Gold Dust

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The short story is about a couple who couldn't have children but wished so much to. When they were granted a child, the gift came with choices and consequences.
So when the first Time Traveler was born;
this is how it ended.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



 In the beginning of time, there lived a woman who couldn’t have children. She was the mate of a very handsome man. This woman prayed every night to the Gods above for help; all she wanted was to conceive a child. Her mate, this handsome and caring man, would hold her while her prayers were chased by the wind. So when the Gods approached her, they offered a bargain; to bear a child with the ability to travel through time. The woman, who desperately wanted this child, said yes to whatever they said. The Gods took what they could, and planted the seed of humanity in her body. The woman and her mate were happy, ecstatic, they celebrated for two days.

While those two days, her child grew fast, so fast, that it was too soon to give birth. The couple didn’t see it strange because they were the first creation of human kind. So when the child was born, it was born in silence.

And before they’re eyes, as her mate held the child in his hands, the child disappeared; becoming nothing but gold dust that flew through the currents of the winds. The woman cried for the six days, her mate always by her side. The tears ran out of her body, and she became stone. Her mate traveled days and months around the world, alone, and frightened. He called to the Gods, the same who answered his mate’s prayers, and asked for a simple favor. The Gods responded to this offering, and granted his wish.

The handsome saddened man died within the minutes of exchange.

He offered his soul; the soul of a kind man, for nothing much but to be with his mate.

After the death of the very first two creations of the Gods, the world became silent.

They preferred to die, than to stand the hurt of loosing their child.

But they never lost the child, she was traveling; and through space and time she found another couple who couldn’t bare the thought of not conceiving. The gold dust of the child’s soul visited this strange couple from the 21st century. The child, born as a girl, gave light and happiness, faith and love, to a couple who gave up in the belief of being human.

The little girl, the child of the first creation, couldn’t stand their feeling of being stone.

So she grants them life.

She gave them hope.

And so, the children upon children, of the line of the first creation travels through time and space, looking and searching for what has been lost.

Spreading love and wisdom to those who has forgotten.

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