Earth Princess (The Secret Gardens #1)

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Every Princess has a secret; The Garden of Air, The Garden of Water, The Garden of Earth, and The Garden of Fire.
In this short tale the Princess of Earth discovered her Garden when she was just a baby. It was a secret and it was hers. Not her Fathers' and absolutely not her stepmothers' either.
But to every fairy tale a cruel ending must be written, and Princess Okanna must fight until the last breath.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



The Earth Princess (The Secret Gardens #1)

A long time ago, longer now than you can imagine; lived a beautiful earth Princess. This Princess had a secret garden and in that garden magic would grow. The Princess at night in the garden was never alone; faeries and gnomes would come out of their hiding places to play and guide her way.

Flowers of all colors rainbowed the skies like crystal enchantments; the soil was soft between the toes, and so sitting by the river bank’s cozy rocks, she dugs her delicate feet and sighs in comfort. Trees hugged her, strong barks and fragile leaves. Fruits were gifted to the Princess for her company as her belly growled like a ferocious white tiger.

Butterfly ladies would braid her long raven hair while pixies sang and fairy dusted her fingers with strawberry scented magic. The Princess was happy, so happy she could leap in joy all day and all night long.

But like in every Princess’s tale, she had a dark side. That dark side had a name of course, Queen Katrina.

The Queen was evil, and very unkind. The Princess’s evil stepmother. Her hatred for the Princess was never hidden; always jealous of the beauty she continued to have every waking morning to every noiseless night. Her father, the King, blind as he could be was always hidden in his chamber sick and sometimes unconscious; Ignorant to the world around him. Words traveled, but never to his ears for he was finally blind and deaf; paralyzed to the world by the Queen’s black magic.

It was one cold and rainy night that the Princess ran for the Secret Garden after being whipped, her back a bloody shield, stinging as the wind drew close. Barefooted she ran, the Queen reaching her faltering little steps.

“You can run, Princess Okanna, but you can’t hide!” her evil laugh boomed down by lightning giving out all of her dark men in suits of hell honor as they ran for the Princess.

As she reached the garden she was greeted by goblins and trolls, faeries and pixies, butterfly ladies and ladybugs, centaurs and unicorns; the wind became on strong force, the water a mighty knight, the soil beneath their feet a strong warrior. But all the strength and all the magic just wasn’t enough; they didn’t even have a chance to fight and defeat the dark army.

The Queen reached and touched the Princess, dragging her to the center of the Garden. Lifting her chin, she kissed her lips as gentle as a mother would to her child. The queen’s golden sword was already part of the Princess’s chest even before the Queen pulled away. The Earth Princess fell down to the ground, the only noise was the laughter of the Queen and her men. As the Queen retreated back to the castle, the princess closed her eyes. Her small chest heaved slowly as she tried to breathe; to survive. But she couldn’t hold on any longer, and so her last breath was taken away.

The creatures gathered around the body of the lost earth princess and with one hand, or paw they touched her cold blue skin.

Her blood tainting their fingertips as they drew away, their tears raining down her beautiful face. But her blood never grew old or dried away. The soil seeped it all, covering it like a see waiting to grow.

Before the eyes of the creatures, a tree grew to its tallest length. The bark opened revealing a beautiful woman of black and red hair, black tainted with green leaf wings, skin white as snow, lips red as blood.

Some creatures gaped in wonder, others leapt in joy; the wind danced and the water sang. The woman stepped out and looked down to the now empty shell of a once innocent earth princess. As she looked back up, slowly, they all bowed down to her in greeting; a troll hander her the Secret Garden’s silver spear. Trying her hair with a grape vine, she looked around her and with the help of the wind her voice sang, music to heir ears.

“I am Okanna DeMonte. I am your Queen.”

The crowd of mystical creatures cheered. They were happy to have their Princess now Queen back with them. She was one of them, without a soul and only a shell of a beating heart. She was confident and strong. She was beauty and she was Queen; but deep inside her empty chest, lived a chained innocent princess who wept in pain as the queen only thought about Queen Katrina.

Queen Katrina and her river of blood.

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