Dancing With Shadows

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You are never alone; you have your shadows.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



I look up into the sky and stare at the blinking stars above my head. Thousands of planets and rocks to choose from; but I pick you, the biggest star, from the whole sky. The moon shines at its brightest, its crater’s at its deepest. This sky, tonight, is clear. The wind blows by my face in a sweet caress; bringing to me, all of the smells in the world, whispering to me their secrets as they blow by. I’m standing on the tallest mountain, with its greenest grass, and tallest trees. They all sway to the rhythm of the wind; side to side, back and forth. My hair picks up in the wind and dances, too, with these beautiful creations. My eyes close, and for the moment I am lost in my own universe. You might think I am so alone in this magical mountain, with it’s beauties to observe alone.

Then you are wrong.

I have my shadow.

I expand my arms out wide enough to engulf the universe. I twirl around in circles, dancing with my shadow, as the time passes me by. I spread my fingers wide apart caressing the wind; hoping that like me, it feels adored. I spin faster and faster, feeling hugged by my shadow, in a tango like dance. The wind laughs at me and picks me up into the sky, and becoming one with gravity, I smile. It takes me farther and farther up in to the sky, almost as if wanting to grant my wish. As we go higher and higher, I feel a feeling I’ve never believe I could feel; loneliness. So, I fight the wind from taking me to my star, and drop to the ground. I look up, and I see them all.

I see and stare, impressed, at all of the shadows united to become one.

Dancing with the shadows I go, free as I can be, away from the sudden world. I continue to smile, to laugh, to love, and to cry; for I am never alone if I ever leave this mountain.

But the time has come to end this moment of complete melancholy. I wave goodbye to the wind, and to the dancing trees. I stare at the moon as it shines, and smile when my star and many others, blink at me.

Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll come again to dance with the shadows.

And so I did.

And so I’ll always will.

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