Persuasive Essay - INTERNET : Highway to Heaven or Hell

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Persuasive Essay - “ INTERNET : Highway to Heaven or Hell


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Submitted: June 20, 2010

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Submitted: June 20, 2010



Persuasive Essay - “ INTERNET : Highway to Heaven or Hell

As I look around the classroom I see many individuals who enter the virtual world at least once a day. I remember when a few years ago , hardly anybody had an account on a social networking site or a login to an instant messenger. When I was younger, a phone was the quickest way to contact people, but this is no longer the case. Ever since the internet ‘took over’ the world, keeping in touch became so simple. It is even possible to make new friends from all over the world; to pay all the bills and access unlimited information ad that is without leaving the house. Also, surfing the net is like visiting the world’s biggest library. I believe that I could no longer live without it, therefore I am strongly for it, after all, it makes it all so simple.

When the internet was slowly beginning to come into life, it bought a lot of advantages to its users. First of all, it was cheap and anybody could have an easy access to it. It made it possible for people from around the world to contact one another through instant messengers, e-mails, chartrooms, live-web-talks and social networking sites. Examples of today’s modern contacting websites are Bebo, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Sites such as these allow us to create a profile on which its user can post photographs, upcoming events, details about oneself and one’s life. A user of one of these profiles is able to add friends who are kept up to date with the things posted in one’s profile or by exchanged comments. My opinion is that such networks make it simpler to keep in touch with people who are quite far away. These are also useful for building up or keeping old relationships. However, I can see why some people see insecurity in social networking sites : anybody could access information that one posted ( that is as long as a profile is not set to private). The most preferred method of keeping on touch these days, however, is instant messaging. Instant messaging is the most similar to a live conversation as the sent out messages are received instantly, however, unlike similar chartrooms, these chats are private. The most popular instant messenger is MSN and Yahoo, but there are many other ones like ICQ or Gadu Gadu. As internet progressed, it introduced and option of a live-talk which is demonstrated in the popular program Skype. Skype allows a view from web-camera and microphone and when combined it is so realistic that its difficult to decide whether or not the person you are speaking with is in the room or miles away. I myself see nothing dangerous in using these contacting programmes but I can understand that its very likely to come across paedophilia and cyber-bullying when using these. Therefore, the recommended and safest way of contacting in the net is - now the least popular - e-mailing. Moreover, I consider internet to be a highway to heaven rather than to hell is it gave us an irreplaceable gift of quick and cheap contact.

An important aspect of the internet facilities is easy-purchasing. As the internet progressed and got more advanced facilities and possibilities to it, it became possible to make business on it. It is now very simple to sell and purchase various objects through the net with people from all over the world. An advantage to that is that products from all around the globe can be bought that can not always be found in all the countries, therefore, internet was a big improvement in the world-trade as it now allows international exchange. These kinds of easy-trades and auctions can be made on shopping-portals. The most frequently accesses shopping portals are Amazon, EBay and Allegro on which practically anything can be easily purchased. A customer would simply search through the website’s catalogue and select the item of interest after which required information on payment and shipping would need to be filled in in order to receive the item of interest. This method of shopping is preferred by many thanks to its reliability and various discounts. Buying through internet gives the customer many discounts which is an advantage as this kind of cheaper-shopping attracts new customers to try out online-shopping. However, I can easily understand why the majority of people still do not trust internet enough to pay their money for a product that they cannot physically touch or see. In many cases the product received lacks the expected quality or is simply crippled. I must add that their concerns are easy to understand as there can never be a 100% certainty that the item ordered is the actual item getting received, or if the item is going to arrive altogether. It is true that the internet can be a secure and safe for shopping as long as all the shopping is done when having an insurance. An example of the most popular online-shopping insurance is PayPal. I remain assured that internet is a ‘highway to heaven’ rather than to hell as in my opinion all the potential dangers can be easily prevented with precautions.

Even before the internet was invented, people needed access to information they needed in everyday life. The most convenient method of doing research was going to a library - which is still popular today - but when internet ‘took lead’ and became the world’s largest library, there was no longer need for it. Wikipedia, Google-search and Yahoo Answers are just a few of the easiest methods of quick access to information. Through Google anything and everything can be found and that is by typing in what’s being searched for. ’Googling’ became the most popular method of research and in my opinion its also the fastest, however, some might argue that by doing exactly that, research became too easy; this can expose access to Pornography for children and for adolescence. Other methods of quickest and most trustworthy searches are Yahoo Answers- ( a questioning forum on which questions are asked and answered instantly, therefore, it’s quick and trustworthy. It was proven that nine out of ten people receive a good advice on their matters) - and Wikipedia ( world’s hugest and most reliable encyclopaedia that is written by ordinary people. The fact that is kept by amateurs, leads many to think that it is a disadvantage a not everything written there must be 100% truthful.) all of these methods are handy to ordinary people everyday for reasons such as doing homework search, researching on a certain topic or simply for fulfilling lore-hunger. In my opinion, internet is brilliant as it makes its users so much more informed on what is taking place all over the world. In many ways it also replaced whether forecast and newspapers. Also, I strongly believe that internet is a ‘highway to heaven‘.

It is true that the whole world is filled with unfortunate people who do not often receive enough help : disabled, sick and elderly. Most of the time, these people need help with their everyday-life routine. Unfortunately, there is no invention that could make them totally independent , however, there is something to make their lives easier for them despite their misfortune. That thing is the internet and there are many things it can replace and make easier. Through the internet it is possible to pay the bills, order a cleaner, buy food and clothes and access the banking account and etc. - and all without leaving the house. The amount of help it can bring to such as the disabled and elderly is unwritten. In my opinion, internet is a huge advantage living in today’s world because it can save the trouble of doing all these things to those who cannot manage to leave the home. In my opinion, using internet for help with everyday routine is a fabulous option for the disabled who are not fit enough in order to leave their homes, therefore, internet makes people’s lives easier. The internet made everything easier and less complicated, moreover, it changed the world forever. In many ways it replaced a post office and a library. That is to say, it is no longer necccessary to send away paper photographs to far-away relatives as now this can all be done virtually by simply attaching a digital picture to an e-mail or to an instant message. The advantage of that is the speed within the file can be received - the old methods of file-exchange took a long time. Therefore, the net made life simpler for people like the soldiers who are far away from their families. Now internet allows them to exchange pictures with their families and there is nothing more important to them than seeing their loved ones who are being so far away. Also, today, the modern world of business could not function without the ability to be able to exchange important projects with their customers and their other offices from all around the globe. The internet makes life easier for people such as debuting artists who have the opportunity of ‘getting noticed’ easier. Therefore, I must say that I consider the internet on its ‘highway to heaven’ rather than to hell as it has made life easier for many people.

Considering this issue as a whole, I state that, internet is a ‘highway to heaven’ rather than to hell, but, it will remain a controversial topic for many, but to me internet is a life-saviour. There are so many thing I would not have knew if there was not internet. Personally, internet allows me to access all sorts of interesting facts and useful information, it allows me to quickly keep in touch with my friends and family who are scattered all over the world. Moreover, as I already underlined, all the danger in the internet can be prevented by taking simple precautions. After all, the internet is a fun place to be and a device for us to use and to enjoy using - a device to make our life easier - but it is true that there are still too many people who mis-use it. As mentioned, contacting, information-access, purchasing and making-life-easier, are only a few advantages that the net brought into the world. My opinion is that nothing will ever be the same again ever since internet was found. After all, it makes it all so simple.

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