Blessed Sins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Try putting a Demon and a Demon Hunter in one confessional room. What do you think will happen?

"Bless me father for I have sinned."

I sat inside the confessional, awaiting for the response of Father Emilio. My hands were shaking. My lips were trembling. My eyes, blurry by the tears that threaten to come. I wasn't scared by his judgment, for he is not God. I was nervous for what I was about to say, do, and what I may have already done. Ever since I was a little girl life hasn't treated me like a princess, not even now that I am an adult and have successes in various areas of my life. In middle school, my teachers were afraid of me. Even though I never did anything. In high school, students took advantage of me. I would ask for help just to be made of a joke that everybody found hilarious but me.

"Father, are you listening?" I asked after a long while of silence. I knew Father Emilio was there, sitting in silence, questioning himself if he should or should not help me. But like with everyone else I've been too, they fall into the grace of helping the wounded and lost.

"Yes, child, I am listening." His voice thick with an accent, sounded nervous and a little bit frightened. I have that effect on people. So far, I've been alone for twenty three years. Not by choice. "Why, tell me, what have you sinned for?"

My mouth opens and closes like a fish without water struggling to catch its last breath. I decided to go blunt and tell him the truth. Well, part of it for now. "Father, I have killed a man. Many men to be honest." I couldn't hide the smile that came across my face with so many memories.
I heard his intake of breath of being surprised that an innocent woman can do such as what I have done. It is funny just how you can frightened a person with a simple word as murder with out explaining if it was in self defense or just pure revenge. Of course, mine was neither.
"Father would you like to know about my last killing?" he is silent for a while. I take a peak through the tiny holes of the crappy window that separates us. Thanks for my enhanced vision, I can see him perfectly well. A young man, with beautiful features. Raven black hair, stormy blue eyes, with lips to die for. High cheek bones, perfectly sculpted. He couldn't be older than 22 in human years.

"I..." his voice now strangled with fear, brushes the back of his hand across his forehead wiping away the sweat that seconds ago wasn't there to be noticed.

"He was a very handsome man, beauty was a very poor word to describe him. His people loved him because his intentions to help were beyond outstanding. In church, while people came and prayed and asked for forgiveness he was busy sucking the souls out of the poor fragile bodies of innocent young women that came to his church seeking for guidance. He collected those heavenly guarded souls for the sake of popularity, building an army against all good on earth. Recruiting the tainted. Now tell me, Samael, demon angel of death, prince of the power of the air; have you sinned?"

I could see by the tiny holes of the confessional window how his eyes changed color at the mention of his real name. He was caught, and he had no where to go. His hands were shaking, his lips were white in a tight line that disfigured his face. The frown of concentration, or fury. Which ever it was, it didn't hold him back from opening his mouth.

"Who are you! How dare you mention my name you filthy vermin!" he shouts from his side of the confessional. He outrage made my chuckle a little loudly that what I intended. That outrage and sudden courage was blasted into fear by a two letter word sentence.

"Demon Hunter."

"Ha-ha! Demon hunters," he spat. "I have killed and destroyed them one by one, ripping their hearts from their chest, and consuming their soul. Mmm, such a sweet taste those had." he smiled at me from the other side of the window. Looking right at me he says, "A demon hunter is one who is fueled by fear, and incapable of helping others, though they believe they hold the key to help all. A demon hunter is powerless, though they believe the contrary." he licks his lips in a slow seductive motion, if I was affected by his sexual invitations I might have destroyed the useless window and jumped right into his lap and begged him to kiss me. "I believe you are scum, little hunter. You can't touch me. You can't kill me. Your fear is more powerful than your duty to destroy me." his smile grows even bigger showing a large amount of pointed white teeth, "So tell me, child, would you rather die now or would you feel better begging for mercy? Who knows? I might give you a chance to run. I do enjoy chasing my prey."

My first instinct was to take him then and there, but innocent people were still inside of this tainted church, praying to their God for forgiveness and health. Or, do what I was born to do; kill. This was the only opportunity I would get to kill him, he already knows that I am seeking to destroy him, or he will flee away or raise an army against me. Hmm, what would you do?
I pull out my bolo in one hand and in the other my Glock .19. I rammed my left foot through the useless window and connected with his face. By the time he tried to get up and right himself in a fighting stance I was ready to take action. Bolo knife at his neck, and with my Glock pointed to the right side of his brain, his body goes stiff. Sometimes my job is just too easy, they give up pretty fast when stuck in a sticky situation as the one we are right now.
"Giving up so early Samael? I thought you were a fighter, not a pussy. Now what should I do first, cut a straight line across your throat or put a bullet in your brain? Oh, I know, I'll do both." I smile down at him sweetly, his eyes go wide as he stares into my eyes. "Any last prayers, Father Emilio?"

"Fuck you, Abigar! You treacherous piece of sh..." before he had a chance to finish, I slit his throat open and at the same time put a bullet through his brain. You never know if the bastard will come back. Better safe than sorry later.

"Say hello to my dear Gaab in hell. I'll be seeing him soon." and with my weapons tightly put away and hidden from the outer world, I pick up my leather jacket, and shrugged into it. And without looking back, I walked right out of the church. As soon as I descended the last step towards my black BMW, the church starts to burn down, sending suffocating smoke towards the skies, expanding around me like a halo.

"Typical." I muttered. And as a final goodbye without looking back, I get into my car and drive away for my next hunt. Hopefully this next one will be a little more exciting.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Luna Hades. All rights reserved.

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wow this ones nice can plz update more more..

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Thu, November 17th, 2011 9:39pm

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