Dear Santa (A Night To Remember)

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Starla Sky, a woman of a short height, very intelligent, and quite beautiful; was considered for an ugly nerd. Downgraded from her position in her job she is desperate to find someone to put a high to her down spirits.
Who knew that Santa could do such a thing. If Santa is what you may call him.

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



“Maybe you should write Santa Claus a letter.” Marla said to Starla who was seated in her cubicle at work. They both looked at each other and a burst of laughter exited their lungs. Carla came a little while later and caught them in their last laughing fits. They told her what they were laughing about and she joined in.
“That’s a good idea, since everything else seems to be failing.” Carla sat down on Starla’s desk looking her over. Starla was always categorized as the lonely nerdy director’s assistant now downgraded to the art department where she creates designs for holiday cards.
Marla glared at Carla, she was being cruel. Ever since Starla moved to the art department, Carla has been mean to her. I guess she will be one of the top naughty kids of Santa’s list. “Don’t be so cruel, Carla.”
“She’s right.” They both stared at Starla as she opened up a new blank page of her Microsoft WordPerfect 12. She sighed, thinking how stupid this was but deep inside she truly believed and so she began to type.

‘Dear Santa,
I know this is a little out of your league, but I am writing you for a request.
My request for this Christmas is a partner; a love partner.
He may have black shoulder length hair, the bluest eyes,
thick dark eyelashes and sharp cheekbones.
Skin tanned to a cinnamon taste and a body of a
Greek sculptor. If you would provide that his heart be fragile
but unbreakable, and that he would have a soul the color of the ocean.
I know this is too much to ask for, but I am very tired of being alone.
Sincerely yours,
Starla Sky’

She hit the printing button and watched it print as she gathered the envelope and Googled the old north pole address. Marla and Carla laughed at how serious the situation developed. Starla ignored them both and kissed the envelope already with letter inside and gave it the mail boy. When she was ready to leave she looked back at both of them and smiled. She left that building without glancing back; without being heard of again.
Christmas Eve was a cold stormy night. Starla sat on her table researching new apartments in different cities. She was tired of the old Front Camele Town the population down to eighty four. Everybody knew your business. As soon as she began she stopped, tired and laid her head down on the soft leather couch near the fireplace and the small Christmas tree. She nodded off not too soon to avoid the frightening sound of somebody coming down the fiery fireplace.
“Turn it off! Turn it off!” a male muffled voice came from the chimney. She immediately turned down the fire. The form of a man dressed in a black tux appeared dirty spotted of ashes from the hole of the fireplace. He wiped himself off of the ashes as good as he could, and looked up surprising an already surprised Starla Sky.
“Ohmigod.” was her only response. He walked closer to her and smiled down. Her body stilled, confused to either run away or be taken away by this replica of a man asked in a letter for a fictional character. “It can’t be.”
“Why not? You sent me that letter and here I am.” his voice was caramel sweet. He bent down and kissed her full on the mouth tongue and all. She has never been kissed this way. Starla felt as if being lift off the floor, levitating in the air. When she opened her eyes, that was exactly what they were doing.
“What the hell?” was her only response.
He looked at her, at their surroundings, and flew out of the window crashing the glass creating a rain of diamond glass. “You are mine now Starla Sky.” he kissed her again and this time he drew blood from a small gash on her tongue. “Finally I have found a consort. You will be mine forever.”
And before she could be blinded by the angry snow storm, she saw the green sparkle in his eyes and the two sharp fangs as he opened his mouth and bit down on her neck.
She heard and felt the blood being sucked right out of her body. “Bite me, my sweet. We shall be together forever.”
Starla felt tempted, and bit down on his neck the blood flowing warm and sickly sweet. It smelled like flowers blooming on a summer’s eve. She felt her body turn cold, and the heat radiate inside flowing through her veins. Her heart stopped, her breathing faltered. When she looked up at him, he smiled down at her; fangs and all. “Welcome my consort, to immortality.”
“Who are you?”
They flew higher, Starla already turned into a dark creature and enjoying the after effects. His voice tickled the edge of her ear, “Tonight, you may call me Santa.”
When she looked back at him, the glint of green was powerfully glowing from her eyes. They kissed passionately and flew higher still disappearing into the dark snowy night.

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