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Hisss is a short story about an ancient queen and her consort, who are threaten by a man of the 21st century.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



“Come love, we must Sleep.” Her voice such a melody, in each word a heavy hiss. She put a firm hand, a possessive hand on his firm and muscular chest feeling the warmth radiating through him, listening with her sharp hearing his heart beat. He looked down at her, with such devotion, love, and trust in his eyes. He placed a hand on top of hers and his other to the side of her face. Placing on firm, possessive kiss on her puckered lips, he smiles halfway.

“Yes. It is time, my love.” As they both walk towards the tombs of cemented life, he lifts her body into his arms and carries her to the bed implanted tomb. She smiles up at him, hoping that time would not erase their feelings. As if knowing what she was thinking, he says, “No time, no human life can ever, ever change the way I feel about you. I will love you through time, through space, through each of our lives. Now sleep my love, and soon we will be reunited when the time is right.”

She nods as he finally places her in the tombs bed, takes his hand and places a wet kiss on each of his fingers. “Yes, my consort, that day will be the beginning of my immortal life all over again.”

Lying in his own tomb of cemented life, he covers the coffin with its stone lid, and closes his eyes, very tranquil, awaiting for the magic to happen.

“Yes, my goddess, our new beginning.”




In the Thar Desert of India, stands an American man who has discovered a temple buried centuries ago. The climate was showing signs of a desert storm, so he picked up his digging tools, a bag, and went into the temple for shelter.

Turning on his flash light, he walks deeper into the temple staring at the walls, admiring the different drawings with such history to fill his soul. The first drawing was of a pit of snakes, all of them slithering out of the hole. The second drawing that caught his eye was of a beautiful woman, half of her body human with green emeralds for eyes, skin as white as snow, black raven hair, and luscious lips. The other half was of a scaled creature, with the same eyes and lips. She wore a white tunic, with gold trim. At her side was a man, with tanned skin, light brown eyes, hair as black as a ravens’ feathers and body of a Spartan. She sat on a huge golden chair with a black anaconda lying across her lap. The man stood by her with a face expression that he could only decipher as devotion. She was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, no woman ever alive could come close to the beauty she glowed in.

There was a sharp wind that cut him across the cheek, lifting his index finger he draws back blood. A drop falls down to the ground and disappears at his sight. He gasps in surprise but by the time that it took to register his emotions, the temple started to shake. First to believe it was an earthquake, and then that he was in hell. A split scream came from deeper of the cave and the moan of a man. He ran in the direction of the voices when he came to an abrupt halt. In front of his eyes were two tombs, and both of them were moving. The top of the bigger one opened and slid to the right, and a man rose up crying in pain as he moved each muscle of his body. The second tomb opened up the same way as the first, and the beauty of the center of the earth rose to her feet in one split second, in a blink of an eye. Such speed, such velocity, such beauty...he was in a state of shock. She smiled at the American man showing her fangs. She walked towards him with the grace of a predator.

“Name yourself.” Her voice held the voices of the angels in heaven. For ten seconds he forgot his speech. When he recovered, his voice came out as a squeak of trapped mouse.

“Daniel. W-w-who are you?” He couldn’t look away from the woman who demanded such questions. He didn’t even notice the other man circling him, looking him up and down.

‘He reeks of fear, my love.” The other man, with the voice of a warrior, grave but also full of music, said.

“Consort, you have just awakened and you are already jealous. I don’t know if I should feel flattered or terrified.” She said with mockery. “I am Nagin, the goddess of snakes, as I am one myself. And he is Venom, my consort.” She smiled at him, and flicked out her tongue, running it by her fang she drew one golden drip of poison.

“He is a witness of our awakening, my love.” Venom said from behind him. Daniel, still wonderstruck by the beauty of this woman, panicked.

“I don’t want to die, please, I saw nothing.”

Nagin was caught off guard and decided to spare his life. This human was interesting to her, she wanted to keep him. As a pet. She placed on hand on his shoulder and demanded him to show her the world. All three of them left the temple, Nagin and Venom leaving behind their sanctuary, Daniel leaving his discoveries.

As time went by, the goddess and her lover discovered and enjoyed most of the modern world. It was a new start, a new beginning for their lives. One person couldn’t walk forward from their first encounter, Daniel believe Nagin liked him for a man and not just a puppet. Looking at her now, on a beach in California, he traveled to an old conversation him and the goddess had one night that her consort was sleeping.

“Is he always this close to you?” he asked Nagin on a winters’ night. The cold was superb, and she couldn’t take it. Both of them were sitting by the fire.

“Yes. He is my consort. We have something that binds us; it is what you modern people would call love.” She smiled at him, her fangs showing in the glowing red light of the fire. He wasn’t frightened anymore by them. He felt intrigued.

“If he didn’t exist, who would you have been with?” he heart skip a beat when she stared at him with those inhumanly emerald eyes. When she spoke, it was a sensual hiss.

“I would rather be alone, then live an eternity without Venom.”

“Why?” he couldn’t keep out the envy he felt. The hatred he felt towards venom was so much he just couldn’t contain it.

“Besides loving my consort, he lives by his name. Venom, my Venom. My body cannot contain all of the poison; he is a sort of vassal for me. Half of my poison and fury runs through his veins. Without him, my immortality would have come short; I would have poisoned my own body in the wake of dawn.”

Laying her head on Daniel’s shoulder, she sighs in contentment. She stares at Venom as he goes for a swim in the ocean. He rests his head on top of hers and with one more glance to make sure Venom had disappeared in the ocean, and with one stern hand he lifted her chin and kissed her. A hungry kiss that broke instantly by her furious hiss. As he looked back at her half of her face was that of a snake, the other was that of a goddess. She was furious. He didn’t’ know why exactly.

“I’m not sorry for what I did. I love her Nagin, you belong to me. I know you love me.” He was rambling. He was nervous and for the first time in years, he was frightened.

She said nothing, and Daniel took that as an acceptance to loving him. But it was a mistake very grave to make, because before he could do it again, Venom had him by the throat with one hand lifting him up to air. “How dare you touch a Goddess, my consort? I shall rip your throat out and feed your intestines to the seagulls!”

He was in a rage, in such a rage that he did not see the shinny blade that went right through his neck. As Venoms grip loosen, and his head bounced on the sandy floor, Nagin gave a loud painful cry and jumped at Daniel. Only problem was that he was prepared, in both of his hands he held two golden shackles. Before she could believe what her eyes saw, she was already in the process of becoming one of the most poisonous snakes, and as the shackles clamped down on her wrists, her power was drained dry. With a look of under disbelief and grief, her body betrayed her by dropping to the ground and cry to die.

“Now I believe, my dear goddess, that you are mine. Those cuffs, or shall we say specialized golden bracelets, are made by a mage who knew exactly who you were. And what a great opportunity too, because now you are mine. Only mine.” The look on his face was pure evil, possessive. As Nagin looked back at the body of her lover, her consort, the meaning of her life; she drained the dead body of Venom and drew all the essence of poison he took from her. “What are you doing?”

“Life for a life you vermin!” as the cuffs broke apart, she launched herself of his skinny frame, and bit down on the right side of his neck; biting down on his jugular putting in all of the poison she could utter to waste. His skin grew blue, his eyes glassy. His body just another germ to the world.

She crawls, weak, towards her consorts’ body. She cries, she sobs. Her body becoming more and more of that of a snake. She attached Venom’s head back to his body with the utmost care. She lifted her body off of the ground, still sobbing; she lit a match and burned his body.

“Venom, my love, I will await for you until the next dawn even if it takes a thousand years, I will wait for your soul to walk again the earth. We will be together again...forever.”

Walking away from the burning body, she watched the sun settle down for another night. The poison already too much for her body, consumed every part of her, even her human side. Her whole body now with scales, those emerald eyes, and a tail to die for; she slithered away into the night, soughing for closest jungle to wait for her consorts’ soul to be reborn.

Some say it took decades, others centuries. But only she knows what truly time whispered to her ear.

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