The Neo-Greek legacy

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Neo-Greek legacy...

Submitted: February 27, 2010

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Submitted: February 27, 2010



Neo Greek is a hybrid living in the same region like his past and long forgotten (to him) ancestors.
A hybrid searching for his Greek dream, a bad copy of the American one.

His legacy begins at the end of the '70s when with the dawn of the new decade, major changes began to appear in the region. Socialism took over in order to satisfy the German occupation complex, and the revolutionary attitude which date back to the Ottoman Empire occupation. The new decade brought new schematics and a new attitude not to be seen in any other nations. While the new model of life, lead the old traditional Greek life to its decay, the neo Greek went even further, by mixing the revolutionary and disobeying DNA with the mainstream way of living, according to Western standards. Not a real Westerner not even a traditional Middle Eastern, the neo Greek introduced his own way of life by copying flawlessly, East and West.

East as an inheritance from the past (Turkish occupation), and West as the new, the unknown, emulated to neo Greek standards. The outcome in those 20+ years of this emulation, this mixture, have not showed the best of the results (major corruption, lack of adequate education). The neo Greek model succeeded in one thing, to inherit to its believers and followers, the need of success through the use of means not necessarily moral. This Machiavelian theory has conquered this model for many years, and it's in effect and more powerful in these times of crisis.

For example, the neo Greek's ultimate goal is a job in Public Sector, and acquiring this job by using any means necessary, and many times not his qualifications (if any), which are not necessary after all. While a huge anti-American, the neo Greek supports his ideology with the presentation of an intense and false anti conservatism, which i think it has been inplanted subconsciously due to the vast number of occupations from the past. While as I have mentioned before the neo Greek is not aware of his history, only some fragments of it, because of the bad education quality, he announces them according to the circumstance, especially when he's encountering foreigners, just to show his knowledge (if any) and his superiority.

Eventually, the neo Greek has closed his ears to the West (after copying it), he's isolated. He thinks that he's the only one in the region surrounded by noone. That's why he acts childish, and nervously to impulses, coming from everywhere. He has his own way of thinking (if any), his own way of life (the mixed one I wrote above), but in a social community that's not enough to survive, the contrary I would say.

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