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Submitted: January 27, 2014

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Submitted: January 27, 2014



Lena was starring at the ceiling tears in her eyes as she listened to everyone moving around down stairs, it was the memorial service for her mother who had died on Monday. Her mother was only 35 and was Lean’s rock, the one she would talk to. She had no relationship with her father who was a workaholic and lived in Colorado, which meant that Lena would be moving there and would be leaving all her friends. She slowly sat up on her bed looking around at her half packed room; she got up and walked over to her photo board, looking at each photo for a moment before putting it into a small box. Lena came to a photo of her and her mother sitting on the beach; they were both laughing and smiling like they didn’t have a care in the world. Tears started to roll down her cheeks since that photo was taken a week before they found out that her mother had stage 4 lung cancer, she had maybe a year left. There was a soft knock on Lena’s door, she quickly wiped her eyes and said “Come in” the door opened and her best friend Josh stood in the door way a sad look in his eyes as he walked into the room not saying a word just wrapping Lena in a tight hug were she just cried for almost an hour. Josh was the only one who had ever seen her crumble and still stood by her side even when her mom got sick. Lena’s sobs turned into hiccups and she pulled away from Josh wiping her eyes before speaking softly “Thank you Josh I really needed that.”

“Your welcome sweetie, you know I’m always here for you” he said while rubbing a small circle on her lower back.

“I know you are and for that I am grateful” she said softly leaning on him her face berried in his chest. There was a another knock on her door she moved away from Josh and saw her father standing there, he looked as if he aged 5 years in one day. One thing Lena had to give him was even though he was a workaholic he was always faithful to her mother and was there when she got sick, he did everything he could, he even came home every weekend just to see how mom was feeling. He stepped into the room a sad smile on his lips as a tear rolled down his cheek, Lena stepped away from Josh and hugged her father whispering, “We will get through this as long as we stand by each other.” Her father just simply nodded and hugged her back.

** *

Three weeks later Lena and her father were arriving in Colorado, Lena took a deep breath as she got off the bus and pulled out her cell phone texting Josh “I made it safe and sound, I’ll call you later” she didn’t wait for a reply she just put her phone away and grabbed her bags. Her father pulled up in a black car and she placed her bags in the trunk before getting into the front seat. It was a long a very quite ride to his apartment, you could cut the silence with a butter knife. Lena just kept her eyes out the window watching all the building pass her by. When they arrived at her father’s apartment she stood on the side walk looking up at a large building with many floors, she sighed softly as she got her bags out of the trunk and fallowed her dad up to his apartment. When he opened the door she shocked at how clean it was, it looked as if a maid had cleaned it. Lena looked back at her father he sighed softly as he spoke, “I am a clean freak and dislike dirt so I clean the whole apartment everyday.” He then walked past her and motioned for her to fallow him, she did and they came to a small room that was painted a crimson red with black roses on the walls, the bed had black covers and red pillows, there was a table with a mirror and dresser. Lena set her bags on the floor and looked at her dad confused, he just smiled softly, “Your mother kept me updated on what you like for incase you ever wanted to spend a summer or vacation with me.” Lena hugged him and whispered “Thank you.”

“Your welcome, you start school tomorrow, I hope you like the school it’s right down the street so you can walk or I can drive you in the morning.”

“I’ll walk, but thank you.”

He left her to unpack and get settled, Lena sat on the bed just looking at her new room that had everything she liked and loved. She pulled out the picture of her and her mother on the beach and placed it right by the mirror. She then started getting unpacked; she ate dinner then went to bed since she had school the next day.

Lena woke up at 5:30 so she could get ready, Lena started with her hair witch she straitened and did a waterfall braid, she then moved onto her make up witch she did dramatically yet beautifully, and her outfit consisted of black skinny jeans with a black tank top under a BOTDF tee shirt. She walked out of her room and scared her father witch made her laugh. She grabbed her back pack and headed out the door. When she arrived at the school she went straight to the main office were they handed her a schedule then pointed her in the direction of her homeroom. When she walked through the room everyone seemed to go quite and was just starring at her, she went up to the teacher and he pointed out a seat for her to sit in. She hiked her bag up on her shoulder and headed to the seat. She fished out her book and sat there reading when this really pretty blonde girl came up to her and spoke shyly “Hi I’m Sarah, if you need help getting around the school I will gladly help you out” and right at that moment three girls who all had black hair came up to her and pushed the blonde out of the way before introducing them selves. First was the tall one with short black hair, “I’m Viper, I would suggest staying away from the lexbo over there.” Next was the medium one with shoulder length hair, “I’m V, and Sarah is only being nice cause she thinks your cute.” Last but not lest was the shortest of the three with long raven hair, “I’m Alex, but Sarah is just bad news” 

Lena slowly stood up a small smile on her lips “Well Viper, V, and Alex I hate to break it to you but I am Bisexual so I also like girls as well as guys and if you have a problem with that then you should speak now or just walk away before you piss me off any more.”

They all looked at each other before walking away and whispering “What a freak”

Lena then jumped three desks and punched Viper in the face and continued even after the teacher pulled her off, she was sent to the office. Lena sat there for awhile then Sarah came in and smiled softly “I didn’t mean to cause you trouble”

“It’s okay, they had no right to push you away then talk bad about you”

“I know but I’m use to it” Sara said softy be fore adding “That’s why I didn’t say any thing”

Lena nodded “Well they will leave you alone now cause I will love to be your friend and maybe more” Lena’s cheeks would turn a soft pick as she looked down.

Sarah turned a bright red as she glanced at Lena “Maybe after we know each other a bit more..”

Lena just smiled as she thought to herself this is the best new beginning I have had, I came out of the closet, punched a rude bitch in the face, and may just be suspended. I’m honestly glad I moved here even though I miss Josh and my mother, but I have a feeling everything will be okay here.

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