Consort of Mine

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When a heart is betrayed, not even saying "I'm sorry" will repair the broken pieces.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



Day One,

It is three o’clock in the morning and my consort still isn’t home. The house seems empty, too empty without him. The walls of my room that surrounds my king size bed echoes my thoughts with mad revenge. I can hear drops of water escape the tight locks of the spigot as they hit the sinks’ marble end. The wind is mad with specks of ice since it’s the middle of December.

I lay awake in this king size bed, alone, staring at the painting on the wall of a solo dancer crying of loneliness.

I feel the same.


He walks through the front door sighing as he comes in. He smells his shirt and grimaces at himself. The bathroom door is open in the second room on the left hallway; he walks in and begins to take his close off glaring at the full body vision in the mirror. Clapping his hands twice the water runs down in a fury in the shower; hot and steamy. He soaps his body, he washes his hair. When he is done, he towels himself dry and with his clean boxers’ on he walks to his room.

He takes notice of his Consort sleeping; deeply so he gets in bed almost to slow and too silent to notice. He turns around from her, back to back, and begins to snore himself asleep.

His consort turned her head around and stared at him.

She was wide awake.


Day Two,

I prepared a special dinner for my human consort. I dressed in red for seduction, planning to seduce him to oblivion. My hair is loose and straight and shiny. My make up perfectly done. The candles are waiting to be lit, the food to be eaten, the wind to be drunk; but nobody here but me, with my glass of crimson blood halfway empty.

It’s been hours since the food has been done and ready when his car arrives in the driveway. It’s three o’clock am. He walks in without looking at me and passes by me towards the bathroom and turns on the shower. It’s in the air.

Her perfume.


Before he opens the door he smells the delicious smells of the food cooked that his consort has done. He smiles remembering the old days when they used to have dinner each night, gazing into those silver eyes, red lips, and the curves the red mini dress used to shout from afar. He loved combing her hair with his fingers after sex, it was never tangled. The times they shared blood on the table right before sex. Her smile in the dark, gazing at her beautiful dreamy face with her blood running in his veins...

He shook his head and walked into the house ignoring her eyes as he saw her wearing that red dress with her silky brown hair. When he walked by her he saw her body tense and her nasals flare. Ignoring her bowed head, he ran to the shower.

When he was done and ready for bed he found her there already tucked in, body unmoving.

She waited until he began to snore. Her consort was a heavy sleeper when he didn’t sip on her blood.

Silently she listened to the weep as she wept herself.

Day Eight,

I watched the mortals from above the building roof waiting for my uncle to give me the okay to attack. There was a shape shifter demon on the lose picking human virgins as his prey. I waited patiently, wondering why humans haven’t discovered our kind yet. There were a couple of humans who did know about us Immortals, but most of them were eliminated or taken as consorts.

I was given the okay to act immediately and so I jumped off of the roof with a fine landing. My uncle was right besides me the minute I landed and so we attacked the demon shape shifter. He ignored me and went for my uncle ripping his throat apart with its talons and punching his chest until an indention was made. I stared wide eyed at my uncles’ chest and through the hole of it I saw the demon smile.

He underestimated me because I was an Immortal woman. His mistake.

I charged him with all of my force, in my hand my favorite Katana given to me centuries ago by my sensei Cho. As the knife sliced his head off it vibrated between my hands, happy for the blood promise.

I sheathed it back and it sang closed.

A tear collapse in thousands of other tears when it hit the stone floor as I walked away from the body of the victim and the murderer.


She heard the front door being unlocked and pair of familiar steps walking towards the bedroom. When he opened the door, he saw his Immortal consort with a tear streaked face seated by the window night. “Dante, what’s wrong?” he walked towards her and squatted on the floor, his hands on her knees, a worried expression on his face. When she didn’t answer he took her face between his human calloused hands and breathed in the essence of her. “Talk to me. Please.”

Her eyes were distant, nightmares crossing her line of vision. Her hands lifted towards his and cupped them to feel his warmth since she was born cold. She told him what had happened, he took her in his arms but she pushed him away. “Where were you, Steph? I needed you.” Her tears overwhelmed his heart and so he took her to bed and made love to her that night. They didn’t speak or cuddle as they used to.

They were strangers to each other.

They were strangers to the night.


Day Twelve,

It’s five in the morning and he’s still not home. I walk the empty hallways back and forth, caressing the white walls as I go by. I begin to recollect what is important to me, which is not very much. I leave the refrigerator stacked with human food and beverages, with snacks and the like. I smile as I walk by the pictures of us together and with my immortal family. Time back then was different...and better.

I spoke to my Aunt Judith who begged for my assistance at full time night hunter. She wanted me gone and away from my human consort who didn’t deserve me anymore than he ever will.

My things are ready in the car. I walk to the bedroom and sit on my side looking out of the window when I hear his car parking in the garage. He storms into the room with a disbelieving face. I ignored him as he sat next to me, taking my hand in his, body shaken, her perfume on his skin.

“Tell me Steph, is she beautiful?” the question caught him off guard for she seemed calmer than ever. He didn’t answer right away and just stared at her for the longest.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He was nervous and scared for human who have Immortal consorts are everyday on the verge of death.

She then looked at him and smiled sadly. “I know about her, I can smell her perfume, her sweat on you. That is why you shower every night before you come to bed. You don’t look at me anymore; you walk by me as if I was invisible. You don’t touch me anymore as if I was vermin. Tell me Steph, is she human?”

He took his time to answer again. He never wanted this to happen, for her to find out, for her to leave the house...their house or to leave him. “I’m sorry, Dante.”

She kept a fixated look on his face. Her smile slipped away and a tear appear cracking the façade of being indifferent...strong. She was weak, and hurt, betrayed. Her heart was broken beyond fix. All she wanted to know was one thing. “Is she human, Steph?”

“Yes.” It was against the law for an Immortal consort to sleep with another Immortal. She didn’t want to watch as another of the family kills him. Lies could hurt more than a known betrayal. “But I do not love her for I only love you. This wasn’t supposed to go for so long. I am sorry, I really am. I will change if you do not leave. Please Dante, I’m sorry.”

“There is a time when ‘I’m sorry’ is a wasted word. There is a time when it doesn’t mean anything.”  Her hand went to her chest as if she felt pain. Her heart began to beat, centuries old. It was an unbearable pain for she had forgotten how it worked. She knew it was the end of her, the end of everything.

“Your heart!” he shouted in surprise.

She smiled sadly once again. “It is time for me to leave. Please my sweet,” as she left the bed, he stood there immobile, shocked to reason. “take care of yourself. Love her as you once loved me.” She took his face between her hands and kissed his lips, their tongues locking themselves together in a longing way. When she moved away, she saw as his eyes changed color to a stormy silver. “My last gift for you.” She kissed him again this time too quick for him to latch on. “Immortality.”



Day Twenty-eight,

I knew it was wrong for me to gift him Immortality, but I also knew he really loved her. She was my cousin of the second line of my Immortal family. Today I am visiting her for the very last time, finding his car parked at the corner of the mansion entrance. His scent was in the air as I knocked on the door. She opened it and invited me in. I saw his surprised face and smiled. My heart still beating, the only beating heart in an Immortal house.


“What an honor to have you here my cousin.” She smiled venomously at Dante, since she was older, she was stronger but she had a weakness. Dante’s same weakness.

“Do you love him, Isadora?” she arched an eyebrow at me, I knew he was listening since our immortal ears can listen perfect whispers. She smiled when her face grew cold and weary also cautious. She knew Dante knew.

“Yes. I do.” It was a lie. Dante took a look in her head and saw what she had installed for his future. But she wasn’t his consort anymore, and so he wasn’t under her protection. When she arched her eyebrow again, and her cold stare began to hurt, I walked away. “Your heart is in pain. It beats as if it wants to explode. It’s a storming range you have there cousin. How curious.”

She stopped in her steps, and looked back towards her. She was a beautiful Asian Immortal, and she was dangerous. If she wasn’t careful, she might lose her head. “Don’t break his heart or I’ll have to dance around your withering body.”


I heard her intake of breath as I closed the front door behind me.

His screams were loud and clear as I walked towards my motorbike, and putting the helmet on I saw his form in the window.

He looked out, eyes wide and pleading. I saw her hand wound around his neck and pull back. But not before he screamed my name.


It was also a crime if an Immortal turns her consort to immortality when being trade to another.

Payback is a bitch sometimes.


Dante smiled as she hit the gas of her motorbike and left town.

She was headed towards better futures.

She was leaving with a beating heart.

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