A Rift Through Time

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Liliana is a young girl, with a beautiful best friend, lost in her own quiet universe, searching for something or someone to complete her. When she thinks she has finally found that lost piece of her, he always tends to slip away.
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Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



Liliana twirled around in the mirror, trying to decide what exactly to wear. She grimaced, not liking the clothes, and ran to her walk in closet and picked a purple casual dress with side pockets and long sleeves with gray tights. She smiled at her reflection liking what she saw, and picked up a pair of black ballet flats with pretty black bows.  Combing her long brown hair to a side braid, pouting her lips while applying a little bit of strawberry lip gloss.

She walked to her friend’s house, and waited until she was done getting ready. Dianne always was the prettier one. She had everything; long black hair, dark skin, dark eyes, a slim body, and tits. Every guy seemed captivated by her exotic beauty, and jealous she was but she always kept that to herself. As she walked out of her room, she twirled in a circle for Liliana’s judgment. She immediately loved her outfit. A daring tank top, mini skirt and sneakers.

They left the house and walked towards the town’s park where the party was held, and made a bee line for drinks. They were greeted by Dianne’s boyfriend and some of his friends which knew the two girls very well. Liliana, the shy girl she was known for, kept to herself and watched Dianne’s purse as she danced with the guys.

Dianne’s boyfriend, Gil, sat at the same table feeling blue. He looked over at Liliana, and feeling like his last hope of conversation, he spoke to her.

“Not a party person are you?” his smile was sweet, he wasn’t mocking her, he wasn’t even judging her. But her insecurities took over her mouth too soon. She was too nervous to speak, so quiet she kept herself. Liliana shook her head back and forth slowly while watching the way Dianne’s body swayed to the music. “Me neither.” He shrugged to himself and getting up, he walked away to the exit door.

Liliana felt bad for the boy, Dianne was out there dancing with all of his friends not paying any attention to Gil. She saw that same face in the mirror before, and so she ran towards him, leaving behind Dianne’s purse and the guys sweaters. “Hey, Gil. Wait up, would you?”

He looked back towards her with a smile on his face, and noticed that her hands were empty. “Where is Dianne’s purse?” he arched on eyebrow in mockery, and smiled as Liliana blushed.

“She doesn’t have anything valuable in that purse but her vanilla lip gloss.” She opened the door, looking back when she heard the rich sound of his laughter.

The chilling air whipped their cheeks, turning them to a pinkish color. She closed her eyes and sniffed the air. “Cow shit. How lovely.” Again, startled, she looked back to Gil who was holding his abdomen bending down, laughing at her smart remark. “C’mon. There’s a spot by the river that doesn’t smell like cow shit.”

He followed her without argument, curious himself of this place. When they reached it, his eyes were wide open in surprise. “Now this is what I’m talking about.” Liliana’s secret place was just a wooden piece thrown on the sandy floor as a mat, candles from when her and her grandfather went late fishing, and metal chairs. She opened one of the chairs and sat down, picking up rocks and throwing them in the water. Gil did the same, smiling all the while.

“You’re not like the others.” He whispered. She looked up at him, and smiled. That was all it took, a look and a smile and a rift through time separated them from reality as their lips together were brought to a simple kiss.

His right hand on the back of her nape, his left to her waist supporting her fragile weight. Her own hands were busy tangling his short black curls through her fingers. The kiss seemed to last forever, and at the same time to end too soon.

“This is wrong.”

“I know.”

They kissed again, this time for a while longer. He laid her body on the sandy floor, inching her dress up little by little, caressing her inner thighs all the while. She played with the hem of his shirt, tracing her heated fingertips through his skin. His shivers were the only indication of arousal as his soft moans growled like a wild wolf.

Spreading her thighs to accommodate his hips, she moaned as she felt his thickness. Closing her eyes, she breathed in his cologne. Gil was feeling high, his hands working the softness of her skin.

The song from the party changed and the rift through time closed to its last opening. They both stared at each other, and embarrassed for what they were about to do, parted ways. Liliana found Dianne waiting for her by the exit door, an impatient look scaring her beautiful face.

“Where the hell were you?” when Liliana didn’t say anything, she said “I’m tired of this party. I want to go home.”

Liliana nodded, and walking the walk of shame she took Dianne home. She stood there for a little while before leaving, Dianne’s mother talked about her soap operas, and how much she loved Dianne’s prom dress.

When Liliana finally hit her pillow with the softness of her head, she felt her phone vibrate. Opening to view the screen, she noted the text message. From Gil.

“I’m sorry.” It said.

She didn’t bother to respond.

Because at that moment, tomorrow she knew, she would never see him again.

They were forever, through the rift of time, only friends.

And nothing more.

© Copyright 2018 Luna Hades. All rights reserved.

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