The Fall Of Purity

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In the midst of chaos and aggression, what would you protect? Yourself? Or something else worth protecting?

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Shattered glass and the echo of drums

Perhaps the new king has come

Could it be the madmans been found and caught

The dogs snarls and screams simply must be for naught


Amongst the cobblestone under my feet

Perched along the way all drab and dingy

Sits an out of place Lily, white and pure

And the echo of drums becomes an echo no more


The billowing vibrating voice of beats

Draws nearer and nearer and weakens my feet

Hounds and huntsmen join in cause

Snarling screaming The Madmans Been Caught!


Hooray Rejoice Relief I call

And the new king I see is leading them all

With their blood thirsty smiles my heart starts to pound

For the mob of royal common and hound...

Is not slowing down


Their angry stomping feet quickly approaching

I look down to find my Lily defenseless and weak

Twould be a shame to let such purity crumble

So I vow to protect her though my stance starts to fumble


While all gather near with their hands clasped tight

Bearing teeth crouched for a fight

I shakily straddle my seraphic something

Confused by my guests but grounded by my mission


My gaze bounces from sets of dilated pupils

My senses surge while my guardian feet remain still

Just then the kings scepter crashes to the ground

The earth beneath tramples and my Lily frowns


The new king holds an empty set of shackles

And with an iron set gaze bids me approach

With a hesitant fear I dare not draw near

Instead I step back in befuddled reproach


And in my instant of weakness

My mistake became clear

And I felt a different sort of fear

For then my condemner had to come nearer


My sin could never be relieved

I wept at my defeat

And in the moment that sweet Lily crushed under the kings feet

I realized the madman was me



© Copyright 2018 Luna Emerson . All rights reserved.

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