summer has already arrived, the sun is hot, school’s out, children playing blithely outside, at the square, at the beach. New ... Read Chapter

Broken bones

I want to get back, back to my cell, back to my security, back to my grave, which you have opened with so much effort. I feel well i... Read Chapter

THE Matador (aka The Artist)

Crowd, screams, voices, panic, nirvana, heartbeats like music instruments under the conduction of maestro of the mass, the arena’s... Read Chapter

Don't look at the mirror

September, the night falls, the summer is almost at its end. “Ah, there goes the summer” Cynthia said to herself, a tall dar... Read Chapter

Petite Tristano - Great City - GOD & LUCIFER

7a.petite Tristano Your name;Terror Your name;Revenge Your name;Inferno Your name;Solitude Your name;Torment Your... Read Chapter

The weakling - Hard fist fuck (aka Inner thoughts)

8a.THE WEAKLING I am a weakling, a good weakling, a humble little dog. I am the best in the work, arguing with no one. I am lovely an... Read Chapter

Strangers in the fright

Tempo: Moderato piu maestoso (Sing along!) Strangers in the fright, embrace your sadness, Escapees from your mind, into ... Read Chapter

Dance monkey, Dance (A b-Movie project)

It’s the year of our Lord 2035. Mankind has been almost extinct, only few survivors populate the Earth. A nuclear war between the ... Read Chapter

Backspace or Delete? - The circus of Misanthropy

11a. BACKSPACE OR DELETE? Traveling on the letters of a QWERTY keyboard: (The Fs mean For) F1 God/ F2 Poles/ F3 Masters/ F4 A... Read Chapter


I want to tell you how much I cry for you I want to tell you how far I go for you You throw the dice of my life You brought s... Read Chapter