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Luna has been running for her life but now she is able to fight can she defeat the Demon or will she lose her life like the ones before her.

Submitted: February 20, 2014

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Submitted: February 20, 2014



It was the last time she saw him when she knew that he wasn't the right one for her but she was in way to deep to get away.  So she disappeared not telling anyone were she was going and she hoped that it would keep the friends she had made safe, but little did she know was that he still killed them because they were put into her life by him to keep an eye on her.


3 years later

She had settled down and made a new life for herself she changed her name and everything she got a whole new identity just to stay hidden from him and it had been working for the past three years. Many of the people she was with now didn't know her past and didn't seem to care, she jumped from club to club enjoying the night life when she thought she saw Him, but it wasn't that person she was just jumpy even after 3 years. She always looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was fallowing her but she slowly started to chill when she fell in love with this guy that was sweet his name was Vince. He treated her like she was glass and only wished the best for her. He was the first person she told about her past and he only clung to her more to make sure she was safe, but sadly she would never be safe since the man that was hunting her was a demon that wanted her soul for his collection. She went on many dates with this new guy and slowly started to fall in love with him but this would only seal his fate and hers as well.

It would be a few months into her new relationship when she started to see the one who hunted her, he would stop by her would every Wednesday and Friday. She soon quit and found a new one, but he found her there as well. Every job she got he would find her and visit her on the same days soon she quit and stopped looking for work. She soon started to think that it was time to move again and get another identity even though she hated the idea of leaving when she had made such a good life in this small country town. A month later she left with her new passport the said her name was Luna Rose Fate her age was the same as was the rest of her information. She didn't leave any trace of her existence only memories that people had of her. She moved out of the country and hoped she was safe at lest for another 3 years. This time she kept to herself and make her own work from home and started to learn how to fight as well as how to kill demons from the master that she told her whole story to and told her what the man really was and why he hunted her like a dog. The Master of the dojo told her the name of the demon that hunted her and his name was Sacru, not many knew the names of the demons that were in the world but the Master had learned them for his family had been demon hunters for many generations. But sadly he had no heirs so he tried to pass his knowledge on to anyone who wished to know it. Luna paid attention to everything the old man told her since she didn’t wish to become like the others before her. The Master taught her how to fight, exercise spirits, and how to keep her hidden from demon’s, this meant all demons even the one who hunted her. After 5 years of training yonder the Master he passed away she attended his funeral and thanked him for teaching her all he could with the time he had left. Luna then went back to the states and hunted the demon that hunted her for 8 years now.

When Luna reentered the states she made her presents know so Sacru would come for her she went back to the small town she left 5 years ago when she showed up the man she had been dating was now married and had 2 kids, when he saw her he didn’t even smile he just walked by and whispered slut. She was slightly taken back by this but didn’t say anything since she knew it was probably the work of Sacru. She went to her old land lady who she paid in advance since she knew she was leaving for a long time she paid the old woman $5,000 when she left 5 years ago, the old woman hugged her and gave her the apartment she rented many years ago. For the next week she reentered the town and became apart of their daily lives, after a month Sacru started to show up but Luna acted as if she didn’t notice, soon Sacru started to fallow her around but she still acted like he wasn’t there. One night when she was walking home he grabbed her and pulled her into a dark ally he held her by her neck and smiled a evil grin as he spoke close to her ear “I finally found you my dear… and now I am going to take what is mine like I should have done 8 years ago.”

Luna just smiled softly as she replied “Good luck with that Sacru” she then pulled a blade and cut off his hand witch made him cry out in pain and glare at her with dark red eyes.

“You bitch you will pay for that.” He hissed through his clenched teeth. This only made Luna laugh.

“I’m not the girl you met 8 years ago Sacru.” She said as she took on a fighting stance and waited for him to attack her, when he did she moved with such speed that she was able to slice off his other hand and get him pinned against the ally wall with the blade against his throat she slowly pushed the blade into his skin making him cry out and beg her to let him go but she just cut his head off and walked away. She paid the old woman again and left to hunt demons throughout the U.S. 

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